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tuition. freaking bored. somehow PeiQi was playing phone game. Kai was leaning against the wall acting as if its her house. Im msging while doodling on the papers. Sandra was playing phone game as well. gah. what nonsense from us lahh. pity the teacher.

damn tired. but still insisted to go JJ. coz might not be going out for the whole year ady since we'll all be uber busy. okay. i might be exaggerating abit but its partially true. and there was a jam. we just got down in the middle of nowhere the road. weird people does weird things.

and. ate at Food Court. we weren't really hungry actually. just ate because we're bored. SEE! I TOLD YOU. I EAT WHEN IM BORED. THATS LIKE SO FREAKIN FATTENING. AND I TELL, IM OFFICIALLY 100. kg. NOT POUNDS. i don dare to weigh myself yet. let me feel thinner first before i do that. hah. then went Popular to buy my testpads and file. then went MPH. i wanted to buy Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson but those 2 managed to convince me that i wont even have time to do homework, what more to read storybooks? fine. didnt buy. THAT rarely happen you know? i mean, see a book and not buy. bought a notebook. went inside Jusco to hunt for pencilbox and bottle for my sister. bought the same one with Kai. which is an Icon one. and our aim was to fit a calculator inside becos most of our classes now involves maths. thats why. bought a most normal bottle for my sis becos there's a lot of oversized ones. she doesnt even drink that much. and there's lots of small ones. x________X

and KahSin said she saw Puan Chan. so that damn gay Kai wanted to go see her. so IM supposed to go too. swt. i was so scared. lol. luckily she wasnt there. or. umm. i don know. hah. bought Oreo McFlurry and went home. SEE! IM EATING AGAIN. NO ONE STOPPED ME. dammit. before that, we went looking round for phones. i found a Nokia one. Xpress Music 5800. apparently its new. so its around RM1499. my mum say its too expensive. BUT. ImSupposedToGet48FreakinThousand! thats just not fair. hmph. its already considered cheap since its new and its a TOUCHSCREEN phone. maybe i shud really hunt for a uber normal phone. but then, whats the point? i don geddit. some people didnt get straight As and got a laptop. but i cant even buy anything more than a thousand. FAIR? NO?

i slept at 9 just now because i was too bored and i was avoiding some things. so just slept without any worries. and my sister woke me up. again. to ask me to wash up. again. it does sound like a routine to you right? anyway, going for training tomoro. AND LET ME OFFICIALLY TELL THE WOLRD. IM NOT GONNA REPRESENT MY FREAKIN SCHOOL. NOT AGAIN. IF THEY WANNA SEND A TEAM, ASK THE FREAKIN BOARD MEMBERS LAH PLEASE. since we'll lose, they'll lose too, so either way, its the same. right right RIGHT?

needa wake up at 9 tomoro. wth.

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