I think this looks nice
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I am happy?

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I might.
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It was one of the things I'd promise to not do, I swore to myself. I couldn't help it. Maybe it wasn't my fault, maybe it was. I am weak. I don't like to admit that but sometimes, for some certain things, I am. Most of the time I consider myself strong but what to do when something like this comes along to ruin my perfectly planned confidence?

I want an answer.
I want to know that I'm not worth it.
I want to see the words scrambling out of your mouth.
I need to know how little I worth to you so that I can go away.
& I have never wanted something so much.

Song of the day: I'll Back Off So You Can Live-G.Na feat. JunHyung


All The Way North
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It is stupid really, to think that I finally broke through. No, because I still feel trapped, in a stupid haphazard maze that is going to ruin my life. Suddenly, it dawns on me that when you can't find the exit, it means that there is no way you're getting out. And endings, usually appear during dawn. Mine, my story, doesn't have an ending because I will always be trying to find my way out of the misery I carved all by myself.

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Yep, Im posting from it.

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The moon we saw together
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I've been doing nothing lately, not literally though.

Working, attending IELTS class, watching tv, watching dramas, reading, going online and sleeping.

My life is awesome right now, I have nothing important to do, I can do anything I want. Im awesome. Tomorrow is Justin Bieber's concert. It sucks, he sucks, I hope he can leave M'sia soon.

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Love Song
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I had piano lesson in the morning. Then watched NCIS CSI and stuff while teaching my bro Science and I failed. ;~; Then sometime before lunch, I started watching Secret Garden and omg hooked! Hyunbin is love! He is so totally extra handsome in this show!

Speaking of this show right, I only finished six episodes yet I feel super pissed bout smtg issues. Its about a damned rich guy who's the president of some mall suddenly liking a poor stuntwoman who's super rough and all. He is the one liking her and yet he can't stop critizing her and her lifestyle. About the way she talks, about her clothes, about her rented house, about her bag. He is the one liking her! If so, he can just disappear right? Since he's the one who's pestering her nonstop. I feel damned beh song for the main girl character! Wtf, it's like you barge into my life and demand me to be rich and elegant, thank you very much, if I'm poor and I'm happy with it then I am. I don't even know why sometimes she doesn't get mad and still acknowledge him. I mean, if someone who claims that he likes you can't accept you for who you are, there is no point. And btw the funny part is now. His soul went into her body and vice versa, funny lah, hilarious!

Anyway, no IELTS class tmrw so I'm going to work. Blah sien, I wanna stay home and rot while watching Secret Garden. Rofl, then I guess that can't be called as rotting alr, can it? Maybe I shall sleep soon.

Addicted to Twitter ohmygod (._.)

#nowplaying 一路向北﹣周杰伦 on repeat mode. Why are his songs all so simple yet so damned nice? If you play his songs on the piano or guitar, his chords are normally very very simple and idk whether it's the way he sings it or the lyrics or the mere tune, makes a song really presented in his own Jay Chou way. I'm often touched. Sometimes for some heartbreaking love songs, the tune is not even sad, it may sometimes be upbeat even, but somehow it's jus very sad. I can't explain, sighs.

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Picture Blogging II
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These pics below, credits to myself. :D

Okay these are these. Rofl. I'm very sleepy, seriosuly!

Real Madrid & Barcelona at 3.55am later. I is gonna wake up and watch! Shh. :)


Picture Blogging

So a few days back, PeiQi and I went back to school to do some official documents stuff. I went and applied for my LCCI form. She certified her certs for her JPA interview. I waited very long for her with a very hungry stomach. & I took some pictures! :D

random picture.

Ok stupid, connection problem now and I'm really sleepy right now. I'll upload somemore pics tmrw or something.



Of murder and love.
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Okay so I've been watching lots of Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI, House and blahblahblah. Srsly loved one particular episode of Bones because it's of murder, Egyptian history and forensic. I freaking love it! And right one I'm watching Criminal Minds and wtf srsly super awesome, serial killer killing ONLY cops, 짱~

I've been going for IELTS classes and we've done all 4 modules: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Done full tests for listening and reading. We've finished all the parts of practice for speaking today. Whees. For the second part, I talked about guess who?? JAY CHOU! HAHAHAHAHAH ok I mean the title is Describe A Famous Person Whom You Admire. The only person who was on my mind at that time was Jay Chou, can't blame me. HAHAHAHA.

So now I'm kinda bored with myself, just English classes and piano and books and internet and tv and Milo and exercise. Ok do I sound like a bored introvert? Damn. Damn.

Right now, I'm gonna go practice some piano and at 9.55 I think, there's Castle. Mofu love Castle and his daughter, Alexis. \o/


There you go
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HAHAHAHA sorry I can't translate my whole mandarin babble bout Jay Chou in English but at least I can't dedicate one whole post to you. This is a lot okay considering I'm so damned sleepy right now. Hahaha~(^_−)−☆


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我朋友在twitter说她等了一整晚结果他只唱了雨下一整晚,炸到~我老公真不失水准,一开始就忘词,还说"哎唷忘记了"之后一直哎唷哎唷声,哈哈,还一直改歌词。爽到~♪( ´θ`)ノ 中间还问"哎唷要用真音还是假音呢?"这种事自己心里想就好嘛,还要讲出来的窝,哈哈,非常爱他啊我!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ还讲很久没开演唱会了(; ̄O ̄)那我三月去的是舍?你说!


周杰伦,哎唷,我爱你喔,不错喔~♪(´ε` )

不错喔,整个都用华语咧,还是iPad,累死了,不po照片啦,安~(⌒-⌒; )

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Cho Kyuhyun
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He had an accident and he said sorry. It doesn't make sense.

Please be alright.



It was all a blur. It whizzed past me like I was nothing, nothing like a hidrant. I was merely an audience of my own life, no control, I lost my remote control. I couldn't press PAUSE neither could I press the button that showed <<. It whirled out of control and all I could do was squat and sob as hard as possible because before I would know, THE END would appear.

It was like a long long nightmare. Like a movie that showed The End and then the cast list would appear.

Can I just please run away?

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Up To Fate
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Eventhough you think at this very moment he cannot possibly be thinking of you, he probably is.

There wasn't even half a second that you dared to imagine what would happen if he could possibly return your love. Until then, there wasn't even one person that could give you whatever you needed from a man. Sure, you had a few relationships and none worked out.

"I'm sorry, there's someone else."
"It's not you, it's me."
"You can find someone better than me."
"You're not my type."
"I need some time off relationships."

Piles and piles of excuses you couldn't be bothered to try to accept anymore. You shut your heart and although you were single, you weren't available anymore. Not to anyone. That was until half a year ago.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" A hot random guy who accidentally bumped into you quickly said, with the most handsome apologetic look ever. You remained stunned for 5 whole seconds before you recovered yourself and muttered,"Yeah yeah I'm fine, no harm done, I'm fine.." He looked at you and stared with concern. After he was satisfied you were fine, he grabbed your hand and wrote his phone number on your palm. "Please please call me if you're in any way injured, okay?" After a nod from you, then he finally walked away.

A perfect person doesn't exist, a person who can make you perfect does exist.

Just that, you realised you were once again struck by Love, like BAM! right in your face. You longed to see him again but it would be too cheap to fake an injury. Instead, you found his address and his name using the Yellow Pages. You would walk by everyday just hoping to have a glance of him. One fine day, however, he creeped up behind you and jokingly tried to startle you. Immediately though he apologised for doing that because shock spluttered across your face and all.

I wish I was a mind reader, so I could find out how you truly feel about me.

Suddenly he was hugging you and you didn't even know why so you remained stiff and secretly happy inside. "You know, I can't stop thinking about you ever since the accident the other day. I was hoping that you'd want me to pay for something, maybe some mental injury or something I don't know but I was hoping you'd call. But you didn't. I don't know what to feel, happy that you're fine or sad because you didn't call." You pulled back a little to have a look at his expression, you realised he was sincere and it was all it took for you to say,"Me too. I can't stop thinking about you either."

This was when you realised you didn't need your man to pick stars and buy expensive bags for you. You didn't need your man to be tall, tanned and handsome. You didn't need your man to hold your bag and wash your clothes. You just needed him to hold you when you need him, to whisper quiet words when you needed them, to just look at you because he felt like it, to make you feel needed and wanted. You just needed your man to be the stars in the sky, so that he would shine on you during your darkest moments. You needed him to guide you when you're wrong, to praise you when you did something right. You needed him as your equal, not someone to control you, not someone as your mere possesion. You realised all these when you found him.

Tired of waiting for the right one to come by? Don't lose hope. They'll show up. Eventually.

Now that you had him, you realised you may not had Love last time but eventually True Love would come walking right up to you and sometimes you may not even realise it. Sometimes it'd be your best friend, sometimes a stranger. Somehow, you would just know it, that you found him, your True Love.

You can close your eyes to the things you do not wanna see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not wanna feel.


Of black and hearts

I hate to say this. But.. What is U-Kiss w/o Xander and Kibum?

阿米,生日快乐~ 想你哦~♥

HAHA I'm so 寂寞 that I kept pestering my mum to go watch Hop with me just because I'm too lazy to ask my friends whether they're free or not and blah blah blah. Lol.

And I've been going for IELTS for 2 days already and tbh it's quite good afterall. I mean, listening reading writing speaking all included. :D And I'm the youngest there. The rest are 20 and 21 years old. They're either form 6 leaver or done their pre-u already. Boo.

No class tmrw so I'm working I guess? :) Btw, I miss studying and this class makes me feel more productive, if you get what I mean.

& as usual, I got it all worked out and we're still friends. ☺

Gonna try writing random stories. Or maybe fics. ♥

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This is seriously a strange turn of event. I am very very confused right now. What the hell is happening? And how can someone care so little? How? I don't understand. 一点嫉妒都没有吗?


Obsessed with: ♫ 天地一斗-周杰伦
                        ♫ 如果你也听说-张惠妹
                        ♫ 0330-U-Kiss


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Because I'm bored and vain
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Don't deny our r²π ♥

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不知道怎么的今天一起床心情非常差...可能是他昨天告诉我的事情吧,可是我早就知道了哒...我也不懂自己怎么想的,算了 = =

My mum woke me up at 9.30am. I dressed up and looked like this.

So I think I've decided. Form 6. I'll apply to Sam Tet if I can. ACS should be ok too. Now. I'm just working, reading, exercising, dieting and I'll be starting for IELTS lessons tomorrow. Hopefully it'll improve my English. :D

Eunice and I on 31st and 1st of April:

@The Curve on the day before cheng beng:

Ok this is it. Annyeong ♥

Living under false pretenses

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 我的生日! ;D

Today has been a wonderful day, not like I had Jay Chou to sing at my non-existant birthday party or anything. Just that it has been amazing in a way I cannot possibly describe.

1. Yesterday, Eunice(my NS friend from Taiping) came down to Ipoh by bus, alone, for me. :) She stayed overnight and we did a lot of shopping and talking. I mean, what else do girls do? She gave me a birthday present(an authentic-looking necklace) in a very weird way. She was right in front of me but she texted me happy birthday and asked me to get the blue gift from her big bag because she was too lazy to get up. Oh well. An extremely special way. :D

2. The clinic staff gave me a bangle and a necklace in a very very nice brown box. ♥

3. Parents and aunt gave me cash. Enough for all those shopping I did today. Yay.

4. I received a lot of birthday wishes on facebook and twitter and SMSes. Thanks a lot everyone. :)

5. I consider the phone and 1k my biggest birthday present and reward for results ever. Yay.

6. I received cards from parents and siblings. Lots of ♥♥♥!

TBH, I love today. What's missing are my usual friends and school(I miss having people sing my birthday songs in school and people wishing me randomly in toilets and the canteen). Sigh. Life is about moving on.

I was waiting for you..