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now. 2 days since i blogged. i might get used to not blogging and abandon my blog, ya know? but.. as good as a person as me, i wont. =D

so well. 2 other people from ex-heron and ex-hornbill got transferred to our class coz they complained bout their previous class and apllied to go out of the hell. and anyway, everyone are still smart. i really love-hate my class now. its so depressing to go to school everyday and BOOM! smart people everywhere. blahh.

stayed back yesterday and did nothing my Bm work after school. then went for Physics tuition at Sejati. there's a gang of AMC people. some i recognise and some i don. even those i recognised, i forgotten their names. im sucha bad ex-fren. so well. was having damned flu the whole day yesterday, i was practically sneezing the whole day. i really hate it. so do you. so well, kinda tired after the tuition. so just died on my bed after i bathed, and stuck a post-it on my door"don wake me up so early" because they will wake me up at 7 for dinner. sighs. so slept till 9. ate my dinner. then continue sleeping at 10 because i don know! im so tired. and then my sis woke me up to wash up first. so i slept back again at 2. i counted. i practically slept for 12 freaking hours. LOL. its so fun. =)

*we were in our ex-class and just sitting around talking because there's nowhere else*
*she walked towards us*
*i was staring hard at her*
"umm. *smiles* girls, afterwards close the dorrs hmmm?"
*she went off*
"wah. why she so nice suddenly?"
"obviously because of me lahh."
"swt lah you. its because of me. *grins*"
*began telling them the story of my dad scolding the stupid fat guard*
*after i finished*
"LOL. do you understand?*nods nods nods*"
"thats so hilarious right?"

i bought some exercise books. 5 long books and 10 exercise books to be exact. then if i put on the table i put my bag on. it'll be too obvious and im afraid someone will steal it. BUT EVEN IF I DID PUT THERE, NO ONE SHUD STEAL ANYTHING. so since Kai's bag was leaning on the wall so i put it under her bag and assumed that i wont be too obvious this way. BUT. after my tuition and when i retrieved my books, the long books only left 3 and exercise books only left 6. i was like stunned. seriously there's thieves everywhere in our school? thats so unbelievable. seriously. its not bout the money. OMGAWSH. so scary. how can someone steal anything? how could they?

anyway, going for dental appointment later and tuition in the afternoon. then straight going to JJ to celebrate my fren's belated birthday. =]

so yeah. gonna try watching The Clue Collector. BuhBye, okies?

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