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Dangerous Cinderella. 


You're Beautiful.

I saw this van with Fahrenheit on it somewhere in front of the stadium.

*I have only part 2 of the concert. Part 1 is in cam. And the quality obviously not good. I used my phone to take the pics after my cam died. Haha. Memory full not batt died. Using cam, I took like 500 plus pics only okay. Hees.

Oh and I made Mel promise that she will slap me till I wake up if I faint becos I seriously screamed so much I kind of lacked of oxygen for a mo there. Lol.

Sorry Sorry
Mel recorded this. I didn't. I was trying to rememeber every single detail. 

OMO. That vid they showed before this perf was awesomely creepy and funny! Heechul looked sooooooo cute omg I wanna faint. He acted as Sulli. Then Donghae acted as Amber. They seriously look so alike! Eunhyuk ryeowook and shindong was in that perf too. ♥
Shindong going to jump over the other 4 of them. Epic!

Aww Sungmin and Eeteuk.

You know what? I really love that headband Eeteuk was wearing. He looks good with it!

Heechul picked up a fan. And ran around the stage with it. 

Heechul still in his Sulli outfit. He was holding a pink handbag a fan threw to him and catwalked with Siwon.

He so fatt hao la. He shook his butt and looked so hao omg I think I screamed like bodoh.

Heechul was playing watergun with those first row lucky people. Then he squated and refilled his watergun with a bottle of water meant for drinking. OMO. Then continued playing with those fans. 

Heechul AND Siwon playing watergun TOGETHER.

If I was one of those people, I where got strength to play somemore la. I think I will straightaway faint and Mel need to slap me till I wake up. Haha.

They were all wearing their animal stuff. Damn cute. And Heechul's still obsessed with the watergun. =.=

Eeteuk was speaking in English and Siwon translated into English. Omo hot!
Almost ending. =(


The bowing part.

The walking-everywhere-thanking-everyone part.


Part 1 pictures later. Or not. :D

We were so so so happy before and during the concert. Happy cannot possibly describe our feelings that time. We were sooo excited. Okay Im gonna stop trying to make everyone understand how we felt. Haha. But the thing is, right after the concert ended, we felt the post-concert-depression already. Omo. Horrible. I cant concentrate. I will be daydreaming and reminiscing. Goodness. And Im listening to their songs 24/7 now. But Im gonna revive the happy feeling by rewatching those vids and pictures. And watching fancams online. :D


The saddest thing about saving a homeless dog is that you already have too many dogs and you cant keep that homeless dog and you have to give it away. =(

I saw a tiny puppy in a box outside Andajaya yesterday. I pitied it so much. I think Im very kind. Heh. I suggested to mum that we come back to Andajaya at night. If the dog is still there, we'll bring it to the vet or give it away to friend. 

Yep the dog was still there. But not in the box. The dog is so smart. It managed to climb outta the box altho the box i so high. Heees. We found it on the road outside Andajaya. Yay. We brought it home and fed it. Its soooooo cute. He runs like he's galloping. :D

Unfortunately, we have too many dogs already so gave it away to my sis's friend. =( They just came and took. Boohoo. So sad. But at least I can still visit it. =)



It's such an awesome drama. Its true that it's like BOF and Hanakimi combined. But who cares? The guys are hot. 

Jang Geun Suk
Lee Honggi (FTi)
Jong Yong Hwa(CN Blue)


Damn cute la Honggi I cannot resist! Then Yonghwa's character is like Hyungjoong's in BOF. And Jang Geun Suk's one is like Lee Min Ho's in BOF. But I think he much more yenger and funnier than Lee Min Ho in BOF. ♥♥♥

Im addicted. The songs are soooo nice I can melt!

School starting. Needa get moral tugasan done. No more homework then. Yay.

Oh and got some function slash meeting at home later. Si la. Aiyoh. Cannot watch tv. =(


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I want to go back there.
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I think this is all more than just an obsession. I think it is love. 
Heechul : The Dangerous Cinderella
Kyuhyun : Hottest Baby
Sungmin : Ultimate Sweetness
Siwon : The Living Work of Art
Leeteuk : Fallen Angel
Eunhyuk : Bejeweled
Donghae : Sexy Fishy
Shindong : Cutie Pie
Yesung : The Bubble Boy
Ryeowook : Lovable Blurness

Sarangae leadja. Get well. ♥

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Saranghaeyo, SuJu + Henry + ZhouMi. ♥

You just gave me my awesomest day. Ever.


Bounce back Ee Teuk. Sarangae.

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Super Show 2.
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21 more hours. ♥

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2 more days.
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Korea's top 20 Most Wanted Celebrity Boyfriends:

1. G-Dragon Bigbang (896 votes)
2. Jang Geun Sok and Lee Minho (860 votes)
3. Donghae SJ (823 votes)
4. Nichkhun 2PM (756 votes)
5. T.O.P Bigbang (718 votes)
6. Minho SHINee (624 votes)
7. Daesung Bigbang (543 votes)
8. Hongki FT Island (517 votes)
9. Yunho TVXQ (456 votes)
10. Yonghwa CN Blue (319 votes)
11. Jae Joong TVXQ (314 votes)
12. Taemin SHINee (298 votes)
13. Hyun Joong SS501 (295 votes)
14. Seungri Bigbang (291 votes)
15. Thunder MBLAQ (288 votes)
16. Heechul SJ (285 votes)
17. Taeyang Bigbang (279 votes)
18. Taecyeon 2PM (264 votes)
19. Leeteuk SJ (256 votes)
20. Jonghun FT Island (245 votes)


So I've been trying soooo hard to finish all the homework but in vain. Seriously. Mad ah?

2 more days. CANT WAIT. But dont want it to end either. So how? Dilemma.

I realise I've been pretty not sociable. My sister and brother are constantly having friends over and going to their friends' place. BUT ME. I just stayed home and go for tuitions. Awesome me. Yay.

Oh by the way.


I keep rewatching the episode of him on Invincible Youth that I recorded. HAHAHAHAH. Damn funny lor. He keeps scolding them. Lol. Then Narsha touched Shinyeong's boobs then Heechul shouted, HOW CAN YOU DO THAT IN FRONT OF A MAN? HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO REACT? Hahahahahahahah I LMAOed. Lol. Then he was acting so feminine Hara kept saying YOU LOOK SO FEMININE SO DIFFERENT FROM TAEWU. :DDDDDDDDD And also I keep watching the vids of him kissing other members vice versa. HOT I TELL YOU.

By the way I hate SNSD's Seohyun! Sophisticated? Nice? MY FOOT LA. She thinks everyone must like her cos she seems so elegant and stuff? Gah. Minho likes her. NOW YONGHWA IS ON WE GOT MARRIED WITH HER. FML FML FML.


To the happy side. :D



Miserable first day.
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My mum woke me up at 9am because some aircond man coming to fix my leaking aircond. Blah. ON A SATURDAY MORNING. So I went downstairs and attempted to finish my Chem holiday homework WHILE watching Hottie and Nottie and also Dalja's Spring. I think I got too distracted. Nope nada. Didnt finish it. Lol.

Went for BM tuition. ANNOYING. Gah. Mr Lee kept asking me questions but I didnt feel like answering so I said I dunno. HEES. Oh and they brought Izzie along to fetch me. SO SHOCKING. Lol. I carried her on the way home. We let her run in the house. She kept skidding. FUNNY LA. ♥


Woke up and went Pizza Hut for dinner. It was raining so heavily. Lol. We ordered soooo much and obviously end up tapaoing everything home. Hahahaha.

Okay la. Gonna.. do something else now. I dunno what yet. Maybe tv maybe homework. More to tv. But lemme see first. ;D BYE.


Them that I hate.

First of all, I can't stand people who are fake. Fake as in they suck up to teachers and act as if it's normal to suck up to teachers. ANNOYING. And worse is, teachers don't know bout the sucking up because they themselves are enjoying it. Yep buggers. These people who suck up to teachers might be happy for short term but what they don't know is everyone hates them. Maybe not all the time but WHEN they are sucking up. Or soon after that. Seriously, what's the point if all your friends are your teachers? Me, for example. I can't talk to a teacher like a friend because they are just simply not my friend. I don't have a best friend but I don't substitute a best friend's position with a teacher who is like 3 time or 4 times my age. How appropriate. You don't just talk rudely to teachers because well, you like them they like you blah blah.I don't despise these people all the time. I dont know. Its weird. Normally they are okay. Just normal. UNTIL they start talking bout teachers OUTSIDE of school and blahblahblah or texting teachers or whatever lah. Blah.

Another thing is, you know a lot of us do work when a teacher is talking nonsense slash babbling slash talking bout other people's boyfriends and all because we just are not interested. Then when the particular teacher walk by, they will all fake and hide everything quickly even if the teacher saw already. WTF? I can't do that. If the teacher didn't see yet then it's okay. But when the teacher saw already? Gosh. That is like so fake. No wonder I can't act.

Then, a lot of them say, Oh I hate this person because blahblahblah and pretend to make the disgusted face. But you know what? They make use that particular person they hate just because they are very 'kiasu' and scared of losing and because the person is smart and a genius and they can benefit from the person even if they hate the person. OMG. I can't believe there are people like this out there. It's scary. It's freaking me out. No way I can tolerate. But it's none of my business. It's just annpying. You guys hang out everyday pretending to be close friends. Thing is you hate each other but you thought you can make use of each other so you guys stick together and drown your hatred and fill your self with all those pretentious emotions and hide your true feelings. ALL for exams. FYL.

Probably it doesn't matter to you people because although you guys keep saying you are not 'kiasu', you guys actually are. Very. It's like you get so stressed up until you get mad and frustrated and you refuse to talk or whatsoever not that I care. I just put on my poker face all the time. I don't get pissed because of exams, okay maybe I'll just whine but that's it.

Probably it's only me who can't stand all these fake personalities. Maybe I'm just being too honest sometimes. Not my feelings. Just honest bout some other things. Maybe I should learn how to act. Not only for myself. But act to like people I don't like, act to not like people I like, act to get away from bad stuff I did, act to get good results and act to act. Probably it's better this way.


If you read my previous post, I said that most probably teachers are not gonna give back any papers. I was soooo wrong. Every single teacher who came in class dropped the bomb on us and said bye. Yep. 6 papers. Add maths maths english history bm chemistry. Boooo. Let us all forget bout the A+ thing. Its annoying me. Cincha. Ugh.

Holidays is here! You know what? Teachers gave sooooooo many holiday homework I kinda of wish to not have holidays at all. Then maybe we wont have so many homeworks. Right? Hmm. Every single subject there's a homework. Some even up to 4 sets. Chogosipo! I finished history just now. HAHA. And half of BM. They even gave us the timetable. To do which subject on which day. Which hour. Its like 9-11am. And 8-10pm. GOD. Seriously. Takkan I have to wake up so early just to do the work and how to sleep back lah? I rather do from 8-12. But that aint gonna happen. Im gonna try to do alot during the weekend and do other things on weekdays. HEES.

Changed my braces to BLUE. GUESS WHY? :DDDD

Kaiyi just annoyed me in MSN. Cos she said OH! so freaking big. HAHAHAHA. But she doesnt know that she annoyed me. Unless she reads this post. HI LIANGKAIYI. Im so sorry I cant call you kaiqi anymore. Lol.


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After sports day.


You know how when you pack your suitcase for a trip, you (most girls) tend to force everything and everything else into the bag? And end up having more than 2 suitcases. Then when you try to force more things in, the suitcase pops. As in bursts. Awesome.

That is exactly how I feel during exams.

You put in an extra novel into your bag. Then a pair of jeans slides out of the bag. You put the jeans back, the novel pops out.

You put Chemistry into your head, History will be forgotten. How the hell am I gonna score this way? Thing is, NO WAY.

Whatever. The whole day today, my face shows this > =.= SERIOUSLY. I dunno whats wrong with me.

And know what? Holidays! One more day. Im gonna survive tomorrow. No teacher in their mind will return our papers tomorrow right? Gah.

Im feeling so relaxed now. Wtf. Can read novel openly. I dont have to read just to release stress. HEES IM SO HAPPY.

Oh and our school's SPM results. 34 straight As I think. And 3 straight A+. OMO. Dont they feel like donating money out of happiness? HAHA I WOULD DO THAT IF IM THEM. HAHA.

Okay bye.



Fun has ended today.
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Yeah obviously we hear complaints bout the weather being too hot and that how can anyone be marching under this weather and the running and sports practices and bout the whole thing being unfair and all. But you have to admit Sports Day is one of the FUNNEST events throughout the whole year. But this year we have pesta ria so maybe not so much since young men above age 12 are not allowed to our sports day but obviously pesta ria doesnt have such rules or those lalas might cry their fake eyelashes out. HAHA. Thats not the point.

Alot of people just sat around and complained bout the weather. Fine I complained too, many of us did. AT LEAST we were doing something contributing to our houses and school WHILE complaining bout the weather. It is different. They brought phones and cams and did all the illegal stuff and some didnt even come to school. =.= Wtf? Its sports day. They think its cool to not join and take part in anything. But I think its the other way round.

I've been marching for 4 years in a row. Form 2- Librarians. Form 3 to 5-N'gale. Woots. But still, alot of them dont know that I actually march and in fact some dont even believe me wtf? Until they see me in my ridiculously cute costumes. :D HEY why do you think Im so dark now? Boo.

Oh and N'gale got 3rd overall this year. Our theme was Hip Hop Tiger. Woots.

YOUKNOWWHO got first.

BUT WE WON THE MARCHING WE WON WE WON WE WON! :D They said we looked adorable cute it was tidy neat idea was original tabik was cute max. But we ourselves werent so sure. We didnt think we'd win because Crosby put in alot of efforts too. But THANK GOD theirs was messier. But I heard the tabik was cool. Too bad I cant see it. Actually I cant see anyone's except YOUKNOWWHO's. Sad.

 Eunice is our mascot. Hip Hop Tiger! She looks so pretty right? :D

 Them. I was somewhere in front but didnt want to be in the picture. Hahah. WE WON!

Anyway we were so happy when they announced that Crosby got 2nd. Means we got first! OMG I jumped so high no wonder my muscles damn painful now PLUS the muscle ache after the class running PLUS the whole standing-very-long-in-the-middle-of-the-hot-sun-because-of-that-longgggggg-speech thing. Gosh. I felt like dying. My legs. I cant squat now. I cant even cross my legs. No wait. I cant even walk up the stairs properly. Took me soooo long to go downstairs. Aaah.

In fact I just shifted in my chair and it hurts. Like hell. T.T

The interschool running was so exciting. We were cheering like hell. I was not cheering. I was screaming my lungs out. My voice is dead now. But it was fun. Then interhouse relay. GOSH. N'gale got 2nd for the B Class and 3rd for A Class. HEES. I kept screaming and screaming and screaming. I think I was mad for that few hours. I was really cheesy and lame and annoying. I cant stand myself. WeiChing was so annoyed by PeiQi and me. Lol. I screamed everyone's names. ANDREA ANNA AMY MANDY KONG LIYEAN NICOLE SOKLENG RUJING ALEX CRYSTAL. Aiyah generally I was just cheesy today and shouted everyone's name. I was annoyed with myself. Lol. Oh and Anna got sexybutt. And I heard Nicole Sonia the real sexybutt waas in school. But didnt see her. Lol.

So today some classes had their presale for pesta ria. I hate soya so couldnt support 5s2. Heh. I only bought a fan. How bimbotic. Im annoyed with myself again. Then while I was screaming GO N'GALE GO ANNA GO ANDREA I kept hitting my fan, something broke. Boo me. Lol.

Anyways. Gotta go lah. I crapped so much. Next will be the Piawai, holidays THEN pesta ria. :D FUN.

♥ I'm amazed by you.