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when i was talking to Jovin on MSN, he was saying he skipped school about 20 days in a year because he was kononnya feverish. and i told him i was having real bad soarthroat. and so, somehow it cursed me. i woke up at 6 today feeling very hot and its burning hot. i was like that the whole night actually. kinda high fever and a bad soarthroat. went and find my mum. she gave me panadols. oh btw, i used to have problems swallowing pills. they had to pound it so that its in a small small bits form. but about few years back, i finally knew how to swallow pills. gah. this is so stupid. and so. i ate one pill first. then i couldnt swallow the other. i was in tears already because the thingo got so freakin bitter. i wanted to spit it out, mum said no coz we ran out of panadol already. but i don want it to be in my mouth anymore because its so freakin bitter. i suddenly had the urge to throw up and so i spat the pill into my sink and started throwing up. omo. its like my 2nd time i threw up or something. yuck. gross. i was half sleeping on the sofa in the living upstairs. and my mum wants me to sweat it all out. and yeap. i sweated. =) but its so freakin hot now lah. I WANNA BATHE. and we're supposed to go down to Seremban today so i wanna get well before that. i think im feeling abit better now. much better. even my throat doesnt hurt so much. =] and this is a freakin long paragraph. LOL. anyway, have to continue lying down and sweat. YUCK.

someone told me there's no love, buti feel love. so, how is it now? no one would tell me.

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there's no hurting involved. just painful scars left. which will never heal.

and well. im having soarthroat. and i wanna die. and RIP. =] new year sucks. and it hasnt even started yet. blahh. happy chinese new year. i wanna shout back. its SAD.
and Jill, there's no more "moments" okay? keep it to yourself. or you shall tell me the details you kept to yourself. C=
gah. AKU PUNYA KERONGKONG. is that throat in malay? gawsh. my BM sucks as well.


random shots. anyway..

Monday. what the hell did i do? blahh. oh yeahh. OMO. i cant believe i havent blogged bout it yet. wait. i think i shud keep some parts of it to myself. =) thou shalt not pass me the smiling disease. because its lethal. really. its so scary. so umm after spending almost an hour persuading my sis to join, we finally went to Yuk Choy and continue freaking out. okay. *minus alot of irrelevant details which i think no one would wanna know* we stood outside the hall and watched. we didnt even plan to warm up or anything. then we went in very scared and squated. lol. all the people were warming up so yengly. *coughs* i shall not talk bout that. and so. sis played. sis lost. Jill played. Jill lost. i played. i won. i played. i lost. to a state player and national-player-to-be. i think. anyway, the game was fast because i sucked. and still suck. i was relieved actually. i can finally relax. BUT. teacher had an appointment and wanted to go back already when KL started his 2nd round. WHAT THE HELL. we ran out and asked her to wait for another 10 minutes so we can watch him play first. and yeahh. he won though it seemed as though he lost. i have no idea. but it was weird. anyway, HE WON. YENGLY. *i should really stop it* when he played his first round, he did that smash near the net thingo. and IT WAS SO FREAKIN YENG. gosh. we were like, OH GOSH. MY GOD. FAINTS AGAINST EACH OTHER. SQUEALING AND YELPING. okay. we do act weird. just sometimes. but its sooooo... YENG. then watched elder brother play and we conviniently went to the male toilet and turned back and conviniently stood there and watched the whole game and clapped mentally. when he won, we'll be saying'clap clap' 'clap clap clap'. HAHA. younger brother. OMOOMOOMO. so freakin yeng too. the way he served. FAINTS. i thought i said i was gonna cut the details? gahh. i totally didnt. lol. so yeah. thats all you shud know. i shall dream bout it at night. again. =]

Tuesday. ohhh. marching. yeah. like Kher Shin said. its "marching" because it was so funny.

Rujing: *laughs*
Me: *mata terbeliak* WHAT? no. im not gonna do it. SO.. now do what? Kher Shin you come out. Lilian, you come out too.

okay. im so useless lahh. asking me to teach. gawshh. impossible. and its so fun. seniors get to fool around. =))

and Shannon, me no likey KL guys. because there's no such thing as KL guys. Sheeshh. =] oh. i think Sam Tet guys should know KL, the form 5 pong player. he's darn smart and HAHAHA, YENG! =))

Wednesday. didnt have my lunch till around 3.30pm. because of the stupid interact awards thingo. i was in charged to lead PGS and Poi Lam people to the register counter. waited for 1 and a half hour. THATS SO FREAKIN TORTURING. BECAUSE ITS SO FREAKIN TIRING. blahhh. but mumma brought me to have my lunch at Secret Recipe. =) and. the mohd square didnt come. lol.

SzeLing: we should do this- Good afternoon. Selamat petang. Wu an. 5 san[canto].
HuiNi: *in canto* yeah lahh.
Me: it should go like this- Good afternoon. Selamat petang. Wu an. 5 san. Press 1 for English. Tekan 2 untuk Bahasa Melayu. Qing an san ru guo nin xuan ze hua yu. Kam 5 yu go lei kgan kwong dong wa.
HuiNi: *in canto* PRESS WHERE WOH?

HAHAHAHAHAAH. what the nonsense. we were planning to do that because some of them don speak english. but some don speak chinese. so we needa do that choosing language thing. and huini is so freakin dirty minded. tsk.

Thursday. nothing lah. teachers cant teach much because the whole lot of prefects, librarians and band poeple went and had the installation raptai. and so our class left about 10 people. haha. LOL. good thing. and i finished all my work and slept at 10pm at night. SO FREAKIN FUN.

Friday. 2 tuitions. tired. slept early as well. its so fun to be able to sleep early. no?

Today. Add maths tuition. its a replacement. gah. what a nice way to start our Chinese New Year holiday. *bangs my head on the wall* we were practically crying out for help there. and went for lunch. its to have a CNY lunch with Clinic Staff. yeah well. im still stuffed. im SO FATTTTT! i don like. don ever ask me to eat anymore. wait no. i must eat. im gonna cry soon. =(



"Happy Chinese Old Year!"
"Sad Chinese New Year!"
"Happy Chinese Moo Moo Year!"
"Happy Chinese Ox Year!"

i love shouting this-

hahaha. im mean i know. i think this is getting too long and boring. anyway, whoever who has read till this point, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. =)

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okay. another post before i start off my another super busy week. tsk. ugly. ugly. ugly.

Monday: Ping Pong/ Interact. Chinese tuition.
Tuesday: Nightingale sports practice. Add Maths tuition.
Wednesday: Biology tuition.
Thursday: Science and Maths. History tuition.
Friday: Physics tuition. Chemistry tuition.
Saturday: Rangers. BM tuition.
Sunday: Pong. =]

GOD. i've finally had the courage to list them all out. i was so scared after i do this i'll go to JJ's rooftop and... ugh.

anyway, had Pong today. =) and Jill officially spread her suddenly-smile disease to me. its so horrible. ugly. ugly. ugly. andheseriouslyveryyenglahthewayheservesreallyyenggod=) training was okay. that girl and I are a no-match pair. sheesh. the coach blind or something. he'sstillveryyeng. nevermind. and we'renotstaringnowe'renot. im kinda in denial. noimnot. LOL. I CANT WAIT. but everytime im freaking out, i'll remind myself, i'll go there and lose the 1st round then come back to school. that sounds like a plan right? imsofreakedout! help. andithinkheknowswhoiamalready. ugly. ugly. ugly.

had guitar last night.
*in chinese*
Him: Do you people wanna have a guitar exam at the end of this year?
Us: *Look at him*
Him: I think you people can do very well. its a grade 3 test.
Us: *Laugh*
Me:* goodness. he's stupid or blind or deaf? its the funniest joke ever. god*

i didnt even know im in Grade 3 already. i don think i am loh. seriously. i suck. officially. god.

ugly. ugly. ugly.

IWishToGoBackInTime. CanYouDoThatForMe?

kay. im off to my busy week. bye.


and JOEVY, your posts are so freakin dramatic with all the colours. gawd. hahahaha.

for our PJ class, wanna know the story? Here's the SANDRA version and Here's the JOEVY version. there's no a WaiLynn version. =)

IWantToSinkIntoNowhere. ImAlreadySinkingIntoNowhere.

i would love to hate Accounts but i love it. and the teacher is so hilarious at times. wait NO! she's hilarious ALL the time. seriously. lols.

im so lazy to update lah. there's too many happenings. i cant remember any.

oh. TSOTO[however you spell it]!
i wanna be sick for one day on Monday. grant my wish? no? hopefully we don have to change into our uniforms and come back to school and study. -.-"

went and ate in JJ at Kenny Rogers. that noodles was nice but a lil too much. gawd. i cant eat too much. tsk. and bought a pair of orange slippers. and a pink longer-than-purse kinda purse. HAHA. =) i still want a TURQUOISE HANDBAG.


im off for
Pong soon. BUHBYEE.

oh. and
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, JIAN SHYANG. =)) im so sorry i didnt wish you on THE DAY. i wished you like, before and after. BUT ITS MORE SPECIAL THIS WAY. rofl.

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Nokia Xpress Music 5800. now my piano teacher wants to buy this too. lol.

its so fun. its touchcreen and all. blahh. im so lazy lah.

school's been HECTIC. darn. we have Bio, Chemis AND Physics today.

*from Chemis Lab*
me: Hurry up. next lab next lab. [which is Physics Lab. oh damn.]

long time no blog. its been sooo busy. i have no time to do my homeworkS. theory work. no time to practise piano and guitar. gosh. no time to study. well thats kinda duh. and my deskmate is so freaking evil. haha. now she has to march for N'gale and draw the banner too. yay for you, Jing. =) yeah. i guess im marching for N'gale. but NOT drawing the banner. because i don draw. i mean, i cant draw. lawl.

*prefect on duty announces our names at assembly today*
Her: Ping Pong. something something[wasnt listening]. [our names] jumpa cikgu[wasnt listening.
PeiQi: Dunno! i wasnt listening.
Me: Neither was i. damn. Carey! JUMPA WHO?
Carey: I don know. i wasnt listening either.
*frowns. thinking, how sad. no one listens.*
Jill: I don know. i wasnt listening.
Me: *laughs*

anyway, we went and jumpa that cikgu. and this is the convo.

Her: Erm. Kamu semua dikehendaki pergi main kat pertandingan MSSD tu.
*us talking all at the same time*
Me: Bila?
Jill: Bila?
PeiQi: Bila?
Her: Next monday.
*talking at the same time again*
Me: OH MY. impossible.
MayLynn: HAHH?
Her: *laughing* kenapa? tak boleh ke?
Me: Cikgu, mana boleh? tak sempat lah.
Jill: Pasti kalah first round.
Her: Masih ada 2 hari kan? stayback lah esok and sabtu.
Us: Tak mau lah cikgu. pasti kalah. tak mau. tak cukup masa practise.

so. THE COMP IS THIS COMING MONDAY AND WE'LL BE PLAYING WITH A BUNCH OF STATE PLAYERS, NATIONAL PLAYERS ETC.. so. fat chance we'll lose. no i mean, we'll definitely lose. geddit? but principal wants us to play. GAH. WHATTANONSENSE. we'll die. and skip classes. i'll fail my exam. thats it.

gotta go. mum's complaining i shouldnt go online on a weekday. yes. so, yeah. BYE.

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72th post.

training. Jill came over at 9 something. then we went kinda late. reached there at about 10.20. i kinda did that deliberately.

everyone refused to acknowledge us. i wasn't surprised. they just continued as if we weren't there. not that i mind. but i would appreciate it anyway. freaked out right outside. and stood inside there for another 10 minutes becos. if someone stop being so oblivious of our presence and just kindly tell us who to play with. everyone was playing with everyone. so its kinda hard to just join in and i didnt go for like, 2 freakin months. but all those people there are still the same. then SAVIOUR appeared. okay. that saviour is the Elder Brother. he came in and straight away asked us to play with him and Younger Brother. see! which is exactly why i say he's kind. he even teaches us when we play wrongly or something. others act like they're mute.

and i got headaches becos i havent been playing for a very long time. and this sudden movement made me ill. ugh. so played with Elder Brother. Younger Brother. Kl Fella. Blur Guy. Handphone Guy. yep. thats all. and =).


gah. bye.

TAGGED BY KHER SHIN. who is afraid i'll kill her or something if she doesnt tag me. =.="

DIRECTION: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I eat a lot. seriously. *nods nods*
2. My mum says its hard to rear me because i love to buy things. hmm. *innocently* true.
3. I love reading. =)
4. I'd love to be a photographer. but. im not artistic. you'll know that IF you know me. AND THATS ONLY ONE OF MY SO-MANY-AMBITIONS.
5. I keep alot of things to myself. but no one shud know what they're all about.
6. I still think that Italy-Macau guy is hot. =]
7. I suggested to go Italy for our class trip and i got THE look. =( its only a suggestion.
8. I love bullying people. for fun. like having them hold my bag. and they seriously hold. gawsh. am i THAT scary or what?
9. Apparently im cold. but CERTAIN PEOPLE are just plain COLDER. oh and crystal, im talking bout you here. =]
10. I love the petrol smell. lol.
11. I eat when im bored. *nods again*
12. I sleep when im bored too. *nodsnods*
13. I don like my hair and skin. dry like anything.
14. I don have any hair on my hands and legs. is that a good thing or what? everyone examines me like an extincted dinosaur.
16. If i were to be part of the Form 5 Grad Night committee this year, the theme will be Slumber Party. and everyone says its a fantastic idea. LMAO.

RuJing: Because she's my new deskmate.
WeiChing: Because she's sucha BIMBO. =)
Crystal Lam: Because she's so mean and i wanna make her suffer by doing this tag. and i WILL make her do it. or i'll come find her at night or something. HAHA.
Jovin: Because his blog is DEAD AND RESTING IN PEACE if compared to mine.
Bryan: Because he's so kind. *coughs*

tuition. freaking bored. somehow PeiQi was playing phone game. Kai was leaning against the wall acting as if its her house. Im msging while doodling on the papers. Sandra was playing phone game as well. gah. what nonsense from us lahh. pity the teacher.

damn tired. but still insisted to go JJ. coz might not be going out for the whole year ady since we'll all be uber busy. okay. i might be exaggerating abit but its partially true. and there was a jam. we just got down in the middle of nowhere the road. weird people does weird things.

and. ate at Food Court. we weren't really hungry actually. just ate because we're bored. SEE! I TOLD YOU. I EAT WHEN IM BORED. THATS LIKE SO FREAKIN FATTENING. AND I TELL, IM OFFICIALLY 100. kg. NOT POUNDS. i don dare to weigh myself yet. let me feel thinner first before i do that. hah. then went Popular to buy my testpads and file. then went MPH. i wanted to buy Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson but those 2 managed to convince me that i wont even have time to do homework, what more to read storybooks? fine. didnt buy. THAT rarely happen you know? i mean, see a book and not buy. bought a notebook. went inside Jusco to hunt for pencilbox and bottle for my sister. bought the same one with Kai. which is an Icon one. and our aim was to fit a calculator inside becos most of our classes now involves maths. thats why. bought a most normal bottle for my sis becos there's a lot of oversized ones. she doesnt even drink that much. and there's lots of small ones. x________X

and KahSin said she saw Puan Chan. so that damn gay Kai wanted to go see her. so IM supposed to go too. swt. i was so scared. lol. luckily she wasnt there. or. umm. i don know. hah. bought Oreo McFlurry and went home. SEE! IM EATING AGAIN. NO ONE STOPPED ME. dammit. before that, we went looking round for phones. i found a Nokia one. Xpress Music 5800. apparently its new. so its around RM1499. my mum say its too expensive. BUT. ImSupposedToGet48FreakinThousand! thats just not fair. hmph. its already considered cheap since its new and its a TOUCHSCREEN phone. maybe i shud really hunt for a uber normal phone. but then, whats the point? i don geddit. some people didnt get straight As and got a laptop. but i cant even buy anything more than a thousand. FAIR? NO?

i slept at 9 just now because i was too bored and i was avoiding some things. so just slept without any worries. and my sister woke me up. again. to ask me to wash up. again. it does sound like a routine to you right? anyway, going for training tomoro. AND LET ME OFFICIALLY TELL THE WOLRD. IM NOT GONNA REPRESENT MY FREAKIN SCHOOL. NOT AGAIN. IF THEY WANNA SEND A TEAM, ASK THE FREAKIN BOARD MEMBERS LAH PLEASE. since we'll lose, they'll lose too, so either way, its the same. right right RIGHT?

needa wake up at 9 tomoro. wth.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about WaiLynn!

  1. 99 percent of the pumpkins sold in the US end up as WaiLynn.
  2. WaiLynn was invented in China in the eleventh century, but was only used for fireworks, never for weapons.
  3. WaiLynn can run sixty-five kilometres an hour - that's really fast.
  4. WaiLynn is actually a vegetable, not a fruit.
  5. If you put a drop of liquor on WaiLynn, she will go mad and sting herself to death!
  6. WaiLynn was the first Tsar of Russia.
  7. It took WaiLynn 22 years to build the Taj Mahal!
  8. WaiLynn will always turn right when leaving a cave!
  9. You would have to dig through four thousand kilometres of WaiLynn to reach the earth's core!
  10. It's bad luck to whistle near WaiLynn!
I am interested in - do tell me about


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now. 2 days since i blogged. i might get used to not blogging and abandon my blog, ya know? but.. as good as a person as me, i wont. =D

so well. 2 other people from ex-heron and ex-hornbill got transferred to our class coz they complained bout their previous class and apllied to go out of the hell. and anyway, everyone are still smart. i really love-hate my class now. its so depressing to go to school everyday and BOOM! smart people everywhere. blahh.

stayed back yesterday and did nothing my Bm work after school. then went for Physics tuition at Sejati. there's a gang of AMC people. some i recognise and some i don. even those i recognised, i forgotten their names. im sucha bad ex-fren. so well. was having damned flu the whole day yesterday, i was practically sneezing the whole day. i really hate it. so do you. so well, kinda tired after the tuition. so just died on my bed after i bathed, and stuck a post-it on my door"don wake me up so early" because they will wake me up at 7 for dinner. sighs. so slept till 9. ate my dinner. then continue sleeping at 10 because i don know! im so tired. and then my sis woke me up to wash up first. so i slept back again at 2. i counted. i practically slept for 12 freaking hours. LOL. its so fun. =)

*we were in our ex-class and just sitting around talking because there's nowhere else*
*she walked towards us*
*i was staring hard at her*
"umm. *smiles* girls, afterwards close the dorrs hmmm?"
*she went off*
"wah. why she so nice suddenly?"
"obviously because of me lahh."
"swt lah you. its because of me. *grins*"
*began telling them the story of my dad scolding the stupid fat guard*
*after i finished*
"LOL. do you understand?*nods nods nods*"
"thats so hilarious right?"

i bought some exercise books. 5 long books and 10 exercise books to be exact. then if i put on the table i put my bag on. it'll be too obvious and im afraid someone will steal it. BUT EVEN IF I DID PUT THERE, NO ONE SHUD STEAL ANYTHING. so since Kai's bag was leaning on the wall so i put it under her bag and assumed that i wont be too obvious this way. BUT. after my tuition and when i retrieved my books, the long books only left 3 and exercise books only left 6. i was like stunned. seriously there's thieves everywhere in our school? thats so unbelievable. seriously. its not bout the money. OMGAWSH. so scary. how can someone steal anything? how could they?

anyway, going for dental appointment later and tuition in the afternoon. then straight going to JJ to celebrate my fren's belated birthday. =]

so yeah. gonna try watching The Clue Collector. BuhBye, okies?

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its been 4 days without blogging. weird.

school was umm. fine overall i guess. for the first few days we just sat in Upper Hall listening to talks and talks and more talks. interesting. =.=" so. i chose Science 1 as first choice which is pure science with Accounts. 2nd choice is Science 2- pure science plus econs. and 3rd choice was pure science. and yeap. 92 chose Science 1 as first choice so i thought the chance for me to get into it was TINY. lawl. suprisingly.. and Bianca, lol for you. your new classmates are so LALA. gawshhh. change change change! my classmates are fine. all from Heron and Hornbill. 21 from each. and btw, the whole freaking damned class got straight As. which means, everywhere look, north south east west are INCREDIBLY SMART PEOPLE and that doesnt include me. OH AND. IM IN 4S1, just fyi.

"okay 4s1, Ang Ru Jing, Carey Chong... [5th] CHAN WAI LYNN."

lawl. i just find it surprising that i actually entered 4s1. im too dumb for this. dammit. im so dead. let me RIP. sighs. and during that painful period in the Upper Hall, Mrs Circus Performer with her pink and blue eyeshadows[ohforgod'ssake.thatslikesoooohorrible.nothanks.] non stop talking bout health while "yesyoustandupyesyoutheonewiththemouthopenyesyougirl"ing and talking bout her stupid idiotic trips to "ohsingaporeissoamazingiwassoamazediwassoamazed" and vietnam and godknowswhere[didnt bothered to listen lah oh please.]. OH MY GOSH. we were shouting for help because she doesnt wanna stop talking and lecturing and "girlstandupisawyouopeningyourmouthandyawnwithyourmouthclose"ing. oh my god. now, are you amazed that im still alive, not dead because of hatred yet? oh and someome died because she drank too much water and it went to her brain and she died. yes. she died. -.-"

we had physics lesson today. and our add maths teacher was so hilarious.

"whats a circle"
"circle also dunno ah? you people learn maths for how many years already?"
"eh. why 11? *counts with his fingers* std 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, form 1, 2, 3, 4?"
"no. we included kindergarten."
*he laughs*
"so. what is a circle?"
ps: seriously, no one knows. amazing yeah? s1 ppl kononnya.

"so, whats a girl?"
*he points to a punjabi girl*
"a girl is a girl who goes to a girls' school."
*class bursts out laughing*
*he points to another girl*
"a girl have things a boy doesnt have."
"aiyo, i asked bout girls, you go talk bout boys."
*points at me*
*stood up and kept quiet*
"im still waiting."
*continue shutting my mouth*
*a girl came in to give some papers*
"okay. since you're here. answer this. whats a girl?"
*class bursts out laughing again*
*that girl went off*
"a girl is a female human being"
ps: oh swtt. hahaha.

sorry if this post is super long. thats because i might not come online next week.

im gonna study real hard so that i wont be the dumbest one in class. lawl. and im gonna be really attentive. believe me? oh crap. i don even believe myself. damndamndamn.

sports practice starts next week. im so looking forward to it. hahahaha. fun it will be. i still dunno whether im marching anot. hmmmm. and tomoro's the registration for the clubs and stuff. and i hope HOPE while praying our school wont send out a team for the PONG COMP. but IF its our school hsoting it again, I WANNA BE ONE OF THE HELPERS AND HELP OUT THERE. =))))

hahaa. so.. thats for now. BYEBYE. *waves*=))

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i've finished Hana Kimi's Special. now im ready to go to school. =)) TOODLES BLOG.


i don have any nails left. all because of school. and im having chinese tuition on the first day of school. and somehow, while im typing, it feels weird. without nails. dammit. fugly.

lol. i don have anything to blog about since you know, i just woke up and its 11.58AMMMM.[fuuhh. luckily its still am. haha. not noon yet.] hmmm. i slept at around 4 last night because i was too obsessed with Hana Kimi[and casts. lawl.]. and so i couldnt really stop. but then i still stopped in the end coz my parents will be SO pissed if they find me still online at 4 in the morning. dammit.

and i woke up today. my clock in my room stopped working. and i showed 9.45am. so i thought,"oh gosh. finally. i can wake up at this time. SO EARLY.*pleased with myself*" who knows. i saw the clock at the upstairs living hall outside my room, it says 11.50. DAMN. wtf. so sad. lol. and. we're supposed to wake up like, 6 hours before the time i woke up today TOMORO. at 6am. yes, needa prepare mentally and physically aite? anyway, im gonna finish Hana Kimi today. i will. if i cant then have to continue some other day. SIGHS. and i left one more episode of Conan. andand. im abandoning The Clue Collector from episode 9 onwards. im gonna concentrate on studies lahh. and damn alot of tuitions and activities. where got time to spend on movies? maybe i'll buy the DVD later on and watch during hols or something. gawshh. i've finally adapted the good-student's thinking. =)) happy for me? im gonna be a super hardwoking student next year. mark my words. [gosh. banyak stress lah after i say this.] my mum will be so proud if she ever sees this. lawl.

New Year Resolution:[lol. shud had done this earlier.]
1. Get into Science 1. or else, Science 2 will do. =]
2. Study the hardest i can and get the best results i can. even if its not good enough, i still tried my best, right?
3. attend all my tuitions without feeling lazy.
4. start practising piano like crazy eventhough i'm lacking of time. [seriously.]
5. of coz, form 4 is well known as the Honeymoon Year. must have fun also. (:
6. SWEET SIXTEEN. freedom. lawl.

so i think this will be the last post. and so, ciao people. bye blog. i'll miss ya. im sorry you're gonna be dead for awhile. GOME.

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I tag:

1. Jing.
2. Jill.
3. Bianca.
4. Kai Qi.
5. Joevy.
6. Crystal.
7. Qianyun.
8. Kiesha.
9. Serene.
10. Siew Li.

How do you know 1? in school?
yeah. school.

What would you do if you never met 2?
erm. no Pong partner? =)

What would you do if 3&4 dated you?
LOL. they wont.

Do you think 5&6 make a good couple?
even funnier. siao lahh.

Do you think 7 is attractive?

Do you know anything about 8's family?
her dad works in Penang i think. and i've seen her mum before.

Tell me something about 9.
she's sucha bimbo lah. cannot stand her sometimes. lol. see the way she walks lahh. =P[no offense wei ching.]

What language does 2 speak?
english. obviously. and mandirin.

Who is 3 going out with?
lol. no idea. WHO, BIANCA??

How old is 4?

When was the last time you talked to 5?
last year. haha.

Who's 6 favourite singer?
erm. those weird weird japanese group. HAHA.

Would you date 7?
HUH? orang ada date dah lah. lols.

10 single?
i think so. maybe not.

What is 9's last name?
Chan. SAME AS ME. wth. =)

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
NEVER. not even in my dreams. i'll die. straight.

Which school does 2 go to?

What do you like about 3?
outgoing and SUPER RANDOM.=]

lol. im trying to finish Hana Kimi by today. coz i might not be able to watch after school reopens. no time i guess. and most probably not going online tomoro. sighss.


lol. Solitaire.
Spider Solitaire.
Add Maths tuition. the mess.the movie we watched right after we got our freakin results. i was like,[during the movie]
"eh. unbelievable lah."
"the results. no meh?"
"yea lah."
"its like, trials didnt get all As. and my Bm wrong so many and mmg always B. then KH never A before except twice."
"thats why lah. still cannot believe."
*then both of us trying very hard to proces the fact that we got straight As*
*and we were so tired of laughing and smiling and talking to our frens and relatives*

lol. stupid us.

anyway, im not till half of Marshmallows For Breakfast yet. but its so awesome! =) i love the way Dorothy Koomson writes.

and im busy watching Hana Kimi. Nakatsu is so yeng. more yeng than Jiro anytime. and that Dorm Head of Dorm 2, Nanba Minami, OH GAWSHH. so hot lahh. =D actually all the casts also darn yenggg. better than the taiwan version LOADS.


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and yes yes. i agree with MayLynn about Celine Dion. her singing is really superb. quote Simon Cowell. LOL. in fact, terrific. its like, when she sang My Heart Will Go On, its so grand and really nice. she breathes really professionally. some ppl will breathe like damn loud but hers is like, no sound. at all. =p and the way she sings is just plain elegant. SHUDDAP.

today's connection is so stupig lah. selalu cannot connect. dammit.

and its tomoro soon. its now 11.56pm while im typing now. =)

oh. and WHAT PHONE TO BUY? ppl keep saying DON BUY FLIP PHONE BECAUSE IT DOESNT LAST LONG. andand. they say SLIDE PHONE IS MORE YENG. quote PeiQi here. =D

oh and. we went and bought clothes in JJ yesterday. bought books too. =p Dorothy Koomson's Marshmallows For Breakfast and Goodnight, Beautiful. awesome shit.

im speechless ady lah. toodles.
P.S: my sister is so noisy here. gawsh. ORANG GILER. =p

Oguri Shun is still very YENG lahh. hahha. that girl in Hana Kimi is cute la weiyyhh. =p

her feet must be hurting. ouch.

had Add Maths just now. everyone's like, moaning and grunting and shit-ing and damn-ing and what-the-hell-ing[that would be me.]. lol. i did ALL of those. headache. but its fun lah. and i'll be like, so happy after i solved one question. oh and teacher wants us all to get As for the monthly test. SHIT. ImSoDead.

and The Clue Collector Episode 9 is out. so im very busy now. gotta run. TATA.


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im watching Hana Kimi. the jap version. x)

2nd freakin post of the year!

i think i shud stop counting up. lols.

and stupig firefox. for some reason lah. there's a difference in my blog when you open it in firefox and explorer. gah.

went shopping for clothes in Ipoh Garden South just now. so tiring lah. tak da nice clothes pun. bought a few pieces only. and ate. again. i realise i EAT WHEN IM BORED. gawsh. which explains why im another kg heavier. sighs. went and cut hair too. might be out shopping again later. or watch movie. or just stay at home. im sleepy. dang.

JAY CHOU. i was reading his mag in the salon just now. freakin yeng weiyhh. and i saw Lee Hom on Tivo. just a lil less yeng than Jay. ROFL.

Calvin changed the ending for Aaron's cold joke.
he said,
the Tortoise didnt return after 3 hours because he was robbed by Ninja Turtles on the way to buy soy sauce.


currently listening to: Fahrenheit's Yue Lai Yue Ai. awesome.


i already have 60 posts in blogspot last year. and this is officially the first post this year. wootss.

and seriously, GOODBYE 2008. thats like the Olympic and Pmr year. which is good but bad. coz both clashes. darn.

the first thing i've done this year is finish reading a random Doraemon book. -..-"" x___________x

my sister was watching Fahrenheit's videos on YouTube. and Aaron Yan told this cold joke which is supposed to be cold.
[in chinese of coz.]

"one day, a duck and a chicken wants to make Sushi. but they realised that they are out of Soy Sauce."
"and so they asked the Tortoise to buy for them"
"they waited and waited. they asked Tortoise to buy at 12pm."
"its already 1pm. eh. its 2pm. oh. its 3pm. BUT. tortoise still havent returned yet."
"Chicken said to Duck,why Tortoise so long still havent returned? he's talking forever."
"suddenly, Tortoise appeared and said, horgh. you ppl talking bad bout me. i angry then i don go buy for you ppl wan ah."

ROFL. ITS SO NOT FUNNY. but it is.

anyway, i miss form 3 year. im not gonna say what i miss bout it. but there's lots of things i shud miss. =)

YouFilledInMyLife. whatever that means. i don care. yes. i mean that. i don think you shud either.


1. Which class will i be entering?
2. How will i be doing next year? oops. its this year.
4. all the tuitions will definitely clash with my sports practice.
5. all the tuitions will definitely clash with my club activities. whatheheck.
6. there's Pesta Ria for god's sake.
7. im gonna be so darn busy next year. and i mean, this year. i just cant stop thinking this year is next year.
8. im sixteen next year.
9. will i get my new phone?
10. i want my 48 thousand.
11. OH. AND I STILL WANNA MEET JAY CHOU. ugh. why don you give me him already? its been so long.

HAPPY 2009. (: