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Sister introduced this song to me. Nais :)


The moment
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The maze that traps you within itself. It repeats and repeats itself until you finally realise that you will never ever win this game. Not until you're breathless and might as well be dead. You feel suffocated. When he turns and leaves you behind, alone all by yourself, you slowly wrap your hands around your neck as you try very hard to gasp for air. At last, his last innocent smile kills you inside and out. The irony is, he doesn't even know. He doesn't know a thing. That is how unfair life and love can be. This is reality.

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Analyzing shit
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De Gea- didn’t exactly do anything wrong, didn’t stand a chance with any of the goals really.
Evra - hasn’t been on top form this season. Made a few mistakes, didn’t stick on his players well at all.
Ferdinand - awful, just awful. Would not be in my first choice Utd or England team. He’s past it, far too slow, doesn’t react quick enough, always on his back foot.
Evans - i want to kill him. Seriously. This is all his fault, he didn’t need to pull him back, he wasn’t 100% going to score. I hope he’s sold soon, he has never impressed me, he’s just a fucking donkey, how could he start over Jones. I hope he doesn’t play in the Premiership for us again this season. I really really don’t like him.
Smalling - not too bad, one of the better performers.
Young - probably our best player. Lacked a little in delivery compared to normal, put a shift in. 
Anderson - looked completely out of place, couldn’t put a pass together. Sloppy.
Fletcher - scored a nice goal, did alright in comparison to Anderson.
Nani - Dropped off in the second half. Hid away as soon as it got nasty.
Rooney - his worst performance in a long while, looked uninspiring. Gave the ball away a lot.
Welbeck - average, at least he tried.
Chicharito - should have started IMO. Didn’t see much of the ball when he came on.
Jones - again should have started. 


Totally agree with the last two points: Hernandez and Jones shouldn't have benched in the first place. And wtf is wrong with the strikers and the defenders. Everyfreakingone is too slow for Man City big buff bastards.

What the duck. Poor Hernandez cried and his expressions for the last 3 goals were painful. I was hurting too. It's just that I didn't have time to react to the last 3 goals. FML.

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A saturday
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Studied till I had a migraine last night for a maths test today. Fml. All those function graphs screwed my brain over and over. I hope I did okay for the test, if not, I'm not gonna forgive myself. After the test, we had to go for replacement bio lecture. What a killjoy.

Right after, we went to Midvalley to celebrate Zhong Chao's birthday. We had lunch at Sushi Zanmai. I ordered eel rice plus egg. Yums. We also had some crabmeat sushi stuff. Charlene recommended. It's really tasty! Especially because it is covered with fish roe. :D So amazingly filling. Then we presented Chao his expensive birthday cake. Umm I had no idea these guys are so damn vain. They kept snapping pictures with all sorts of different poses while we girls just sat there looking at them like..


Anyway, we planned to watch Real Steel BUT the guys said the queue reached Carl's Jr. which is quite far from the counter. FOL. Nvm. We girls shopped around. The guys went and walked on their own. Idk what they did. Vivian and I went around crazily hunting for slippers, sandals, ballet flats and heels. Omg. We seriously were excited shit. I found a slipper at Vincci. I also bought an earring I'm never going to wear but I will if I can ever figure out how to take off my current earrings. Sigh fail. Also a cutesy necklace :D Then we went into useless shops with ugly shoes and finally CARLO RINO. Omg discounts :DDD I bought a lacey ballet flats and Vivian bought a pair of sandals. I CANNOT FIND NICE SANDALS ANYWHERE. Y U NO DESIGN NICE SANDALS?

Now, I'm either gonna have my sad dinner or not have it at all. Oops.

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Best photoshoot ever of Wooyoung. Look at his sexy legs!

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The big bright bulb
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Like a successful diet
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Everyone keeps telling me I look pale and very much thinner! The latter is the best compliment ever. Even though that is just because I'd been vomiting my stomach out and I'd no appetite to eat at all for the past 4 days. My jeans are all so damn loose and according to my friends, it's kinda obvious. I LIKE. Nahh, it's ok. Now that my appetite is coming back and I can eat rice already, I'm gonna gain all the weight I lost.

I've got a bio test tomorrow and a bio lab report to be done by tomorrow night AND a chemistry lab report due next Monday. Oh my life. It's ok. I'm grateful that I'm not sick. I'm grateful that I can eat. 

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Good girls go bad
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I feel like such a bad person right now. I don't even know what I'm thinking. I feel so bad. I feel like I betrayed somebody. It's wrong yet I can't help it. I don't know what to do. It's not that serious or anything. But just to let the world know, I feel sorry for having these thoughts in my head. I'm sorry.

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I don't think I'll ever like her

It's like a routine to bitch about a certain lecturer in a new semester. Ok sry. I'm not gonna name her but you know I know enough. :D

She asked us to prepare for a presentation, it's only a practice for the real presentation later on. So today this bullshit presentation started. First up, the people from my current class. They presented okay so she got nothing to say except to be really unsatisfied that they took all their points from articles online. WHUT LIKE YOU EXPECT EVERYONE TO GO TO THE TINY SHIT LIBRARY TO SEARCH FOR ARTICLES FOR TOPICS LIKE THIS AND YOU OF EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW HOW USELESS OUR LIBRARY IS.

Actually before class, Vivian and I went downstairs to umm go to toilet (such lie HAHA). When we went back into the lecture room, I heard her scolding everyone else saying that they're very noisy and they're distracting her so if they don't wanna listen they can just leave and come back later. She also said, I need to focus (or something along these lines) because I'm going to give comments after the presentation. Note AFTER. LADY I KNOW WHAT'S DISTRACTING YOU: YOU EATING GUAVAS WHILE LISTENING TO STUDENTS' PRESENTATION. Talk about respect, you have none for those people who were presenting.

When they were presenting, she was like BLABLABLA TOO MANY WORDS I DONT WANT YOU TO READ FROM THE SLIDES WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE WHERE DID YOU GET THIS ARTICLE DONT REPEAT THE SAME POINTS OK ENOUGH STOP WHAT IS THIS. Excuse me lady you wanna talk is it? Let you talk la. And, whole class understood that point they gave, only you didn't get it because you don't have basic in science! So, if you're not so smart, don't pretend! Because we know. We see through your layers of fats. And you said, Ok class next time try to use only about 5-10 minutes. WE COULD IF YOU STOP INTERRUPTING EVERY FREAKIN SECOND.

When it's our turn to present this Friday, Imma shut her up if she keeps interrupting. I'll be like, Excuse me miss, you said you will comment AFTER our presentation? This is a bit distracting for us. NOT TO MENTION SO ANNOYING I WANNA SLAP YOU. Ok I won't say that line. Lol.

I was so damned pissed at her! I don't like teachers like this. Don't feel so superior just because your English is good. So what? You're fat and ugly and bitchy. I don't think anybody likes you.

Thank god I saw Wooyoung and Wooyoung saw me. He just made me day thousand times better. :DDDD I shall not spazz here.


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Let's make this worthwhile
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So we're supposed to go out to Midvalley for dinner but housemate/classmate is not waking up. Which explains why I'm here blogging, in the dark. It's 7pm now.

I finally tried snowflakes! At UFO, in SS2. The price is reasonable and it tastes awesome. They actually have many varieties but considering I'm so picky in food, I had only one choice. Fuuuuu. Mine was QQ yam with red bean, pearl and peanuts. Nice.

I'm quite updated with my work nowadays so I'm happy. Now I gotta prepare for my FIVE(corrected, lol) minute speech and finish up my bio lab report. FML. It's weird that my dad asked me to watch drama the other day. WEIRD.



Take a break
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This is Infinite's Woohyun at Immortal Song 2 singing Men Annoy Women. Personally, I feel that he sung well. Although Sunggyu might just do a tad bit better but considering how young he is. His vocals.. So nice.

Lol at this part!
(This is a GIF, it's supposed to move. If it doesn't, CLICK on this to see this GIF.)

My tumblr dash is flooded with Wooyoung, Joon, Gikwang, Dongho, Kiseop, Woohyun, Jay Park and Suzy constantly. I like it naughty naughty~ Hehe.

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What's up?
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Week 2 ended. I've been busy doing tutorials, reading lecture notes over and over again and trying to finish watching all my dramas(Protect The Boss, Men With No Shadows and Dream High).

Love Wooyoung in Dream High so damned much!
And loving Jaejoong in PTB, cute bugger :D

We planned to go hiking this morning but plan for 5 of us is cancelled because housemate/classmate who's supposed to drive us there got sick and we don't mind not going so yeah, which explains why I'm still here. And the reason I'm up by 7.45am is because we're supposed to go for MUET class at 9pm.

 However, I think housemate/classmate must be really sick to not respond to texts, phone calls and few thousand knocks on the door. I give up. 

Last night when we went to fetch housemate/classmate's girlfriend, I already started coughing in the car. Now the cough is becoming worse. It feels like dry cough. And my stupid sensitive lips might be swelling up again because yesterday in the car, I felt my upper lip burning and it's painful! After applying lip balm as my mum told me to, I woke up and found that my lips are not as bad as yesterday! Yay! It's no longer burning. And it didn't swell. Yet. :D

When you see GIFs in a blog, you know the owner is addicted to Tumblr.

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