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Monday, September 16, 2013 // 0 comment(s)

I'm a bookworm.

It means I like to read. I like to read, a lot. I love watching movies too but always, always books over movies. I like to imagine how the characters look like through the moving, vivid descriptions by the authors. I like to imagine the scenery mentioned in the books. I like to pick up a book and literally be in the book for that few hours until I finish right up to the last sentence, until I shut the book, until I just sit there sighing and try to get out of the book.

I used to read a shitload of English and Malay books on detectives solving mysteries and cases (Siri Salma and Famous Five etc). Then I grew out of those and started reading proper fictions like Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and Pendragon. After that, I started reading romance novels as well (mostly English ones because I tried reading Malay romance but it's so draggyyyyyy). But then by the time I left high school, romance got boring (unless it's written by Nicholas Sparks). I mostly read Jodi Picoult's because she's so freakin' amazing. She does her research and she writes on issues so close to heart. I major love her books! Now I just randomly read non-fictions.

I'm a fast-reader. Until I enter university and need to literally memorize every single word in my lecture notes, I try to slow down my speed of reading, or else how am I going to even actually remember? I used to be able to finish a Harry-Potter-thick novels in under 2 hours. I would come back from the mall in the evening with a plastic bag full of books and then I would pick one and sit on my couch and start reading. I wouldn't realize how time had gone by if it wasn't for I couldn't see the words anymore because it was already dark outside.

I hate how once I entered pre-university and university afterwards, I just can't find time to be always reading anymore. Before this phase of life, I would always always be reading something. Once I finished a book, I would've gotten another book to read. And I always bring a novel to school just in case things get boring (which was almost always). I brought books when travelling. I actually brought 2 novels during our family trip to Hong Kong and I read when waiting for orders to arrive or before bed or when waiting for everyone else to get ready. I was always reading.

But now, if I start reading a novel, I will never be able to finish it in a day because something always pops up and I just suddenly have things to do. Except maybe during the holidays. For now, I probably only read about 5 novels per year, or less.

I have to study, I have to socialize, I have to sleep. They are probably just excuses.


Thursday, September 12, 2013 // 0 comment(s)

I know I probably insult a lot of people, jokingly of course. I mean, that's how I usually communicate with friends I consider close to. Obviously I don't just go around insulting people I'm not close to because they'll take my words seriously. Seriously though...

Anyway, I just wanna emphasize that I won't insult someone whose self-esteem is already low. If someone is already insecure of her looks, I will try to pay her more compliments so she'll feel better about herself. This is because I know how it feels to have a low self-esteem.

If people actually notice, I only insult (I want to emphasize again: jokingly) people who have a mountain high of self-esteem, like if they're always showing off their muscles or always saying how good looking they are. Because I know they won't be affected by whatever other people say, they still feel good about themselves.

However, for someone with low self-esteem like me, when people say that I'm fat or ugly, I take them seriously because to me, their words are actually believable. I mean I'm actually really fat. I currently weigh at over 50 kg. For someone my height, I'm fat.

Which guy doesn't prefer a thin girl, to be honest?