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Aimlessly walking around Parade with Weiching and Peiqi and then decided we cannot freakin hear each other over the noise(I dont even know why was it so noisy). We wanted to sit in Starbucks but it was fully occupied so we randomly went into Sushi King. Lol! Then Mabel joined us. We just talked. We talked about old crap and memories in secondary school. We laughed so much. We go home and forgot what exactly we talked about. That's the fun, according to Weiching :)

Still a bimbo :) Never changed a single bit. Me+Weiching=headache for Peiqi :D

Bored and sleepy Mabel. Still so short heheh.

Transtion HAHAHA.

Finally a selca of both of us after all these years :D Ignore my huge pimple please.

2 of them. Quarter of me. Hahaha. This one is a rushed one cuz my mum was calling to fetch Peiqi and I already. No time to retake aih. But good also, this picture excluded my pimple heheh.

Today at Sheraton Hotel for lunch haha so many lions!

I look like I'm being bullied. Hahaha.

Time to be charged up for sem 3. MBBS. #challengeaccepted.jpg


Some more random pictures
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With the Pei Qi at Moven Peak last night for steamboat. OHH that explains my sorethroat now. Lol. By the way, that's my sad attempt to cover my gigantic pimple.

I'm not ready for sem 3 yet. I don't wanna go back ;~;

Fake a smile and move on.
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CNY 2012,
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I am happy I actually made effort at the last minute to buy some new clothes and I actually didn't buy anything that I regret like how I did for the past phailed CNY :)

First day:

Me and the sister

Us three. Lol at my brother's face. He did it on purpose and didn't actually allow me to post it up but I don't care! Haha.



Father and brother looking alike


In ze toilet

Me and the mummy :D

Aunts, grandma, sis, dad, me

4th yusang we had for this CNY at Koh Samui. Lol. But didn't take any pic of us lousang-ing before this.

CNY deco at old town in Ipoh

Super huge disturbing pimple. First ever in my life omg why am I so unlucky! During CNY of all times.


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The few songs on loop
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I'm scared

I've finally turned into someone I have always afraid of becoming. They turned me into a monster.

I hate the current me. I'm everything I used to hate.


The NS bestie.
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Eunice came down on Friday morning so that we can spend some time together while shopping for CNY clothes. We went to have brunch at the dimsum shop in Ipoh Garden South and then we walked around the area to hunt for decent clothes that are of our styles respectively but I only bought a pair of jeans at Treats and Eunice only bought a top from a random shop. Lol. Fail. Then we retreated to Singberry for the chocolate chip ice cream and it was nice :D

Then we decided to catch a movie. So I drove us to JJ (Where else?). We went and bought tickets for Jack & Jill (something like that). We continued searching for clothes but in vain omg. Wth. I dunno why but all the shorts and shirts in Padini have weird cutting and no I'm not gonna buy for the sake of buying it. What a waste of money. I rather buy a top every time I go to Tropicana City Mall in PJ. I don't really need a lot of CNY clothes because I only have 2 days of holidays. Yeah thanks to UTAR. Y U no give longer holidays? Since most students and staff are chinese!!

Anyway, we randomly walked around and bought tiny stuff. I bought earrings from Vincci even though I have a problem taking off my current earrings. ;~; Then we decided to buy 23:59 tickets. HAHA. Awesome. Jack & Jill is super hilarious. I love him. And his version of her. Hahaha. I laughed nonstop although some scenes were unnecessarily gross. (Hint: the farting part) Then we continued watching 23:59 which is a singaporean ghost movie. It was scary at some parts but at the end of it, I felt that it wasn't scary anymore because of the storyline. But nice because of the campsite. It's exactly like our NS camp! The dorm is so similar to ours so it's kinda relatable to us. Haha Eunice was like, Luckily we finished NS when we watch this movie. If not we are gonna freak if we have to return to camp after watching this creepy movie. Lol. And this ghost movie is actually funny because of Mark Lee 李国煌 Lol.

Then we walked over to have dinner at Daorae. Super nice! Expensive though. After that we had Tutti Frutti. Omg the Death By Chocolate flavour was so horrible omg so weird! It's like they forgot to make it into yogurt and just gave me the chocolate syrup. Omg so horrible! And Eunice's Red Velvet something was even more horrible. It tastes like dirty sock. Not like I know how a dirty sock tastes like. Hahaha. It's just horrible. Then I drove home in a hurry because my mum kept calling and rushing me to go home. .__.

We talked and talked and talked like how we used to in the camp. Haha. Then the next morning, we went and had breakfast then sent her to the bus station. Thanks for the biscuits :D

By the way, I very zhadou because we didn't even take a picture!! How is that possible. Urgh. Nevermind, next time next time.


The day before, I went for Laughing Gor Returns (or something like that) with the Liang Kai Qi. We had dinner at Johnny's and then suffered through the movie. It is nice overall but you have to watch the drama to understand this movie. I thought I got smarter because I actually understood the confusing movie but then it managed to confuse me again at the very last second. FML.



2 weeks is too short! Oh no. I'm not ready to face sem 3 yet. :( I have nothing to look forward to there except for UNIFI and the fact that I always lose weight when I go back there. Sigh. Zhapfan everyday and the sad sad room. Nothing. Nothing I like there to be honest. Whatever. Gotta go back anyhow. Sigh. But anyway gonna come back after 5 days for CNY break! Yesh. Only for 2 days actually but 4 days when I count the weekend. Yay. I don't really have new clothes because I am too lazy to buy omg.

Say goodbye.

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The same old routine of feelings
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I received my results for sem 2 this afternoon.


The temporary satisfaction.


The same emptiness takes over me again. 

How long more before I don't have to walk alone anymore?

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A short update
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I'm too lazy to blog to be honest but I'm conveniently online and here so yeah maybe a few pictures.

By the way, Man Utd thrashed Man City badly in the first half. Rooney scored by a fantastic header at the 10th minute. Then Welbeck scored. And then Rooney scored for a penalty oh yes! He kicked, the goalkeeper saved it but didn't manage to catch the ball so that gave Rooney a chance to head the ball in. Kompany got a red card by the way. Second half. Kolarov and Aguero scored. Urgh was just telling my mum how good these two are and then they score. Ok fine. I was so scared that Man City will continue scoring wtf. Thank god no. :D So Man Utd won. And my brother fell asleep. I don't even know how is that possible ._.

Isabelle gave my sister a super moist chocolate cake before she left. Yums so nice~

Also, I started running on the treadmill to burn off all the calories my mum has been feeding me. Lol she keeps stuffing me with food. Oh gosh! Just now I pretended to say that I'm hungry then her first response was, Go downstairs and heat up the siew pao and eat la. Lol! Omg no wonder I always gain weight when I come home for too long. Haha.

Ok speaking of food, I'm hungry T.T


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Day 4 of the year
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1. Sent sister off to Kolej Tunku Jaafar. Her hostel room so damn cozy! So comfortable omg so nice. I really love her room. And her college actually looks like a college. Lol. Unlike UTAR, as I once said, it looks like a goddamn factory. Lmao. I got really dizzy during the journey. Sigh. Anyway slept a lot and listened to music.

2. I ate a lot. I'm forever in the full state. I don't even get hungry anymore since the first day of 2012. My parents kind of made sure that we have no chance of even be hungry. Omg I so gonna gain weight urgh die die die.

3. My sem 3 timetable is out. The time is okay though I need to wake up early every single day thank you so much UTAR wth. I got okay lecturers. Not satisfied with Bio and Chem lecturers but I can't complain too much.

4. I don't wanna face my results anytime soon.

5. I shall go enjoy now. Watch tv, read novel, eat mangoes..

6. Speaking of that, I got to go now to enjoy. Lol.

7. Oh and I'm gonna start my MUET course soon.

Happy holidays for whoever having holidays. And hah in your face, for whoever who are studying. Lol.


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Indicates the end of the world! Or zombie apocalypse. Whichever comes first. Ok sorry for the negativity.


I'm kind of not even registering the fact that it is 2012 at all. I think that there is nothing significant about moving on to a new year to make me feel a tad bit of excitement and considering I finished my sem 2 finals on 31st of December 2011 itself. I'm still kind of feeling in a daze. My life is so sad. 

DONE WITH FINALS OHYEAHH. Like finally. I screwed my maths paper though. I cannot stand thinking about it anymore. Depressing. I don't wanna know my results anytime soon. And when can I have my sem 3 timetable? Stupid UTAR.

So after my paper, Vivian and I zoomed around in Tropicana City Mall, trying to eat, buy clothes and get other random stuff. Oh gosh. It was even more stressful than finals itself wth. Then I gotta rush back to my flat to pack because my parents were there to fetch me already. Another stressful time. Oh gosh I was so damn dizzy. 

Anyways, stayed for JW Marriott hotel and shopped mostly at Pavilion. We counted down in front of Pavilion. We wanted to countdown at the concert in front of Sg Wang but the people there are too uncivilized we gave up ._.
Pro: We can see real life fireworks instead of camping in front of the tv as usual watching countdowns lol.

From pictures at 12am 01012012. Then the bears are some thing to promote 'Respect ALL life' campaign. Each country will have to paint a bear and these bears are gonna be placed in different countries :) Special stuff right there.

Below are pictures from 1919 restaurant. :D

 Super awesome food! Super awesome lighting. Super awesome price. I love that place!! My brother and I took a lot more on his DSLR. I will upload some more pictures if I have the time.

Brother so tall T.T And he purposely stood as straight as possible to make it even more obvious.

Me and le sister. Le sister wearing my shirt.

At Madam Kwan's. Same style. Haha.

Purple christmas trees at Pavilion.

Christmas tree at Pavilion.

Air mata kucing at Petaling Street.

Happy new year once again! Have a blessed year. I don't really have a new year resolution. Highly irrelevant.

I only pray to have a good sem 3 timetable, good sem 3 lecturers and to get really satisfying results.

That's all.

PS: I'm trying to find for a new blog layout. Still trying to.

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