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okay. another post before i start off my another super busy week. tsk. ugly. ugly. ugly.

Monday: Ping Pong/ Interact. Chinese tuition.
Tuesday: Nightingale sports practice. Add Maths tuition.
Wednesday: Biology tuition.
Thursday: Science and Maths. History tuition.
Friday: Physics tuition. Chemistry tuition.
Saturday: Rangers. BM tuition.
Sunday: Pong. =]

GOD. i've finally had the courage to list them all out. i was so scared after i do this i'll go to JJ's rooftop and... ugh.

anyway, had Pong today. =) and Jill officially spread her suddenly-smile disease to me. its so horrible. ugly. ugly. ugly. andheseriouslyveryyenglahthewayheservesreallyyenggod=) training was okay. that girl and I are a no-match pair. sheesh. the coach blind or something. he'sstillveryyeng. nevermind. and we'renotstaringnowe'renot. im kinda in denial. noimnot. LOL. I CANT WAIT. but everytime im freaking out, i'll remind myself, i'll go there and lose the 1st round then come back to school. that sounds like a plan right? imsofreakedout! help. andithinkheknowswhoiamalready. ugly. ugly. ugly.

had guitar last night.
*in chinese*
Him: Do you people wanna have a guitar exam at the end of this year?
Us: *Look at him*
Him: I think you people can do very well. its a grade 3 test.
Us: *Laugh*
Me:* goodness. he's stupid or blind or deaf? its the funniest joke ever. god*

i didnt even know im in Grade 3 already. i don think i am loh. seriously. i suck. officially. god.

ugly. ugly. ugly.

IWishToGoBackInTime. CanYouDoThatForMe?

kay. im off to my busy week. bye.

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