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Moved to Wordpress.

1. I now hate my current blogspot blogskin but I can't find decent layouts anymore so I give up.

2. I used to have a Wordpress account but I couldn't be bothered to dig it up so I created a new one.

3. Wordpress has a cleaner interface (as opposed to my life ha ha ha) and that's what I need right now.
Letting go.
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This reminds me of my running days. They say people with shorter legs run faster because our legs move twice as fast. True. I also tend to extend my legs as far as possible while also trying to double up the movements of my legs. One foot forward, then another moves forward. I am ahead. At this time, someone appears next to me, attempting to overcome my speed. I try to be even faster but I feel my legs already extending to its maximum. I realise I can never be faster. I feel that hopelessness as it dawns upon me that I will lose this race. I will lose because this is my limit, this is how fast I can ever be. That someone overtakes me by a step, 2 steps, 3 steps...

Eventually, I lose. As the crowd cheers for the winner, I recover to normal respiration before taking a big sip of water, thinking how no one notices I am the one leading initially. Because to them, results is everything.


The leap.
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Every time someone mentions the word 'leap', my mind processes it as a physical jump. The kind you do for long jump events, the kind you skip over a puddle of water for, the kind you do when you see bugs that scare you.

Translate the bug into something virtual, for example a brand new year in my university life. This means more time will be spent within the cold dark walls of the hospital casually glancing away when eye contacts are made with patients who are silently pleading for somebody to acknowledge their existence , pleading for somebody to save them, pleading for somebody.

This means having to clerk more patients and this means interrupting more patients when they are trying to rest or when they are enjoying the short moments of peace when the nurses are not waking them every 5 minutes for blood tests and blood pressure-taking. I feel strongly against this sort of things.

Anyway, continuing. A new year means walking around in flats but still have your feet hurting the whole time. Then it gets so bad that your back starts to ache as well and you wish for nothing to to sit down at one corner to rest your eyes for just than 5 minutes.

A new year means a new life. And I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet.


High Hopes
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Hello. I'm starting off this blog post with a heavily-filtered picture of me. 

I actually had a good topic to blog about but once I woke up from my nap, I don't remember shit. So frustrating!

I find this pretty damn artsy! We planned to take separate ootd shots and collage them into a single picture so they will look as if we took the picture together. But obviously the different lighting and angle failed our plan. Anyway, my aunt said this picture looks like an advertisement for Uniqlo wtf hahahaha. 

Since we don't have classes anymore before the upcoming exam, I literally only look forward to going to uni to take artsy ootd shots wth. I know right, I can sort out my priorities in life really well. Not. 

Gonna end this picture blog post with a selca. I took this picture facing the light source from outside the window so even if a little bit of filter, I look like a ghost. Whateverrr.

Can't wait to go back home. 


I should say this more often.
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What I should say more often is thank you & I love you.

I was lying in bed when I suddenly thought about how much my parents had done for me these past 20 years. Okay when I was a baby, of course they liked taking care of me because I was innocent, cute and never talked back at them. But now when I'm all grown up, I'm not exactly the best daughter you can get but yet they're still doing so much for me even when they know they might not get anything back from this investment in the form of me.

I'm not the brightest of all students. I don't really listen to their advice when they tell me to sleep early and eat my meals regularly. I disobey them by going out quite often even when they're worried about my safety especially if I go out at night. I'm literally a very average person/daughter/student when compared to my siblings.

My mum never complained when fetching me to and fro school and the massive amount of tuition classes I used to go to because she said I don't give her stress and because I don't complain even when she's late. She expected so little from me so all I could do was live up to her little expectation.

My dad cried after sending me off to National Service because he was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get used to the life there. Before I left, he told me to not act like such a princess (I used to use my fan a lot because I hated the heat a lot). But obviously I did survive and I even enjoyed the life there. I bet he was surprised and relieved that I could make friends and could adapt to the NS life. Well, to be fair, I only couldn't stand sweating when I wasn't doing sports. When I was marching or jogging, I didn't mind the sweat/heat at all. It was all very enjoyable. I loved the dorm life. He must be glad knowing that.

I also can bet that my dad was very glad to know I wanted to do medicine (besides journalism). He encouraged me to sign up even though I thought my SPM results weren't good enough for the course. My parents brought me to Kampar for the Open Day and to sign up for MBBS. Of course they were glad to know I got in.

They tried very hard to find me a place to stay in PJ. I know how spoiled I sound now because my parents do everything for me. They found a place but when we went and had a look, it was terrible. My parents didn't give up. They immediately went on to hunt for other rooms. We finally found one room which wasn't all that good but at least it was better than the first one. My mum cried after leaving me there because to be honest, I've never stayed in a worse place than that. Even NS was better. But I stayed strong and didn't want to fuss about it. I didn't think about how horrible that place was until I graduated my foundation course.

I didn't want to worry them with little friend problems etc that bothered me but one time I felt really bullied so I called my mum while I was crying my eyes out. She said things that made me feel better and loved. I learned to be stronger because really, the only people who are true to you are your family members.

Anyway, after my foundation, I had to move to Sg Long for my degree course. Long time ago, parents bought a condo unit here just for investment. So they spent a shitload of money furnishing this unit because I'm gonna be staying there. It's super pretty and so comfortable. I'm so blessed. They didn't know I'm only gonna be staying here for 2 years.

So, now I'm going to have to move to Ampang. My mum tried her best to find a room for me to rent and even searched for a unit to buy. My family are not as rich as people think we are. We're more like above average? Especially now that they spent some amount of money to furnish their new old folk's home. They barely have any money left to buy a condo unit, but they did. I'm really touched.

My mum pays my phone bills and electricity bills (mostly in advance to save extra trips in the future) because she doesn't want me to waste money dealing with all these. I know how spoiled I am in this area. I really appreciate everything they've done for me.

I'm really going to have a hard time repaying them but I will.


The sudden urge.
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Not sure if it's the new year or not but I just suddenly feel like doing all the things I've never dared or wanted to do. Housemates and I were talking over dinner just now and we started talking about our NS experiences. It was then when I realised that I truly regretted not trying Flying Fox and all the extreme activities because I was scared. Only because of the fear that cannot even be seen. It's just something that grows within you when you face something out of your comfort zone.

I want to be out of my comfort zone. I don't want to live the rest of my life sitting on my fat ass facing the goddamn laptop, looking on other people as they live their lives. I want to try activities I've never tried before and I want to take up on some form of activity that I know I can do with just a tad more determination. With this, I probably need to get rid of my napping habit because it just takes up a lot of time and makes me lazy.

I don't want to be regretting not living my life when I'm married and have children. Because that's when I can't really do anything I want to anymore. Not forgetting the fact that I'll be old and diseased (most probably).


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I blogged out my 2013 recap and about my 1st day of 2014 here at my Dayre. Too lazy to retype everything here since it's convenient to blog at Dayre. I take pictures using my phone and blog it out using my phone. I don't have to upload my pictures to my laptop hehe. So forgive me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a great year ahead!

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Merry christmas indeed
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To be honest, I'm not a Christian and I don't really celebrate Christmas. But I still love the festive atmosphere and how excited everyone is on this day.

Pre-Christmas celebration with the Tai Tais:

Exactly one week before Christmas, we went to Mid Valley for our pre-Christmas dinner. We went to some random shops to attempt shopping. But none of us bought anything. Later we went to Ippudo for dinner. The ramen...... So yummy! 4 of us shared 2 bowls and we ordered the curry cheese haru maki. 

We initially planned to go for a 2nd round at Sushi Zenmai but the queue was massive when we went and we were quite full already so we gave up halfway queuing up. 

We then went for Moo Cow and also shared 2 cups. The one with digestives was super yum!!

We then spent the next hour (or more) taking pictures with the decorations hahaha. It was difficult trying to ask strangers to take a group picture of us using the polaroid camera. The first picture was not very nice. The 2nd and 3rd one were taken by a man with a dslr. He's super good with cameras obviously. Those 2 shots turned out great. The last one was not bad. But too bad I was given the ugliest shot of all (1st one). I was the only one who looked bad in that shot, the others still looked decent. My bad luck lol. Anyway, these are some pictures taken using phone camera. 

Had a great day overall. Not easy to find friends with the same wavelength as me :)

Christmas day itself:

Spent the day with my boyfriend. He came and fetched me at 12pm. And we only reached Pavilion at 3pm. Stuck in the jam for 3 whole hours ;___; He was super frustrated and I was just trying to occupy my time by checking my phone every 3 seconds and taking selfies.

Lol! It was easy to find a parking spot, the jam was only because of some idiots blocking the roads outside Pavilion. We had late lunch at Ippudo hehehe. I tried ramen with a broth that I didn't try last time and it was good, too.

Then I tried to do some shopping. Bought a top.

We then walked around taking pictures. Here they are.


I had Baskin Robbins ice-cream. Mint chocolate chip yummmm! After that, we went and had dinner at food court. Haha! No expensive Christmas dinner because I was full as heck. We both shared a plate of pasta. It was crazy crowded at the food court.

Afterwards, we went to the main entrance for the fake snow!

It was really pretty. Plus the decorations were perfect.

After that, he told me that we should celebrate a few days in advance and just stay home on Christmas day itself. Lol! And I agreed.

Last picture:

End of Christmas :)

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My Christmas eve
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We had our Christmas eve dinner at Taste Gallery and yums I major love their pastas. The last time I went with the tai tais, I had chicken alfredo pasta. This time, I tried the half-shelled scallop aglio olio that I so wanted to try last time but didn't. Oh my god it was surprisingly yummy. The place is also surprisingly crowded today what the heck so we waited for like 20 minutes (?) for a table. But I finished my entire plate of paste within 10 minutes.

Our pastas. His chicken alfredo and my aglio olio. Also, that's green apple juice.

So last year I was just somehow feeling lonely on Christmas eve even though I don't celebrate Christmas. He brought me out for banana split because I was craving for it for 3 days already. And this year, our Christmas eve dessert is Chinese desserts haha. His is mak jok and mine is fa sang wu. No idea what they're called in English.

Then we thought fried durian balls are a good idea. I didn't want to order initially but the boss assured us that it's not a lot. But hello escume, those are 3 pretty gigantic balls! Durian balls, I'm sorry. Anyway, I didn't finish my fa sang wu and we didn't finish the durian balls. Hahaha. 


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An epiphany
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This morning, I woke up and was feeling extra reluctant to get to class because there was only one class at 8.30 am and it was all presentations. Anyway, I went and looked outside my room's window and saw an old lady walking at the next-door condominium. She was walking very slowly with the help of her walking stick and she was carrying a bagful of ingredients, I assume.

The thing I immediately thought of was how she would go the extra mile to buy ingredients and food even when she was having difficulties in walking, and how, in contrast, us young people who can walk perfectly well refuse to go outside and get our meals because we're lazy. We would rather cook up some instant noodles and other unhealthy food just because we're lazy with a capital L.

My point being that older people are most probably wiser and they know the ways to keep their bodies healthy and they are probably regretting for not taking good care of their bodies when they were younger. Which is why even when it's so tiring and painful for them, they don't mind going anywhere as long as it's for them to stay healthy.

Another thing is probably older people want to prove worthiness. Older people are generally more stubborn because they refuse help, because they don't want to feel useless, because they don't want to be a burden. I see these situations a lot. Even in pain, they will do whatever to prove that they are still capable of taking care of themselves. How nice if young people have these traits that can be found in only old people. I know that won't happen because these traits only surface when you're wiser.