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i've finished Hana Kimi's Special. now im ready to go to school. =)) TOODLES BLOG.


i don have any nails left. all because of school. and im having chinese tuition on the first day of school. and somehow, while im typing, it feels weird. without nails. dammit. fugly.

lol. i don have anything to blog about since you know, i just woke up and its 11.58AMMMM.[fuuhh. luckily its still am. haha. not noon yet.] hmmm. i slept at around 4 last night because i was too obsessed with Hana Kimi[and casts. lawl.]. and so i couldnt really stop. but then i still stopped in the end coz my parents will be SO pissed if they find me still online at 4 in the morning. dammit.

and i woke up today. my clock in my room stopped working. and i showed 9.45am. so i thought,"oh gosh. finally. i can wake up at this time. SO EARLY.*pleased with myself*" who knows. i saw the clock at the upstairs living hall outside my room, it says 11.50. DAMN. wtf. so sad. lol. and. we're supposed to wake up like, 6 hours before the time i woke up today TOMORO. at 6am. yes, needa prepare mentally and physically aite? anyway, im gonna finish Hana Kimi today. i will. if i cant then have to continue some other day. SIGHS. and i left one more episode of Conan. andand. im abandoning The Clue Collector from episode 9 onwards. im gonna concentrate on studies lahh. and damn alot of tuitions and activities. where got time to spend on movies? maybe i'll buy the DVD later on and watch during hols or something. gawshh. i've finally adapted the good-student's thinking. =)) happy for me? im gonna be a super hardwoking student next year. mark my words. [gosh. banyak stress lah after i say this.] my mum will be so proud if she ever sees this. lawl.

New Year Resolution:[lol. shud had done this earlier.]
1. Get into Science 1. or else, Science 2 will do. =]
2. Study the hardest i can and get the best results i can. even if its not good enough, i still tried my best, right?
3. attend all my tuitions without feeling lazy.
4. start practising piano like crazy eventhough i'm lacking of time. [seriously.]
5. of coz, form 4 is well known as the Honeymoon Year. must have fun also. (:
6. SWEET SIXTEEN. freedom. lawl.

so i think this will be the last post. and so, ciao people. bye blog. i'll miss ya. im sorry you're gonna be dead for awhile. GOME.

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