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im watching Hana Kimi. the jap version. x)

2nd freakin post of the year!

i think i shud stop counting up. lols.

and stupig firefox. for some reason lah. there's a difference in my blog when you open it in firefox and explorer. gah.

went shopping for clothes in Ipoh Garden South just now. so tiring lah. tak da nice clothes pun. bought a few pieces only. and ate. again. i realise i EAT WHEN IM BORED. gawsh. which explains why im another kg heavier. sighs. went and cut hair too. might be out shopping again later. or watch movie. or just stay at home. im sleepy. dang.

JAY CHOU. i was reading his mag in the salon just now. freakin yeng weiyhh. and i saw Lee Hom on Tivo. just a lil less yeng than Jay. ROFL.

Calvin changed the ending for Aaron's cold joke.
he said,
the Tortoise didnt return after 3 hours because he was robbed by Ninja Turtles on the way to buy soy sauce.


currently listening to: Fahrenheit's Yue Lai Yue Ai. awesome.


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