Friday, January 2, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

and yes yes. i agree with MayLynn about Celine Dion. her singing is really superb. quote Simon Cowell. LOL. in fact, terrific. its like, when she sang My Heart Will Go On, its so grand and really nice. she breathes really professionally. some ppl will breathe like damn loud but hers is like, no sound. at all. =p and the way she sings is just plain elegant. SHUDDAP.

today's connection is so stupig lah. selalu cannot connect. dammit.

and its tomoro soon. its now 11.56pm while im typing now. =)

oh. and WHAT PHONE TO BUY? ppl keep saying DON BUY FLIP PHONE BECAUSE IT DOESNT LAST LONG. andand. they say SLIDE PHONE IS MORE YENG. quote PeiQi here. =D

oh and. we went and bought clothes in JJ yesterday. bought books too. =p Dorothy Koomson's Marshmallows For Breakfast and Goodnight, Beautiful. awesome shit.

im speechless ady lah. toodles.
P.S: my sister is so noisy here. gawsh. ORANG GILER. =p

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