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its been 4 days without blogging. weird.

school was umm. fine overall i guess. for the first few days we just sat in Upper Hall listening to talks and talks and more talks. interesting. =.=" so. i chose Science 1 as first choice which is pure science with Accounts. 2nd choice is Science 2- pure science plus econs. and 3rd choice was pure science. and yeap. 92 chose Science 1 as first choice so i thought the chance for me to get into it was TINY. lawl. suprisingly.. and Bianca, lol for you. your new classmates are so LALA. gawshhh. change change change! my classmates are fine. all from Heron and Hornbill. 21 from each. and btw, the whole freaking damned class got straight As. which means, everywhere look, north south east west are INCREDIBLY SMART PEOPLE and that doesnt include me. OH AND. IM IN 4S1, just fyi.

"okay 4s1, Ang Ru Jing, Carey Chong... [5th] CHAN WAI LYNN."

lawl. i just find it surprising that i actually entered 4s1. im too dumb for this. dammit. im so dead. let me RIP. sighs. and during that painful period in the Upper Hall, Mrs Circus Performer with her pink and blue eyeshadows[ohforgod'ssake.thatslikesoooohorrible.nothanks.] non stop talking bout health while "yesyoustandupyesyoutheonewiththemouthopenyesyougirl"ing and talking bout her stupid idiotic trips to "ohsingaporeissoamazingiwassoamazediwassoamazed" and vietnam and godknowswhere[didnt bothered to listen lah oh please.]. OH MY GOSH. we were shouting for help because she doesnt wanna stop talking and lecturing and "girlstandupisawyouopeningyourmouthandyawnwithyourmouthclose"ing. oh my god. now, are you amazed that im still alive, not dead because of hatred yet? oh and someome died because she drank too much water and it went to her brain and she died. yes. she died. -.-"

we had physics lesson today. and our add maths teacher was so hilarious.

"whats a circle"
"circle also dunno ah? you people learn maths for how many years already?"
"eh. why 11? *counts with his fingers* std 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, form 1, 2, 3, 4?"
"no. we included kindergarten."
*he laughs*
"so. what is a circle?"
ps: seriously, no one knows. amazing yeah? s1 ppl kononnya.

"so, whats a girl?"
*he points to a punjabi girl*
"a girl is a girl who goes to a girls' school."
*class bursts out laughing*
*he points to another girl*
"a girl have things a boy doesnt have."
"aiyo, i asked bout girls, you go talk bout boys."
*points at me*
*stood up and kept quiet*
"im still waiting."
*continue shutting my mouth*
*a girl came in to give some papers*
"okay. since you're here. answer this. whats a girl?"
*class bursts out laughing again*
*that girl went off*
"a girl is a female human being"
ps: oh swtt. hahaha.

sorry if this post is super long. thats because i might not come online next week.

im gonna study real hard so that i wont be the dumbest one in class. lawl. and im gonna be really attentive. believe me? oh crap. i don even believe myself. damndamndamn.

sports practice starts next week. im so looking forward to it. hahahaha. fun it will be. i still dunno whether im marching anot. hmmmm. and tomoro's the registration for the clubs and stuff. and i hope HOPE while praying our school wont send out a team for the PONG COMP. but IF its our school hsoting it again, I WANNA BE ONE OF THE HELPERS AND HELP OUT THERE. =))))

hahaa. so.. thats for now. BYEBYE. *waves*=))

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