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random shots. anyway..

Monday. what the hell did i do? blahh. oh yeahh. OMO. i cant believe i havent blogged bout it yet. wait. i think i shud keep some parts of it to myself. =) thou shalt not pass me the smiling disease. because its lethal. really. its so scary. so umm after spending almost an hour persuading my sis to join, we finally went to Yuk Choy and continue freaking out. okay. *minus alot of irrelevant details which i think no one would wanna know* we stood outside the hall and watched. we didnt even plan to warm up or anything. then we went in very scared and squated. lol. all the people were warming up so yengly. *coughs* i shall not talk bout that. and so. sis played. sis lost. Jill played. Jill lost. i played. i won. i played. i lost. to a state player and national-player-to-be. i think. anyway, the game was fast because i sucked. and still suck. i was relieved actually. i can finally relax. BUT. teacher had an appointment and wanted to go back already when KL started his 2nd round. WHAT THE HELL. we ran out and asked her to wait for another 10 minutes so we can watch him play first. and yeahh. he won though it seemed as though he lost. i have no idea. but it was weird. anyway, HE WON. YENGLY. *i should really stop it* when he played his first round, he did that smash near the net thingo. and IT WAS SO FREAKIN YENG. gosh. we were like, OH GOSH. MY GOD. FAINTS AGAINST EACH OTHER. SQUEALING AND YELPING. okay. we do act weird. just sometimes. but its sooooo... YENG. then watched elder brother play and we conviniently went to the male toilet and turned back and conviniently stood there and watched the whole game and clapped mentally. when he won, we'll be saying'clap clap' 'clap clap clap'. HAHA. younger brother. OMOOMOOMO. so freakin yeng too. the way he served. FAINTS. i thought i said i was gonna cut the details? gahh. i totally didnt. lol. so yeah. thats all you shud know. i shall dream bout it at night. again. =]

Tuesday. ohhh. marching. yeah. like Kher Shin said. its "marching" because it was so funny.

Rujing: *laughs*
Me: *mata terbeliak* WHAT? no. im not gonna do it. SO.. now do what? Kher Shin you come out. Lilian, you come out too.

okay. im so useless lahh. asking me to teach. gawshh. impossible. and its so fun. seniors get to fool around. =))

and Shannon, me no likey KL guys. because there's no such thing as KL guys. Sheeshh. =] oh. i think Sam Tet guys should know KL, the form 5 pong player. he's darn smart and HAHAHA, YENG! =))

Wednesday. didnt have my lunch till around 3.30pm. because of the stupid interact awards thingo. i was in charged to lead PGS and Poi Lam people to the register counter. waited for 1 and a half hour. THATS SO FREAKIN TORTURING. BECAUSE ITS SO FREAKIN TIRING. blahhh. but mumma brought me to have my lunch at Secret Recipe. =) and. the mohd square didnt come. lol.

SzeLing: we should do this- Good afternoon. Selamat petang. Wu an. 5 san[canto].
HuiNi: *in canto* yeah lahh.
Me: it should go like this- Good afternoon. Selamat petang. Wu an. 5 san. Press 1 for English. Tekan 2 untuk Bahasa Melayu. Qing an san ru guo nin xuan ze hua yu. Kam 5 yu go lei kgan kwong dong wa.
HuiNi: *in canto* PRESS WHERE WOH?

HAHAHAHAHAAH. what the nonsense. we were planning to do that because some of them don speak english. but some don speak chinese. so we needa do that choosing language thing. and huini is so freakin dirty minded. tsk.

Thursday. nothing lah. teachers cant teach much because the whole lot of prefects, librarians and band poeple went and had the installation raptai. and so our class left about 10 people. haha. LOL. good thing. and i finished all my work and slept at 10pm at night. SO FREAKIN FUN.

Friday. 2 tuitions. tired. slept early as well. its so fun to be able to sleep early. no?

Today. Add maths tuition. its a replacement. gah. what a nice way to start our Chinese New Year holiday. *bangs my head on the wall* we were practically crying out for help there. and went for lunch. its to have a CNY lunch with Clinic Staff. yeah well. im still stuffed. im SO FATTTTT! i don like. don ever ask me to eat anymore. wait no. i must eat. im gonna cry soon. =(



"Happy Chinese Old Year!"
"Sad Chinese New Year!"
"Happy Chinese Moo Moo Year!"
"Happy Chinese Ox Year!"

i love shouting this-

hahaha. im mean i know. i think this is getting too long and boring. anyway, whoever who has read till this point, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. =)

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