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TAGGED BY KHER SHIN. who is afraid i'll kill her or something if she doesnt tag me. =.="

DIRECTION: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I eat a lot. seriously. *nods nods*
2. My mum says its hard to rear me because i love to buy things. hmm. *innocently* true.
3. I love reading. =)
4. I'd love to be a photographer. but. im not artistic. you'll know that IF you know me. AND THATS ONLY ONE OF MY SO-MANY-AMBITIONS.
5. I keep alot of things to myself. but no one shud know what they're all about.
6. I still think that Italy-Macau guy is hot. =]
7. I suggested to go Italy for our class trip and i got THE look. =( its only a suggestion.
8. I love bullying people. for fun. like having them hold my bag. and they seriously hold. gawsh. am i THAT scary or what?
9. Apparently im cold. but CERTAIN PEOPLE are just plain COLDER. oh and crystal, im talking bout you here. =]
10. I love the petrol smell. lol.
11. I eat when im bored. *nods again*
12. I sleep when im bored too. *nodsnods*
13. I don like my hair and skin. dry like anything.
14. I don have any hair on my hands and legs. is that a good thing or what? everyone examines me like an extincted dinosaur.
16. If i were to be part of the Form 5 Grad Night committee this year, the theme will be Slumber Party. and everyone says its a fantastic idea. LMAO.

RuJing: Because she's my new deskmate.
WeiChing: Because she's sucha BIMBO. =)
Crystal Lam: Because she's so mean and i wanna make her suffer by doing this tag. and i WILL make her do it. or i'll come find her at night or something. HAHA.
Jovin: Because his blog is DEAD AND RESTING IN PEACE if compared to mine.
Bryan: Because he's so kind. *coughs*

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