1st day of school
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In the morning, we went to Midvalley for breakfast. I had Subway!! Amazing thing. Then we walked around the mall and MPH for awhile. Midvalley reminds me of Super Show 2, Melanie and SuJu. :( Then aunt did her credit card stuff. After that around 12pm, they sent me back to my flat and I hurried to pack my stuff for lecture. On our way downstairs, we got freakin trapped in the lift! Omg Im claustrophobic but I didnt dare to panic. Can you imagine that helpless feeling when you look around you, there's only 4 walls and NO FREAKIN ONE CAN HELP YOU? There's no emergency numbers in the lift, the alarm is stupid, it rings like a freakin puppy and luckily I had my Jay Chou mini fan. It helps reduce my fear. I was thinking the lift is so lauya, so it should be realy bad, I kinda just pushed open the lift. YAY FOR ME. I straightaway rushed out and finally breathed omg. I didnt realise I was holding my breath the whole time.

Then they sent me to UTAR. Wtf panicked again because they almost couldnt find the place and I was scared that I'd be late. FML. Anyway, reached there an hour earlier. Walked around with roommate to find my classrooms and yeah. I didnt actually had any mood to chat with anyone because I think I was still traumatized. Lol. Wtf. Had Physcial Chem lecture. Freezing cold. Damn the diagnostic test. Got 3 wrongs out of 10! Urgh. Right after was Physical Chem pratical. To be honest, Im not sure I even went into the right lab.  HAHAHAHAH. Nvm lah. Srsly zhadou. Teacher only briefed us and let us out 40 minutes earlier. Yay. Got onto the 6.10pm bus and was really tired. Came home and saw new housemate for the first time. Then, I unpacked my stuff and changed the cover for the sofa set and changed the curtains. Lol parents cant stand those old ones so they actually willingly bought new ones. Was sweaty like mad. Finally bathed and ate and practised Friend on the organ. After that, roommate made everyone practise the song we're gonna sing tomorrow. OMG EVERYONE FUNNY LIKE HELL I DUNNO WHY 不合群 became so damned hilarious. And I never knew the new housemate is so easygoing and sporting. :D Yay. Had real laugh and it was fun singing lots of random songs.

I have one big problem now. All lecturers expect us to print out lecture notes but I cant even download them because APPARENTLY MY ADOBE READER IS OUTDATED FML NEW ONE AH. So annoyed. Imma do this tomorrow. Screw it lah.

Roommates are all asleep. Im also quite sleepy. Im gonna reduce my updates. No time. Bye.


On the way.
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Uh in the midst of packing and got really tired so I'm gonna blog a little.

So I arrived back home in the afternoon on Friday. Then we had our lunch at Ola Ola. Yummm. After that mum and I went home to get brother's Geo folio and went to Sam Tet to pass to him. Some bullying going on wtf. Later we went and fetched sister and went home to keep the clothes and went to Sam Tet again. We hung around for like 2 hours before it was my brother's turn to emcee and perform his song 'My Heart Will Go On'. Before that, mum sat at the bench near the guard house. Sis and I sat around outside the hall. For more information, visit my sister's blog. Anyway, his singing was amazing! It's amazing how he managed to hit those high notes even my sister said she wouldn't be able to! Can you believe we actually stayed around long enough until it was 6.40pm. ==

Later, we went home and bathed and went for dinner at JJ. Black Canyon. Walked around Popular and Friendly Records. I didnt buy anything. That's weird!

Stayed up for The match. Full time score Barca-Man Utd 3-1. Wtf lah damned gan cheong and deja vu for Man Utd! Always losing to Barca at this point.

Anyway, Im following aunt back to Sg Long and she's only sending me back to my flat tomorrow morning as I dont have class in the morning. :D

Bye, gotta continue packing. And mum cut me some fruits!


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今天早上九点多起床,准备好就下去等巴士。气死我了!等了一个小时都没有巴士,结果在巴士站认识一位女生。我们最后还是坐的士去UTAR。去PE block交了我的表格那些,还拿了时间表。时间表有点变态!不是人可以做到的。算...






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Yesterday, we went to campus by foot. Yep, by foot. 25 freaking minutes. No kidding. I was sweating like crap but thank god for my Jay Chou mini fan and my bought-in-China fans. :D I was the only one using fan yesterday but today, so many people brought their own fans. == Anyway, we had campus tour. Just a tour around this PJ PD block and PE block. PD is where I'm gonna study at. PE is where people who're taking FIA gonna be. Then, we had lunch at the canteen. The food is surprisingly not bad. Quite cheap for food in KL. Then we took bus home at 2 something. I dunno wth we did in the afternoon. I didn't dare to nap anymore because insomnia would visit me at night. And it's pretty annoying. I seriously hate it! I came online and stuff.

Then the landlady fetched us to some vegetarian restaurant. I ordered black pepper udon, it's pretty amazing really except for the fact that I totally forgot there won't be any meat. I munched on something that looked like chicken but it turned out to be tofu or something WTF seriously gross. Anyway it's seriously nice but quite expensive. Then we went home and came online again and chatted. Then we had meeting for the gathering at our place. It's like a tradition. I'm supposed to play the piano/keyboard. And wth they now call me 才女. Me? A talented person? Like, seriously, is this a joke? Same feeling when I knew I'm the only one who can speak both English and mandarin fluently in NS. Lol.

We slept later than usual. At about 1am. And yay I'm so happy! No insomnia! I slept through the whole night and woke up at 10.30am. Hahaha, today is JUST listening to talks and briefings. So we all planned to go only after lunchtime. Awesome. They made carbonara noodles and it's quite nice actually. We lazed around and then got ready to take the bus. Mana tau that damned bus never follow schedule and came earlier and left earlier. RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES. Can you imagine that devastated feeling? But thank god there's a lot of taxis going by this area. So we took the taxi. Whatever. Only 1 buck each. So we reached and went and sat in the hall. Lol. After three days, we finally sat in the main hall. KL roommate went back to her Cheras home. We sat and sat and listened and listened till 5.45pm. Can you imagine those who went at 9am? Almost ten hours! It's important that we all wear our UTAR shirts because we had mass call. It's the event where the president and VIPs come and give speeches. The speeches are ok but the president talked for 1 hour plus! How is that even possible? I wouldn't even be able to present a ten minutes speech.

Anyway, got home by bus. I was the first one! Proud! Then got home and bathed. Then went to the eating place behind our flat. Both girls ate wan ton mee. 不合群 went and bought fried rice AND roti bom or something. He tapao and came and ate with us. He's a real big eater btw. Then went to the mini market to buy our respective things. I bought GALAXIE! Came home and talked to mum on the phone while roommate is busy trying to open our room door. Hahaha seriously hilarious.

Also, I can't believe that roommate says this short hairstyle suits me. So happy now. Hahaha. And they think that the Me with bob hairstyle doesn't look like me. Oh well. Different perspectives. Lol.

Finally blogged! As I promised. Nah, Ang Ru Jing!

Also, I'll try to post some most recent photos of me later using bloggeroid.


Me and jay chou
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It's the time of my life
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My parents sent me to PJ and we went straight to UTAR to pay fees and stuff. Then, we went to the house I was supposed to stay. But got the shock of our lives. The house seriously looks rundown from the outside but worse is, she doesn't allow her tenants to walk in the house at all. We were supposed to walk at the side of the house and go in the house through a side door and wtf, with only two steps through the corridor the width of me and a half, I reached the door. On the left, she opened the door and hell omg, I don't think I can stay there for one year! It's the width of a double-decker bed and there IS a double-decker bed. The length is the length of two double-decker beds. Point is, theres like two pathetic looking tables I WOULD NEVER HAVE IN MY HOUSE and a broken plastic chair for me. I was like, HUH. Where am I supposed to put all my luggages?? So anyway, I didn't express much until I got into the car because we wanted to have lunch. And bang, suddenly we three exploded with comments. Overwhelming omg.

But no we didn't have lunch, we turned back to UTAR to get the list of people with rooms for rent. Even my aunt was helping us to find and calling around. But thanks to my dad's awesome luck, we called is Mr Wong and he has a flat with already 5 people staying. And the master bedroom can use one more girl. Yay and that's me! We went there and looked around. It's not nice in the classy way obviously. Kinda rundown from the outside but cozy inside. So now, me and two other girls staying in this master bedroom and it has an attached bathroom. An Ipoh guy who's also taking science is staying next door. And two ex UTARIans, a male and female(landlady) also staying here. They're young btw. So now, us three girls and that guy goes to college together and come home together too.

My parents actually bought me a new mattress from somewhere having sales. So yesterday I unpacked most of my stuff and cleaned the place a bit. These people are so kind, I get the bed I want, I get to put my things wherever I want. Awesome. Thing is, we can use the fridge and kitchen and living hall. Unlike that previous house I'm supposed to stay at. Hahaha.

Today is the first day of orientation. The ex UTARian staying here sent us to college. We reached and had to sit in a room. I guess about 800plus people doing foundation. Or maybe plus those doing degree too. Boring like WTF and all those speakers CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL. It's like, they say, I cannot say English one. My English is very worse. == Obviously , no need to state the obvious. Dammit man, I got so tired from mentally correcting all of their grammatical errors. WTF. Registered and had to continue listening to talks until 1 something. We passed up our health report and helped my roommate promote the gathering at our place to random people. Fun! We made some new friends but all doing Arts. So, practically, I only have one friend, the ipoh guy. Lol. Then we couldn't get up the UTAR so we three plus guy plus new pretty angmohlookalike tall girl walked to the bus stop and sat taxi to go back. See see traffic jam like wth and by the time we reached the place the new friend is living, it's already 17 bucks and the rest of us walked home. Sad. Lol.

Came back, mopped and swept our room, one roommate went out to buy vege for dinner. I bathed and napped. Woke up and find two of them cooking. I helped by cutting and slicing stuff. Then we three ate dinner. But nice enough to ask Ipoh guy to come along. Then another ex UTARian came by and ate with us also. We ate vegetarian food and although it's messed up here and there, it's surprisingly tasty! Not joking. Even sulky Ipoh guy said so. Anyway, we sat and ate and talked for so long. Then we washed up. And Ipoh guy, who has never done a single chore in his life, was made to wash half the plates. I wiped them dry and washed the rest lah. Pity him. Haha.

We call him 不合群先生 because he seriously likes to walk off alone even though we're all in this together. WTF high school musical. Lol. Then. He always expressionless. He is short. Shorter than me. But buff like anything. His muscles 不是开玩笑的 big. But sometimes, he'd be laughing along with us so I also dunno what's wrong with him. But most of the time, it's US laughing AT him.

Alright. Tomorrow it's campus tour and we planned to walk to campus because it's no point wasting money on the bus. Apparently the Ipoh guy sounds quite convincing when he told us about the route if we go on foot. So yeah we're going out earlier tomorrow. Just in case we'd never reach. Touchwood.

So tonight is going to be worse. I napped just now. Tonight confirmed no need to sleep already wtf dies. Imam post some pics later using bloggeroid cos I is lazy to connect and upload here,

This actually feels the same as NS. Something I might never ever register as something that is happening to me even though it has and had eventually. It feels surreal. Everything is as long as I'm staying other places other than my home. It doesn't sink in that I'm staying with two other girls literally, and another sweet landlady and two guys. It doesn't feel weird at all that I'm walking with these people I barely know everywhere and joking and cooking and cleaning and chatting in the middle of the night at 3am. Even though I just knew them yesterday but they made me feel so welcome that I forgot that I didn't really know them for years. It's like NS, when people are being so friendly that they make me forget that I'm not really at home ebenthough it sure does feel so. That I'm washing clothes, bathing and looking in the mirror in a bathroom thats not mine and not exactly spotlessly clean either.

Now, I'm not here to survive a holiday like NS, I'm here to study, to become a doctor in the future, something everyone here admires a lot bout me. Everyone expects a lot but not too much from me. I can live with that. I can.

So toodles.

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Next chapter.
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I've been wearing the Nightingale shirt a lot lately, seriously. MGS spirit on. :D

So. I'm leaving to PJ on Sunday. I found a place with a whole family living upstairs. I'm sharing a room with a Year One girl and she's doing architecture. The other room is occupied by a guy my age. Foundation at UTAR too. So if it's really uncomfortable there, I'm gonna search for a new place. Or else, that's that. Since I'm gonna be in PJ for only a year and Sg Long for the next 5 years and I already have an apartment in Sg Long and it's just a block away from UTAR Sg Long. Awesome.

 I guess I wont be watching much football anymore.

Less K-Pop too. This is depressing.

These few days, I've been doing nothing much. Watching tv and coming online most of the time. Probably because I won't be very free for the next one year. I hope not though. Been doing some medical check-ups for college. Packed a little. Gonna pack some clothes later and water bottles and stuff. Ahh this is horrible.

Yay Bones and My Eternal Flower drama. :D

This just might be my last post before college. Sigh.

Life just might be good, if I put in a little faith.

Also, I need to leave behind my past.

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Nothing on you.
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I miss you


My mind.
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Is it fair to me? Is it fair to me to know that everyone around think so but in case you haven't noticed, I kind of believed them because I wanted to? I wanted to give myself a chance to actually be happy about something I want and something I will get and I wanted to be happy to look back in years and think, thank god I took that first step.

Now, I can only weep of regrets for doing something I will never ever do.

Because this is about you.

Only thought right now : No matter what I do or what I don't, I'm just not meant to succeed.


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I am a big girl

I started Chemistry tuition last week. I was sitting alone until an unknown semi-cute guy came and asked to sit next to me. Of course I don't refuse. Ok that is wrong. Bianca and Sean and Henry were at the last row because they came in late.

On the 9th, I went to ACS for form 6. Just the orientation part though because it's confirmed that I'm accepted into UTAR and I'm supposed to do foundation in science in UTAR PJ campus on the 23rd. So I just wanted to see how's F6 like and because since I already bought the school uniform and new canvas school shoes.

On the first day, I arrived at the primary school gate. The swimming pool is right there. After asking directions from the guard, I walked. Then, suddenly a teacher came up to me and just told me where to go. I didnt look thaaat lost, did I? :/ Btw I wasnt lost at all. ok fine I just planned to ask someone for directions on the way. Then another indian secondary kid came and told me where to go too. How kind. :D

Then, I registered and suddenly saw Bianca and May Yian. We went to the auditorium and sat for the whole damned day. From 9am to 1.05pm. There was recess though. We had 30 minutes break and I dont even know why because it's supposed to be only 20 minutes. The weather is so shitty I wanna kill it! I was sweating like a freakin cow. And btw when we were trying to go out for recess, I saw Brother. :)

We went to the canteen and talked to Jia Xin and Suhaili. We stood directly under a fan or else we'd die. Anyway, we went back early and then tried to find the office for Bianca's transfer procedure. We failed. Anyway went back to the auditorium and listened to more rubbish. Couldnt wait for 1.05pm to come. My butt was aching already. That chair is shit.

Oh yeah, on the first day, when some of them arrived, they were already shooed home because of dyed hair and all. What the hell. =.=

Second day. I went to school, very early and when I was on my way to the main building, Bianca caught up with me. :D There was assembly. Humid like anything omg I was sweating already. The national anthem was sung hirribly. We couldnt hold in our laughters. Deep low voice and out of tune. Anyway, later we went to the auditorium and listened crap for the whole day omg. My butt hurts like hell. They talked about each subject. Pointless.

They kept pressuring everyone to pay and register already which is why I didn't go to school on the 3rd. I couldn't. I dont wanna go through all the useless procedures to leave the school later. Just now at 7-10pm, I went for Chemistry tuition. Oh my god. That class is freakin packed! About 100+ people in a classroom! We could barely sit, what more comfortably. Sean was practically hanging off the bench and Bianca was fidgeting the whole time because it was so damned uncomfortable and our butts ached. We couldnt even breathe. I couldnt even write properly. =.= I had to write under the desk. What the hell right? And when I arrived, I saw a bunch of new students, trapped outside because there seriously no place for them at all! So they were sent back alas and told to attend the Friday class.

Had half a bowl of Unagi Don for early dinner and was hungry like a dog after tuition so mummy heat up tomyam spaghetti for me. :D I watched Bones and mopped the floor. Watched White Collar too. At 0000KSt, Youngsaeng's Let It Go MV is released! I love the song! But cant dl online yet sighs. Youngsaeng's smile in the MV is angelic omg. Hyuna's rap is amazing I like! #501YSLetItGo

I was busy saving @KiSSeop91 and @alexander_0729's twitpics on Twitter. I saved about 75+ of Kiseop's and only about 35+ of Xander's. WHY XANDER DONT TAKE MORE SELCAS SINCE HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL? At least Kiseop knows he's beautiful. Sigh.

Tired and exhausted. Seriously. Thirsty because of shitty weather. I need to sleep already. I will post some pics tomorrow. Toodles. \o/

Songs on repeat:
-Arms - Christina Perri
-Candles - Glee cast
-Loser Like Me -Glee cast
-Get It Right - Glee cast
-Misery - Glee cast
-Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

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Just because I find this interesting
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1. Five ways to win your heart -Smile. I've grown to like people who smile at me, whether it's a polite or whether it means anything else.
-Nag me. Suitably.
-Remember little things I say that even I don't remember them.
-Don't lie. Be honest.
-Make sure I know that you will always be there for me.

2. Something you feel strongly about 
How people treat each other. After 18 years, I've come to realise that the world will turn out to be a much better place if people are nice. It's just that simple. With a simple smile, you get a smile in return. And I don't know why this just brightens my whole day. It's nice to know that sometimes a smile means nothing, no exploiting, no lies, no hidden meanings.

3. A book you love 
Wuthering Heights. I cannot describe the feeling I had when I first finished this book.

4. Bullet your whole day
-Slept at 3.30am this morning.
-Mum woke me up at 8am.
-Went to work and got RM50 for just 2 hours.
-Came home and then went out to Richi for indian food.
-Watched the ending of Secret Garden.
-Woke up and went to Daorae for dinner.
-Bought a snack from Kim's Mart.
-Watched Criminal Minds.
-Came online.

5. Things you want to say to an ex 
I have nothing to say.

6. Your views on mainstream music 
Overplayed. Over-rated. Mostly nonsense rapping, shouting and banging. Seldom I hear songs that inspire me what more songs that make any sense.

7. Five pet peeves 
- I hate it when people spit in public places. Seriously, I cannot stand it.
-When people look through my phone.
-People interrupting when someone else is talking. Be a listener.
-People doing that tongue-clicking thing to get someone else's attention.
-Not listen when I say things for the first time and then need me to repeat for several more times.

8. What you ate today 
-Blueberry bread
-Indian food
-Korean food

9. How important you think education is 
Very. First of all, the lack of knowledge and the ability to think rationally will definitely get in the way in your life later on. Second of all, people with absolutely no education is far off worse than those who at least studied for some skills to get going with life.

10. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs 
-Maybe-Enrique Inglesias
-Like Only A Woman Can-Brian Mcfadden
-That Man-Hyun Bin
-Tonight-Big Bang
-Little Turtle-Nicholas Teo
-All The Way North-Jay Chou
-Hurt-Christina Aguilera
-Grandmother-Jay Chou

11. Your family 
Many people admire the bonds that exist between our family members. Yes, my dad can be annoying in a funny way sometimes but isn't that what brings us together? He makes prime decisions and makes money. He often says and does funny things and he gets annoyed when we are forever laughing at him. Mummy is blur most of the time. Yet she's the one keeping our finance in check. One thing we always laugh about is what she said. Bro: /talking to mum/.. Mum: Don't talk when I'm thinking! That is one example. People always say that my relationship with my mum is more like a relationship between sisters. We joke around and talk nonsense. However, I think I'm the closest with my sister because we're only a year apart and I don't know but we stick to each other all the time. I know this is weird not because I feel so, it's when people start saying things like 'why are you so excited to see your sister?' 'why do you prefer being with your sister than your friends?'. With my brother, I thin k he exists just to annoy the hell of us. He has phases. Now, he is into making amazing paper planes and spinning pens. Yes, I know. Odd. However, he is the most caring brother, the best son and an awesome friend.

12. Five guys whom you find attractive 

-Generally guys who do music. JAY CHOU.
-Guys who are handsome in a unique way. HIM. I'm kinda bored with typically handsome guys.
-Guys who smile, occasionally. HIM. I don't really like it when guys flash smiles like a commodity.
-Guys who have nice eyes. I'm an eye kind of girl.
-Guys who ain't lala.

13. Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it 
I am fat. Period.

14. What you wore today 
T-shirt and shorts.

15. Your zodiac and if you think it suits your personality 

Aries. Apparently Aries girls are..brave. In a way, I am. No, I'm not talking about heights and crowd. I think I am brave in the sense that I don't mind new environment, I adapt quick. I am brave in some ways some people would never witness.

16. Something you always think "what if..." about '
'What if I'm born a korean' If I'm a korean, I'll only know how to speak practically one language only. If I'm a korean, I have to constantly fear the possibility of having wars. If I'm a korean, I can always see korean celebrities around. If I'm a korean, I probably will not know about Malaysia either. 

17. Something that you're proud of
I've gone to NS and returned alive. Also the fact that I managed to get out of NS for 2 days for Jay Chou's concert.

18. A problem that you have had 
I am too honest, sometimes. I hurt people's feelings on purpose because some of them deserve it and I don't feel guilty about it because others who dislike those people I hurt applaud me for standing up for them. Another problem is I am too secretive when it comes to how I feel. I hide. I don't like rejection.

19. Five items you lust after 
-The Guess bag.
-Jodi Picoult's Sing Me Home
-you ;)
20. Your fears 
Of heights and crowds. Rejection and suspicion. I fear to be happy because I don't want to wake up and find that it is only a dream.

21. How you hope your future will be 

I want to be studying something I want. I want to be working and doing something I like. I want to be just average, financially. I want to have an Asian husband. I love kids but I don't think I'll ever deliver any so I might just adopt or whatever.

22. Your academics 
I am happy with my academics but my family aren't. I'm never a person to work extremely hard because I'm just not born to be this way. I like to be average.

23. Something that you miss 
I miss my young self, who is so much slimmer. I miss NS. I miss Timmy(my missing Golden Retriever). I miss my maternal grandmother. 

24. Five words/phrases that make you laugh(for today)
-你ge今朝係我ge零晨四點lor傻婆~~ call me - Xander
-Wait.. How do I upload pictures using the computer? -Kevin
-I have patients -Dad
-Changmin looks like Ah Xian. -Brother
-Right now my mum is getting me a pail. -PeiQi

25. Something you're currently worrying about
My future.

26. Things you like and dislike about yourself 
I like that I can remain calm in oddly exciting or devastatingly sad situations. I like that I receive occasional compliments that I know are true. I like that I'm not perfect so I will know who will and will not accept my flawed self. I like that I've been to NS. I dislike that I'm not honest enough to myself. I dislike that I often get disappointed by how some of my friends act. I dislike that I am not good enough for my parents.

27. A quote you try to live by 
The higher the expectation, the harder you fall.

28. Somewhere you'd like to move or visit 
I want to move to South Korea. I want to visit Italy and Japan.

29. Five weird things that you like 
- The smell of petrol.
- Life at NS.
- Jay Chou, as a man himself. Not just his songs.
- Expensive things so I can just go all gaga over it and during that period of time, I'd spend less money because I'll just go shopping less because I'm obsessed over that those expensive things.
-The smell of books.
30. One thing you're excited for 
F6 and probably UTAR.