Plans after parents come home.
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1. SHOPPING! Actually I do rmb my promise to not buy anything at all for this year. But. Meh. How la? Mad meh. Sorry. And since its so near CNY, I dont think parents will let also. Plus. Parents bought us stuff from Bangkok already. I know, we must be zhi zhu. That means satisfied in Mandarin. But. Shopping can buy smtg else one ma right? Like like, books. :D Nvm SIGH.

2. Travel! That one must one okay. Next year I cannot already coz got stoopid SPM fml. Me wanna go Italy, Korea, Japan, China, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore fml so old already still haven go Singapore before, Australia etc. So many places, so lil time.

3. Watch movie. HAHAHA. I somemore got A Christmas Carol haven watch okay. I. Need. To. Watch. Movie. And no. I don wanna rewatch New Moon anytime soon. UNLESS THEY CUT OFF EDWARD'S SCENE. :D Good idea hor?

4. Bring us everywhere. I don mind where. Just everywhere around Ipoh. We don have to buy anything. Just. I. DESPERATELY. Needa. Get. Out. After. Being. Trapped. Inside. This. Brown. House. For. Like. 4. Days. Already. Can die!

5. KARAOKE! No. I wont sing coz I cant. I just wanna see whether fun or not. Coz I cant stand noise one. So if karaoke is noisy, I wont go anymore. =)

6. Out of ideas already la. OH I GOT ONE. After reading Xiaxue Guide To Life @ here. Lets refurnish our rooms. Yay! No. I don want a princess room bleh. I want a okay, princessy room. SHOULD BE SO CUTE!!! No. I want a yellow room. Now my room is orange. I love it. But I want yellow too!!

7. I asked sis to blog bout this also. So. Constantly check out her blog too here.

Im watching One Million Star and Xiaxie's Guide To Life. Interesting. :D]

And you noticed, I changed my layout right? Leave comments okay? No at the chatbox. AT THE COMMENTS LINK. Okay? Thankie. =)



One of the reasons Im here is because Im extremely bored. You might say, Oh. Why don't go have a nap because isn't that what you love to do most? Well. Yeah. Its in my genes. I even nap during huge exams. Yeah. Whatever you say. But. The reason Im not napping now is because if I nap now, I'll be staring at the ceiling, literally, until let's say, 3am. No good. No good at all. So now I blog enough enough first. HAHA. Oh and I just finished reading a novel. NOW I NO MORE NOVELS. Chinese STORYBOOKS(not novels) VERY VERY boring I tell you. Boo. And no Im not gonna reread Twilight or HP series anytime soon because no, Im not that bored yet. Maybe Im gonna read my classic novels but sayang lor. Later very fast finish then Im left with no books already. I'd feel so insecure then you pay me insurance ah?

And. I cannot go out and watch movies either because mummy and daddy not home so they dont allow us out but they syok syok go Bangkok. So selfish. =( BUT THEY BOUGHT BAGS FOR ME AND SIS!! AND WATCH OR SMTG FOR BRO. SO HAPPY!! But aunt is here so not so bored. I would work out but I dowan to. HAHAH. I know Im fat and all(yeah shoot all your critiques me don care), but very lazy lor. I'll work out when I reach 50 kg okay? Which is soon. So now. Gimme ideas on what to do.


1. Read novels. - I will lah. Not now yet. No mood. Now so super hot. AIKS.
2. Watch tv. - I've been doing that for like, the whole day and the whole 2 weeks. So excuse me if I find that a lil boring. But of course I'll watch when got nice shows like You're My Destiny, One Million Star, CSI, 100% Entertainment, Gossip Girl etc. And when got huge football matches like the Arsenal-Chelsea and Real-Barca one. Though Arsenal and Real both lost. BUT NICE MATCHES MA WHAT TO DO.
3. Nap. - No. I just told you why I dowan to right? *points up*
4. Look at brother annoying aunt. - I GOT SO FREE MEH? CHOI.
5. Look at brother play chess with aunt and wins all the time. - No. Its the same as number 4 because in the process of playing chess with aunt, he annoys her.
6. Bake. - I DID THIS. I mean, we. We all baked some choc muffins. SO DELICIOUS. But sis seems so kelam kabut w/o mummy here. HAHAHA.
7. Eat. - I just did that. I ate 3 muffins. 3. CHOC. MUFFINS. You say can die or not?
8. Sing. - No.
9. Bathe my dog. - No.
10. Talk to my maid. - Nah. I prefer to bathe my dogs. :D
11. Go for tuitions. - You think I dowan meh? No tuitions to go for. So sad. T.T
12. Clean the house. - No.
13. Practise piano. - OH YEAH. FORGOTTEN BOUT THAT. I'll do that tonight. But piano teacher went Rome, Italy. NO FAIR ONE. Why she can go? Why I cannot? Why? Boo very angry ah.
14. Write a book. - No. My English sucks and teacher asked me to not write story so I wont.
15. Weigh myself. - NO WAY. Maybe after I wotk out which is not anytime soon.


Okay lah. I blog until very bored already also no one read one except my parents. AHAHA. Okay bye.


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I was trying to create a Wordpress account. But its so complicated and I, the girl who is lacking of patience, GAVE UP! :D

So happy now no needa have another blog. Stupid idea in the first place. I was just bored and didn't want to update this blog coz nothing to blog about. But now that stoopid idea gave me something to blog about. HAHA. Ironicly not ironic. What flip.

1. Everything's too formal.

2. So many buttons to click I also wanna faint liao. Have to edit this edit that then in the first place they shouldn't go pandai pandai help me write everything.


4. Okay bai. Wanna watch vids. And Arsenal-Chelsea match starting liao. BAI.

Oh yeah. Later got Barca-Real match also. SO EXCITED!


New nails!! ♥
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I woke up today and found sister doing manicure. The black one is hers. Blue one is mine. Obviously. Heh.




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Watched New Moon with Sis and Bro just now. Initially Im supposed to watch with PeiQi and Mabel etc, but mummy don allow coz she and daddy will be in Bangkok. Fml. Its okay. So I watch just now one lor. Smart leh? Btw. Tell you la. Normally when you think movie just out in cinemas, you thought sure no tickets, you're wrong. Normally got tickets coz OTHER PEOPLE also think like you. So you smarter you think 2 steps ahead then you got tickets! GENIUS! Okay. Lemme do a review.

Generally: Nice! :D

Good points
1. Storyline good. Very muthafucking scary whats with Victoria stalking till so near Bella can die. I mmg like the storyline one. So biased hor? I love the 4 books. I just kinda don reaaaaally like the movie coz cut so much scenes better don shoot movie. FOL. STORYLINE GOOD DOESNT MEAN BEGINNING AND ENDING GOOD. I'll talk bout that later. Its in the con section.

2. Taylor Lautner such an eye candy can faint wtf. Omg. Shirtless half the time. So nice and kind to audience!! ♥ Hot biceps, boobs bigger than mine fml, 8 packs i think got 10 already LOL. See. This is called, BODY TO DIE FOR! So nice to hug. I WANT! =( So hot. Go watch la dammit. Nah these 2 pictures ugliest of him already. STILL SO HOT RIGHT? ;)
3. Handsome new actors and actresses. Carlisle mmg so hot one la. Then that volturi guy with blonde yellow hair. Whats his name ah? IDK la. Then the bodyguard lagi yeng. What crap. All so nice looking one. :D Dakota Fanning very pretty. HEH.

4. I like the screaming! Lol. So real and depressing. Like its really scary. Idk why la. BUT I LIKE I LIKE I LIKE!

5. Nice wolves. All the wolves very nice lor. Nice fur and all. Hot abs too. HEHEHH. Nice addition to the series.

Bad points
1. Robert Pattinson. The whole reason Im not obsessed with the movie. =( So ugly somemore hair also ugly. Body uglier. So er xin one. Er xin means GROSS in Chinese. Ugly nipples. Hairy chess. No abs somemore keep baring it like very nice. Got fats somemore. YUCK. Just keep his shirt on then it'll be better. These 2 best pics. See. Best pic also so ugly can die or not?

2. They keep rotating. As in turning and turning. So dizzy can faint. Anyone who watched before should feel dizzy while watching coz seriously, they keep turning and turning I wanna slap director already. Somemore cameraman should know better ma. Why never advice director? Coward. Dammit.

3. Ending very potong stim!! Its like, Marry me, Bella. BLANK. DARKNESS. THE END WHAT TURF. Everyone was like, HUH? Kenapa macam ini? SUDDENLY THE END WOR.

4. Cut too many scenes la crap. Nao I go check back the book, got like an epilogue and another half a chapter before ending okay. This one ends when he proposes. *BANGS TABLE* Nao director make Charlie less so many scenes. Pity Charlie. T.T If you read the book, you'll realise they cut so many scenes so better don shoot movie. Twilight also same thing. Pfft.

5. PORSCHE TOO NICE I ALSO WANT! Okay. No. That one not con. Last point is, they don't stress bout her and Jacob as much as in the book. In the book, she's practically in love with Jacob already. But this one still kinda you know, not so close although they kissed abit for a sec before Edward called. FTL.

Okay la. Review good or not? I don care la. Very sleepy already. Skipped dinner for New Moon. Big sacrifice. Just ate dinner. Mum cooked Lao Shi Fun for dinner. Mad nice. Then ate 2 desserts fml. Strawberry Agar and Oreo Cheesecake. Very nice!! Mummy and Daddy going Bangkok tomorrow but dowan to bring us FOL. =(



Reasons on why I love KPop Part 3.
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3. Korean company for these artists are actually rich and they always produces singles and actual albums for these artists. In Japan, Jing said they are not rich and therefore they have new songs blablabla BUT they don't produce albums. HOW SAD! Taiwan's entertainment business is also considered very good because these artists will try their best to produce at least an album a year. This way fans will have what they want and have whatever they want when they expect it. But Japan one mmg disappointing lah. Korean one VERY AWESOME! Always got new songs, new dances, new groups, new albums, new activities and NEW SONGS! This way fans like me will get VERY satisfied. :) Look at the amount of awesome albums they produce.

And its not even all. Yet. Yesh. That many.

HAHA. Not purposely I put SS501's picture biggest one okay. Those above I googled damn low quality. Sorry. But as long as you got my point. Korean are more determined. They make fans happy happy.

Announcement: I won't post things bout my daily life here anymore. I'll post it in my xanga. And don't worry, xanga is not slow anymore. :D

♥ Bai.


Updates on KPop/Reasons on why I love KPop Part 2.
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WTF? Why not in M'sia? :(

However. This is the Info. Credits to Korea Precious.

Live Concert Information
FT Island Last One Man Live In 2009 - So long, Au revoir – presented by @peps! music x PATiPATi
Date: 23rd December 2009 (Wed)
Time: 6pm (Door opens at 5pm)
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Ticket Categories: 6,500YEN (tax included) – 1st Floor Free Standing, 6,500YEN (tax included) – 2nd Floor Reserved Seats


List of winners for Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA). Credits to Popseoul.

▶ Best Artist: 2PM
▶ Best Album: G-dragon
▶ Best song: “I don’t care” 2NE1
▶ Best Male Singer: Drunken Tiger
▶ Best Female Singer: Baek Ji-young
▶ Best Female group: Brown Eyed Girls
▶ Best Male Group: 2PM
▶ Best Mixed Group: 8eight
▶ Best Asian Star: Dong-bang-shin-ki
▶ Best Asian Composer: Park Jin-young
▶ Best Male Newcomer: Supreme Team
▶ Best Female Newcomer: 2NE1
▶ Best Ballad and Music: Kim Taewoo
▶ Best House and Electronic Music: Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
▶ Best Rock: Buhwal (I remember 생각이나)
▶ Best Dance Music: Kara (Honey)
▶ Best Hiphop: LeeSsang
▶ Best Trot: Hong Jin-young (Love’s Battery)
▶ Best Music Video: 2NE1 (Fire)

SHINee's Vogue photoshoot. Looks chio. :D Credits to Korea Precious.

Kim Bum's movie 'Bi Sang' Trailer. Enjoy. Credits to Korea Precious.

This girl sings well. =) Credits to Popseoul.

Okay. Enough of this.


I shall proceed with the part 2.

So. The other reason.

2. They are CUTE! Normally guys are either hot/cute/charming/handsome. These multilooking korean guys are can be CUTE and hot at the same flipping time wtf. Can die. When korean guys are cute, M'sia guys are jealous. :D Look at 'em. *points down while grinning*

Taemin. Key. sahiscnrweikefwerjrweih!
Seunghyun. I love him!
Jaejin. Minhwan. Jonghun.
Kid. Lee Minho.
Hyung Joon. Hyun Joong!
Kim Bum.
Kim Bum!!

Okay. WaiLynn, STOP! Okay. Stopped. Nao for the next reason.

3. Besides they are hot/cute/charming/handsome/hot/cute, they sing awesomely well. SING SING SING. Yeah everyone can sing except me lah. But a voice to be ear candy is not thaaat easy okay. Somehow when you listen to their slow songs, they sooth you. :D When you listen to fast songs, they make you wanna dance your legs off.

I'll put on a few examples here.

Slow soothing songs:
Love Letter by FT Triple
Because I'm Stupid by SS501
Love Sick by Ft Island
Haru Haru by Big Bang
Romantic by SHINee
Don't Say Goodbye by DBSK
Wedding Dress by Taeyang(Big Bang)

These are some examples only. Especially FT Island. They sing mostly soothing slow songs. If you like slow songs, you'll ♥ them like MAD.

Fast songs(with uber hot dance moves too!):
Love Like This by SS501
Ring Ding Dong by SHINee
Heartbeat from 2PM/1.59PM(Without Jay)
Heartbreaker by Ji Yong(Big Bang)

Okay. Newest fast songs.

This post is too long already. Gonna go off to eat muffins and watch You're My Destiny. :D

I ♥ Baron Chen. Bai.
My review on 2012.
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I just watched 2012 with Mabel, Nyit Yi, Shu Qi, Su and her friend, Isabelle/Isabel/Isabell(she's from PJ/JB/somewhere with a J as its initial).

Beware of spoilers. Its unintentional. They're just to support my reviews.

GENERALLY, it's depressing and hilarious. I'll explain nao.

Why do I like it?

Well. Mainly because.

1. The story might somehow make people think bout what's rushing towards us if we don't start trying to save the Earth. All these will happen because of the extreme activities by greedy humans. SO. Hopefully when you watch this you'll have enough conscience to actually do your parts. THEN EARTH WILL ♥ YOU. :D

2. The sound effect damn chio. VERY. Probably our seats were at the 3rd row. Okay la I admit, makes my neck damn uncomfy and its kinda near so sometimes my eyes cant focus well and it goes blurry but its okay. My eyesight is 2020. HEH. The sound effect makes you feel really into the movie. Some of the movies' sound effect suck like anything. But this one, every earthquake, every tsunami and every impact really shake you as if you're there. I like it. :)

3. The whole thing is DRAMATIC! I mean, its like Titanic, Poseidon, Tsunami that happens consistently in Japan and everywhere and also Earthquake all together. Omg. From those screenshots above, you can see that the WHOLE land is tilted and going INTO the sea. Wtf right? So gan cheong. Those people look so helpless when the floor just breaks into halves. So stranded. So helpless. So devastated. Okay I have no idea why this is considered as pro. Lol.

4. SASHA!! Real name: Johann Urb. ♥ He's the HOT pilot who flies the huge plane containing BENTLEYS WTF. He's so hot. When he terjunam down, WITH the plane, we were like, OMG WHY LIKE THAT ONE? SASHAAAAAAA. OMG. SOMEBODY SAVE HIMMM. QUICKLY. HE'S LIKE THE HOTTEST AND HE'S GONEEEEE. GOD. HE SO NOBLE! HE FLIES THEM HERE THEN HE DIES. OMG. SASHAAAA. At first we were laughing at his name. Wtf. Sasha? We thought it was the plane. BUT no. Its his name. :D *points down*

5. NIMA! He's the young Chinese monk. HEHEH. Real name: Osric Chau. Okay. Weird name but he has got hot biceps. :D I already said he's cute when he appeared the first time in the earlier half. HAHAHAH. He's cute right? ♥

6. Love the movie theme song. Adam Lambert's Time For Miracles. ♥

Okay. Enough of pros. Nao. CONS. >=(

1. Actors not hot enough. Lookie at John Cusack and Thomas McCarthy. ARE THEY HOT? NOOO. But Chiwetel Ejiofor is quite hot. heh.
Ps: I don't post the pictures up here because they are not hot and I don't want my blog to be overloaded with stupid pictures.

2. Too exaggerating lah. Don think anyone REALLY believes it. Okay. Maybe until it comes. Lol.

3. Too many close up scenes. People sitting in 3rd row very cham lor. T.T

4. Don have music AT ALL during the whole movie! Where can one? Most of the soundtracks consists of roads cracking, tsunami flooding, earthquake, screaming and ship bumping into Mount Everest. =_=

5. It has a nice ending. People said its depressing but I think its not. Its too hilarious. I don feel depressed. Just abit. NOTE: NICE ENDING IS A CON!

6. Audiences watch till very stressed up one lor. Coz its like, alot of climaxes. Okay. I think this is half pro half con.

7. Too predictable. We know Gordon will beable to fly the plane out from those dust, that the ship won't bump into Mount Everest, that Jackson will beable to help them close the gate and that the 4 of them will be save. AND THAT THE WORLD WONT END YET. WTF.

Okay. My elaborations getting shorter. Lazy lah haha. Okai. Gotta go off already. And sorry for stupid pictures. Cannot find nicer ones.

Oh and wait for my Reasons Why I Love KPop part 2 tomorrow. :D Bai.