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when i was talking to Jovin on MSN, he was saying he skipped school about 20 days in a year because he was kononnya feverish. and i told him i was having real bad soarthroat. and so, somehow it cursed me. i woke up at 6 today feeling very hot and its burning hot. i was like that the whole night actually. kinda high fever and a bad soarthroat. went and find my mum. she gave me panadols. oh btw, i used to have problems swallowing pills. they had to pound it so that its in a small small bits form. but about few years back, i finally knew how to swallow pills. gah. this is so stupid. and so. i ate one pill first. then i couldnt swallow the other. i was in tears already because the thingo got so freakin bitter. i wanted to spit it out, mum said no coz we ran out of panadol already. but i don want it to be in my mouth anymore because its so freakin bitter. i suddenly had the urge to throw up and so i spat the pill into my sink and started throwing up. omo. its like my 2nd time i threw up or something. yuck. gross. i was half sleeping on the sofa in the living upstairs. and my mum wants me to sweat it all out. and yeap. i sweated. =) but its so freakin hot now lah. I WANNA BATHE. and we're supposed to go down to Seremban today so i wanna get well before that. i think im feeling abit better now. much better. even my throat doesnt hurt so much. =] and this is a freakin long paragraph. LOL. anyway, have to continue lying down and sweat. YUCK.

someone told me there's no love, buti feel love. so, how is it now? no one would tell me.

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