Oddly, I find the need to explain myself.
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Weekend of week 10
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This week is so kind of hectic. 2 tests: Inorganic Chem test 2 and Programming. Kinda screwed Programming up. Sigh why oh why does this always happen? ;_;

Then before my aunt came to fetch me to her place in Cheras/Sg Long area, I removed my nail polish because my nails are getting long. Now it's just plain with glitters. I need them to be healthy before I start putting on nail polish again. I lack calcium I think, my nails always chip when it's too long. This doesn't happen to Melanie D;

My aunt kept stuffing me with food, constantly asking me whether I want this or that, sometimes she doesn't listen to me and gives me anyway hahaha. She said, 'Later next time you don't wanna come already.' Lmao of course not, I should be thanking her for her hospitality. Saturday night, we went to Nando's at The Mines for dinner. I bought a pair of sandals even though initially I was looking for a pair of flats. My forever fail shopping.

In the car, my aunt,' Eh the Arsenal at 3rd place already.' Uncle(a spurs fan): /silence/..You don't have to rub it in. HAHA SO FUNNY.

After reaching her place, she immediately gave me some dragon fruit and some water while I watch the Chelsea-Spurs match. Both teams lack luck although I think Chelsea played much much better. Spurs kind of lack the oomph. I see Torres at it last night. Not bad. #obamaface.jpg And Liverpool lost to Wigan. Uh oh.


This morning, she bought me nasi lemak and ham chim paeng. :D Since I was still full from breakfast, I at loh mai kai at Pak Hailam Kopitiam. Yea the name is weird. Then I napped for awhile. My aunt gave me some soup to drink before we left for PJ ;_; She made me fried noodles for dinner :D

 Just finished this book this morning by Giddens. Every book of his is such a page-turner. My housemate/cousemate lent it to me.

 At aunt's place.

And now I'm craving for snowflakes from UFO ;____;


That's what makes you beautiful
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Uh I guess Maths test 2 isn't as bad as the 1st one. I don't know. Don't ask me.

36 Hours On Call ended! Whyyyy?! Now my life has no more aim. And then Dream High 2 is gonna end this coming week too. But I'm too busy to start watching Moon That Embraces The Sun. This is so sad.

Anyway after test on Saturday, I came back and catched up with the dramas and got bored and painted my nails again heehee.

It's supposed to be a gradient starry night sky nails lol.

Anyway on Friday, I decided to give up Maths so we went to eat at Jaya One's Tappers.
We went to Starbucks to study.

Illegally invaded the theatre haha.


Ok bye gotta get back to reports, assignments, tutorials and studying. Bleh.

Oh wait. ONE DIRECTION! :D Suddenly got super obsessed with them and their songs.
Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson.

Harry and his bouncy curly hair and amazing vocals, Liam and his charisma, Zayn and his awesome eyes, LOUIS IS JUST PLAIN HOT.

Haha ciao.

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Help me see the light.
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I went home. Time passed so fast and I'm back here again.

Parents and brother sitting on the floor watching Lee Chong Wei play against Lee Hyun Il.

2.5 months, & I be gone from this place.

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Because I never get what I want..
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We all have the same problem, don't we? We feel like we don't get what we want, we feel like what we do is never enough, we feel like we're always on the losing end of everything we do, we rarely get praises, we feel like we fail as a person just because we fail in one single thing that will seem so insignificant when we go on further in our respective lives.

Or maybe it's just me.

It's because we always want more than what we can get that we forgot to appreciate the little things in life that we do get. We forgot to take a moment to look at the pretty flowers by the roadside throughout our journey, we forgot how amazing it is that we can walk while others are struggling with even more disabilities, we forgot how thankful we should be even to wake up the next day and are still breathing. We don't usually notice that we already accomplish a lot along the way until way way further in the future.

I'm not excluded in this situation. I still think I don't get what I want, I still think I'm lacking at a lot of things when others are already on the way to succeed, I still think I don't deserve whatever I wish for because I just don't give enough no matter how determined I am, no matter how hardworking I am. It doesn't pay off like it does to everybody else.

Why am I not everybody else?

Is there a point in your life where you just suddenly feel energy draining out of your body along with your initial determination and enthusiasm as if at that moment when your tired body sag, nothing else matters? I cannot let this happen. I will just fight back harder. I don't want to even see disappointment flutter across my parents' faces when they know I failed. Because I won't and that's that.

I may lose a battle, but I promise I will win the war.

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An awesome sunday
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I woke up at about 10am and bathed. :) Super comfy cuz it was burning hot outside. Then I got lazy to go downstairs for lunch, thanks to the weather, I had cup noodles. Also I wasn't hungry yet. I came online and watched an episode of City Hunter. Haha yeah not done with the drama yet D; I did my nails too.

 The original one. Decided it looks too much like chicken pox lmao. So I modified a little. And looks like the below one.
This Thursday I'm gonna do zebra nails or something. Something cute.

Wanted to nap when Vivian said she's not going to church anymore. We went to Tropicana City Mall at about 4+pm cuz as usual, no taxis when we need them. Wth. Anyway we got there and started to do some shopping. We didn't buy any clothes though. All old stock =/ I bought nails stuff from TFS and a pair of sandals also.

Then I had my dinner at Pasta Zanmai. Vivian had hers at Subway. Yeah we're kinda weird. Hahaha~ After that, we just randomly walked around the shops including Borders. I went there to use my last RM50 book voucher. Since Senghoo told me Jodi Picoult's Lone Wolf is out, I bought that for RM48 because of the 20% off after buying any other item. I bought 2 90 cents pens and didn't have to pay anything. Yay for my maths! Hahaha.

We then went to Starbucks :D I started reading my novel. That is the life I want. A novel and a cup of coffee. I'm happy. While I was engrossed in my reading, Vivian went to continue searching for her jeans. In vain, after like almost an hour, we went back to hostel finally. Then I started to try to do Physics tutorial. Very distracted though. Spurs Man Utd match started and I watched till about 2am.

MAN UTD WON! Woots. Rooney for a goal, Young 2 goals. De Gea was good too :D

Such a perfect Sunday.

Today is a sucky monday. Got back Chem Test 1. I feel like bitching about the lecturer but nope, I should 积口德. I shouldn't bitch about a lecturer every sem. Sigh. Doesn't mean you're the lecturer, you can look down on your students and no, you cannot deny my marks because I wrote according to whatever you gave us in lecture notes. I know my rights.

Ok I should shut up before somebody hunts me down. Urgh.

Sherry and I went for sushi at Sushi King :D Bloated. Had loads of raw salmon and unagi. Woots.

I shall continue Lone Wolf and start doing serious work at night. Sigh. Disappointed.

I'm going home, to the place where I belong

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Today is a happy day
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It's as if we're done with finals. Lol we were so happy today. I still am.

In the morning, we had breakfast at mamak. I had #fail roti telur. Srsly urgh and was super full. Then started MUET test for the reading, writing and listening component. PD108 was like a freezer wtf. So damn cold. Then we continued on with Bio test 1. Dang. Everything lasted till around 2pm. I'm not putting high hopes on my first tests. Sigh.

Then we went for lunch. I had wanton mee and mango sago. So tasty! Or everything just taste better after a super tiring test day. Hahaha. Then went back to my flat. Washed clothes cuz weather too awesome. And napped also cuz weather very awesome by drizzling. Woke up 3 hours later when a friend called or else I'd miss another friend's text saying to go for dinner. Lol.

We went to Food Foundry and had cakes for dinner ._. I know right. I wasn't hungry cuz I just had lunch at 3pm. We sat there for 3 hours lmao. Too bored and it was windy :D

I'm doing eye mask now. While watching dramas. I gonna enjoy tonight. Woots.

 Hahahahha Vivian Tsai. Candid. The mango sago looks awesome right? Yums.

Goodnight. Gotta get back to my dramas.