White christmas.
Monday, October 15, 2012 // 0 comment(s)


All the generally white pictures.

I really need to buck up in my studies. I should try to stay focused. But I'm afraid I'll use up my quota of 'hardworkingness' like how I did last block.

也许过去已经散落 只好独自重新来过

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Malicious fire, words.
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I've always been amazed at how much people gossip. And also at the amount of people who dare to hate but don't have the guts to admit it.

It freaks me out to know that people can be so vicious with the things they say and do just to put down others and probably make them feel good about themselves in the process. It's not like this is odd, it's the norm. I'm not an angel either, yes I do talk about others too but at least what I say will only be the truth. At least I'll give them a piece of my mind subtly upfront before I will actually gossip about it. Because isn't it scary when an apparent friend who is the nicest person to you yet that said friend is also the one most malicious with words to make you look bad behind your back?

One thing I need to clarify, even sometimes when I really dislike a person, I will never ever create false rumours to make everyone else hate that person. I will never try to influence others to dislike the person I dislike. That's downright low. Usually when my friends gossip about other people and try to make me dislike the individual, I will never fall for that. I'd at least prove truth in the gossips before actually making my own opinion about someone.

But well, when people only wanna see the bad points in you, you have no choice but to be misunderstood all the way without even given the chance to explain yourself. I really don't mind if you hate me for me, but if you hate me for what others say about me, then I'm not sure you're just naive or whatnot.

We used to play a game where we line up in a row. The first person will whisper a statement to the second person. And this continues to the last person and that last person is supposed to announce out loud what he hears. How often does the last statement turn out to be the exact same statement as the initial one? It most probably will never be the same. Does everybody not understand the concept of gossips? You listen, you judge, that's all. That's alright but when after judging, you change the story, you twist words and spread the gossips, then you should be judged. You should be judged for being eager to spread fake rumours, for being too desperate to win friends over using gossips, also for being too damn pathetic.

Although not everyone can do this, but seriously, freakin keep a secret if it's meant to be a secret. I can do this, why can't anybody else? Desperate for friends? Desperate for attention? Then sorry to say, you won't be trusted with any secrets anymore, no matter how curious you are. Also, people, be careful of those who say they can keep secrets but in actual fact, they can't shut their damn mouth.

Actually, I'm not even angry at people who can't keep secrets because I've never really told any secrets to anybody. I'm just overwhelmed with some people's ability to twist such a neutral statement from me and make it sound really really bad. I really am amazed.

Bitch, you win, because I can never be half as hypocritical as you. & I'm proud of that :)

Note: To be honest, this whole blog post except the last statement isn't solely based on what happened to me recently. More like I finally have the opportunity to express my accumulated disgust after this incident. So, sensitive people, please don't feel like every freakin thing I  say is directed to you as if you're that important. Cheers.
Let the birds soar.
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One thing that has been bugging me a lot lately is people who have been posting statuses and tweets about their monthsaries.


Well, it's most probably because relationships nowadays can't get past the one-year mark to celebrate an actual anniversary. These people, who are so desperate to celebrate something and waste money, need to celebrate monthsaries. It's so annoying when all these young people celebrate monthsaries or even weeksaries (I don't want to live on this planet anymore) and spend so damn much money on gifts. If you're actually working and stuff then I will shut the hell up. But you're using your parents' hard-earned money to buy Guess bags for your girlfriends and Rolex for your boyfriends. Not legit at all to be honest. Why would your parents wanna earn so much money for you to constantly spend on someone who will eventually break up with you? I'm not mean with the last statement because it does happen. Relationships nowadays just don't last long. Even if they do, one side will just eventually give up and leave the other heartbroken and shit.

And a bish who 'terasa' actually unfollowed me on twitter because I expressed about my annoyance on this issue right after she tweeted, Happy 3rd monthsary, baby!


Immature bunch of people, well, good luck with all your relationships if you have that mindset to just fool around.

Which leads to another issue that annoys me.

You have the mindset that relationships won't last long and just simply jump into one immediately and when you keep wanting to change partners, of course you will experience break-ups constantly. What did you expect?

I hate it when people like this deserve what they get yet they don't think so, so they're always on facebook and twitter wallowing about their sad life and constantly do self-pity.


Also, don't act like you're the one person in the world with problems, as if other people lead perfectly happy lives. People die every day, you're just experiencing a break-up, which everyone else does too. I know you're sad but stop making as though you're the only one feeling sad and all. Of course you can be upset but don't go round complaining everyday and everywhere that you don't deserve this break-up because you're this one perfect person nobody should fall out of love with you. Think that maybe you did something wrong, maybe you did wrong somewhere too. Don't be so pathetic. Have some pride.

You brought it upon yourself because those who are always breaking up and always pitying themselves, are usually those cheap guys/girls. You sleep around and go with any guy who shows interest in you even though you don't back, of course there'll be problems when you're actually together. We all outsiders can see that but of course these cheapos can't foresee their future. The irony. If I'm them, I'd be expecting break-ups after about few weeks because yes, these people really do deserve shits that happen to them.

Maybe I shouldn't rant and bitch so much about people.

Live life and laugh out loud :)