Best Leader Ever
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

생일 축하 오빠 당신을 사랑합니다 ♥♥
Happy birthday. 
오빠 굉장~ ^^

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Love is overrated.
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

I don't need anymore distractions.

 And a few new ones. Shh. Not telling. :D


Eternal Maknae
Sunday, June 20, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

당신을 사랑합니다. 생일 축하


Beijing was fun. But a lot of people spitting and the food damn big a portion. Blah. The last three day's weather was awesome. :D

School's tomorrow. I forgot how to pack my bag. And gees, exam papers. I told my mum , let's forget about this term and focus on the bigger picture. HAHA.

Okay. Gonna go off soon and sleep. I don't think I'll be watching the midnight match. Freaking sleepy. Bye world.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

We're off to Beijing tomorrow night. Means I'm going to miss a few World Cup matches and a lot a lot of korean variety shows. Sigh. But I'm kind of excited bout Beijing. I just want it to be cold. I hope it isn't summer anymore. Blah.

Hee, don't watch porn!
Kyu, get well soon!

Oh and I bought Gerrard shirt today. :D


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Claps and Cheers
Saturday, June 12, 2010 // 0 comment(s)


I was at some chinese restaurant having dinner with relatives. Thank god there were a few TV. So I got to watch. :D PARK JUNG SOO. PARK Jisung and Lee JUNG SOO. :DDDDD So happyfying. The guys in the resturant seriously cheers and shouts GOAL halfway eating. Wtf. Lol. SO HAPPYFYING! Daehanminguk jjang! Lol

Now Argentina Nigeria. I think Argentina. I mean, duh.

Next midnight match, England USA. England shirt is on. :D


Oh shit gotta pack and finish somemore holiday homework. Bugger.

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A better day than yesterday.
Thursday, June 10, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

1. When I switched on the tv in the morning, 8tv, and there it was, Super Girl's mv! Normally I only can rewind to whenever I switched on the tv but I don't know why just now when I rewinded, it went waaaaay back. So tada, I got to watch the whole mv. I was so happy I think I rewatched it for about 6 times. Blah. Maybe I just miss Kyu and Hankyung.

2. I had lunch at Secret Recipe. :)

3. I napped with Jay Chou singing. I love his song. It is sooooo sad.

4. I went and trimmed my hair. It's ugly but who cares. At least it's thinner.

5. WE ATE TUTTI FRUTTI! TF FROYO. Lol. Then I realised I was even hungrier after eating TF so we went to Papparich. Haha. I like. Then only I went for tuition.

6. Stardate. SuJu. :D

Oh shit I forgot why Im happy today already. Shit why why why. Shit.

Anyway, I always dream of them these days. Most recent one was Yesung. HAHA. Sexy glare. ;)

Oh and World Cup. NOW! ♥

I don't know what to blog about anymore. I'm kind of distracted right now. Haha. Sexy backs. :D


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2 Different Tears
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Super hilarious. I was laughing like mad. I thought I was going to die. HAHA.

Today is a boring day. Did mani pedi but didn't paint any colours. I know, weird. Then we went to Kopitiam for breakfast, brunch, lunch, whatever. I helped my sis to do some of her history. I am one awesome unnie. I know. Then I napped. And napped. And woke up and watched Dream Team. OHMYMINHO! And oh my god Taemin went and rooted for Minho!! NEOMU GWIYEOPDA! When Minho successfully challenged certain height, Taemin ran with the speed of lightning with a happy grin on his pretty pretty face and his hair flying all over, he freaking ran up to Minho and hugged him and ohmygod jumped on Minho!! I thought only girls do that. Even I will never do that. God! So cute so cute so cute!! And I love Junho's expressions. HAHA. The host kept on scolding Junho's firm butt. That was hilarious. Even Junho was scolding his own butt. Okay nevermind. HAHA.

As I said, today is a boring day. Hopefully tomorrow will be as interesting as.. AJUSSHI! :D

Nights. Gonna finish Moral.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

I took my driving test yesterday. It was awful waiting. I was number 17. And the girl who used to be in our Add Maths tuition was number 16. I was friendly. I talked to her. Like, a lot. I was friendly. Yay. I passed the first part with ease. I passed the slope with just one lucky try. Thank god I didn't have to reverse and do it again. Three-point-turn was okay. Parking was fine. But the other guy who was doing his three-point-turn did more than three steps so the tester blew his whistle and said stop. I thought it was me. Thank god it wasn't. I stopped and looked out. But for parking, as long as its within the time limit, it doesn't matter how many steps I take. Then I was done for the first part! :D

Then we went to the waiting place for road test. It was horrible. I was freaking out the whole freaking time. Bugger. It was okay overall. I got 17/20. My tester minused my marks for not using the signals well, not using handbrake appropriately and not changing gears at the right time. I personally think he simply minused my marks because I changed my gears all at the right time but whatever. I passed! I was hoping the tester would on some music or something but no. Music would have calmed me better especially if something I'm familiar with comes up. The silence in the car was.. awkward. My route was the E route. I love that route. One roundabout only. About 4 stops. Then done. :)

My instructer looked shocked when I told him that I passed. Wtf? Hmph. TBH, I didn't think I'd pass too. Seriously. It didn't seem easy. But it's okay. I'll be getting my P license tomorrow or day after. Yay.

After that, sobs, took H1N1 jab to prevent whatever there is to prevent before our trip to Beijing. As usualm I whined and whined, first about the jab, second about taking a panadol. The jab was gross. I mean, it wasn't THAT painful. But I just don't like the feeling of anything going through the skin. Yes, including piercings. And tattoos. I just don't like it. Like to pull out 4 teeth for my braces, I hate the part where the dentist gave a jab most. Right after that Mum sent my bro and me to JJ.

Mel bought tickets for Killers first because I told her I was going to be late blahblahblah. Then we went and made necklaces! I pity my brother, he waited 40 minutes for us just to make 4 necklaces. And I bought Jay Chou's new album, The Era. I love him I love him I love his songs! I got a poster I got a poster I got a poster!! Yay.

Then bought food and drinks and went into the cinema. Wtf I missed the first few minutes of the movie because I was busy fussing over the new stuff I bought. And ohmygod let me tell you the movie is hot and hilarious. Ashton Kutcher is the hottest caucasian guy ever! I mean seriously, who cares about Brad Pitt anymore? Lol. Ashton Kutcher! The movie started with him topless can I cry. He is soooooo hot. The whole cinema was gasping and giggling wtf they are so vain. Like, me. HAHA. I like action movies with romance and humor. If not, it'd be boring and dizzyfying. Whatever. Oh and Killers is soooo not pg 13.

Then went home. Oh we bought cheesetarts before we went home. We bought 10. Wtf. Lol. And I went for Mandarin tuition. The class was so empty. I like.


I want Tutti Frutti. =(

And I forgot to watch Gossip Girl yesterday. Shit. No wonder I felt like I was missing something. Nevermind. Bye.


Okay that's what I've been doing. During exam periods. And After too. :D


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Sunday, June 6, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Emits sorrow
That mocks the crow
Always there
Like warmth in the clouds
Hairstyle fashion sense
We all allow
Because that's that and that we love
Haters are fakers that annoy us
We just wanna get rid of losers
If you dislike then off you go
Because no one bothers so shoo.


Kyu ah Kyu please have Twitter
Because your Wookie is also here
I need you to update me on you
I need you to tell me you're okay.


Okay tomorrow is my driving test. This is scary. I'm freaking out. I'm so sleepy. Maybe I should sleep now. After 6 hours of nap. Awesome. Shit. What if I fail? I have to retake the test. T.T NO NO NO. I'm freaking out somebody help me shit! Bugger. Whatever la. After tomorrow I need to watch movie and finish my holiday homework. Bugger bugger bugger. FML FML FML.




:) Yes we love that big sexy smile. Shit. 
You do know that you'll always be the most handsome person to me right? 
당신을 사랑합니다
생일 축하해 - 현 정에
Oh and that solo dance? That's amazing.

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Starwalk is shit if you ask me
Don't laugh because it's not funny
We walked and walked at constant velocity
Until we ran out of breath and started cheating
We took the shortcut and overtook every human being
We felt bad of course but that's the best choice we're making
Everyone's legs are aching
But ours less probably and that's relieving
I sweated but I thank my fan
Which as Weiching said, it works overtime
I don't mind the Sun but not the heat
It glooms over me and threaten my beat
I complain of the crowd and also their shouts
Some didn't bother to finish the walk
They just wanted to be vain and look like pork(Lol)
I stared at them and wondered whether their socks
Are made of lipsticks wtf
Now my ankles hurt oh my god
I think I should sleep to the core
I will wake up before dinner time
Till then, their songs will be blasting to mock
I hope they will be back soon as one.

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Super Junior.
Saturday, June 5, 2010 // 0 comment(s)



Sea of knowledge that I drowned in
Made of all the junk I hate
Facebook twitter saved my fate
Or else I'll be as dead as clay
Everyday Chem Bio and Physics
History Add Maths and all the shit
You'd think I will jump from KLIA to the street
But I can't because I need Beijing
I listened to radio and watched TV
Rubbed my eyes because I was always drowsy
I napped and rested all the time
I regretted when I was blank
No point telling tales of me
I'm sure I'm as boring as Key
It is holidays and I will flee
To Beijing as fast as I plea
I have a driving test coming up
But I think I will anger the cops
I don't think I'm as reckless as my mum
How would I know 50 is fast
I'm doing Chemistry now
Watching videos that makes me go wow
No one is on Facebook and twitter
How am I going to mutter
All my annoyance and anger
Gossip group is out of here
Therefore, I will disappear.


May I ask why are they always sleeping
When King of Prank is out wandering
Looking for victims everywhere
He will prank regardless of their shouts of dismay
He makes fans go crazy
And give ideas and dishonesty
He's old so he is safe
Others get the seed of revenge
All because of his pranks
I shed sympathy
But I cannot deny that I love this King.


Shit I am in the poetry mode
Get me out of here
I can write nice and bad things
But if you know me
I normally bitch
I know that's bad
But I always get annoyed
Should I slap or just write
Pick one and I'll do that
I am not inspired but whatever
I love to write about her
I used to write about another her
Because she was actually popular
But now she's just a dump
I can't be bothered to write anymore
Because she's such a bore
The one that really inspires me
No one but my enemy.


She annoys me very much
From her gestures of a whole bunch
Her singing and her dancing
Her screaming and her hugging
Like fallen leaves from trees
That tickles my neck
Like the whirling snow
That makes one shiver
Sometimes when you need peace
You hear the laugh of a banshee's
You can't help yourself
But to want to dedicate a poem to her
She inspires me
Everyday all the time
You ask why don't we all like her
Because we're all such mean bitches.

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Dream come true.
Friday, June 4, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Exams are over. I need to register this fact and be happy about it. Actually I'm not really excited about the fact is because I got another source of happiness. And yes, them.

Sandra, Jing and me went and ate at Johnny's and saw sooo many people including Pn Soraya, our class teacher. I bought some mags and korean dictionaries. Yes I'm super happy now. I still need my mum to buy me this week's Galaxie with Ronaldo on the cover and Jay Chou's new album. NOW!

Kyu, get well soon. SuJu needs you. We need you. You can't let poor Donghae cover all your moves. Because we want to see you at it. And you cannot miss another win. Your third win. Yes I know SuJu is going to win again. So, get well.

All out SuJu talks came true. Yea they appeared on Dream Team. I can't wait. 

Music Bank has started. I'm out. Happily. :)

PS: Probably everyone expected my after-exam blogpost to be happier but I can't be happy until my Kyu recovers and until I see my babies on stage, SS501 and SuJu.

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