Physical Chemistry bitchy female lecturer
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Edited: Names removed.

I wanna slap her so hard she can't flip her damned hair anymore.

So Ms X is our lecturer from the start. Then from a super adorable Mr Y, she's our tutor as well. Omg seriously when we knew bout this, our class was practically mourning for an entire week and dreading for thursday afternoon. As expected, as soon as tutorial class started, she's bitchy as usual. Blahhh.

She said, So Im here to take over your tutorial classes, not Mr Tam anymore. I si si asked, WHY? HAHAHA. I think she zhadou. She said, Why ah? I also dunno. == My classmates asked why I so brave. Lol. 顶老师这种事情习惯就好.
On the first day she took over our tutorials, she said in a damned bitchy slang while flipping her hair constantly, If you all dont do your tutorial questions before you enter the class ah, please sit outside to finish it up before you enter or else I wont give you your attendance. Or nevermind, you can go lepak and makan makan also. Up to you.


Then today, we masuk class only she asked we did how many questions of the tutorial. IT'S A CHAPTER SHE HASNT TAUGHT AND WE'RE EXPECTED TO DO THE QUESTIONS. OK LOR FINE. Then she said, those who did 3 or 4 questions can only get half the attendance. WHAT NONSENSE IS THAT?

Then Jia Ling turned behind and said to me in mandarin, Last time she said we try then its ok to not finish all ma. I answered loudly ( on purpose ), YEAH LOR. Then bitch said, Why ah? I said apparently in a very unpolite tone according to classmates, You said as long as we tried it's ok to not get the answer. She zhadou again and pretended to say, OH SO YOU ALL TRIED ALL THE QUESTIONS IS IT? I THOUGHT YOU ALL DIDNT DO AT ALL.

Please dont carry out those fake acts in front of me please urgh. We rolled our eyes. Lol.

Later, she asked me to do a question on board and treated me so nice walao I also surprised. No matter how, Im constantly missing Mr Tam throughout the whole tutorial class. SIGH.

After class, even guy classmates said I very cool cos I dare to talk to her like that.

HAHAHA. I inherited this from my mum. Even in school and NS and tuitions, Im always standing up for my classmates or for myself alone.

When I was in primary AMC, there was this indian lady teaching BM, forever knocking students' heads with her red pen. Then one day I told her right up that it's wrong to hit students no matter with what. And she stopped. :DDDD

In secondary MGS, I answered back our bitchy physics teacher for so many times I cant even remember. Lol. IS THERE A RULE SAYING THAT WE CANT TAKE THE CALCULATOR AS A MIRROR??

In NS, this super super bitchy malay faci said that chinese and indian girls with long hair must tie their hair up even though their hair is wet because malay so kiasi scared of ghosts or whatever. Then later she said got one girl ( so obvious is a malay ) complained that chinese and indians spread kutu to them wor WTF.

Then even though I got short hair, I still stood up for those with long hair but have not enough courage to stand up for themselves. I said, Kalau nak mereka ikat rambut walaupun basah sangat pastilah ada kutu. The teacher went speechless. :D

I like this side of me. Honestly. :)

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I'm better.

But then again, since when do things ever go right for me?


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Why did you take so long to realise that nothing is ever about you?

How many heartbreaking moments that seemed like jokes to others you need to remind you that you're never important to anybody?

What made you think for a moment right there that you're finally someone somebody would notice?

How could you lead yourself into believing that someday, you'll shine, somehow, in your own way?

Where do you think this would bring you to?

Why do you do this to yourself over and over again?

I don't understand.

I give up.


Kim Hyun Joong
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Omg what an insanely awesome performance! And his Break It Down downdowndown thing cracked me up. He is so sexy I don't know what to say ;~;


Week 3
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Hectic because of lots lab reports, tutorials and studying to do.


I don't even come online unless I wanna check some stuff on UTAR wble or else it's my music that I need. Troublesome.


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I woke up at 9am to bathe and dress up. Then at 10.30am, he knocked on the door and yeah we went and waited for his friend and the friend's brother in front of some corner shop at the housing area. Waited for 30 minutes because apparently there was traffic jam. Anyway, they fetched us and then went to fetch another guy. Ok so Im the only girl and the youngest one. Blahhh.

Then went to Stadium Putra and hell it was packed like shit because of the Malaysian Cup Final that was also going to start at 9pm. We reached at about 1pm and walked around the fair. His friend is really good at explaining and stuff. Our lunch is some dry hard chicken burger. Tasted ok, I guess. At 2 something, we went into the hall. He went and bought water for me. Then I said I wanna go to the washroom, he accompanied me to find for a women's because this stadium is such a sexist idiot. ONLY ONE WOMEN'S. Go die lah.

The thing started at 4pm with some random malay DJ who is so amazing! We were like WALAO WALAO EH WASEH WAHLIAO the whole time. That guy got super loud voice and his energy is endless. He changes like 6 countries' traditional clothes and he speaks like 10 thousand countries' languages omg. He even sang Billie Jean and You Are Not Alone and imitated Michael Jackson perfectly except that moonwalk part. We is so amazed.

By the way, I think I'm pissing Rowan off on fb chat right now. HAHAHAHA.

Opening performance is by not one but TWO Lady Gagas singing My Boyfriend is a Monster(??) and Born This Way. Lol. The Lady Gagas so oldschool lah.

After that they had those award-giving and nonsense. Damn boring. Then got 3 speakers who are supposed to motivate everybody else. They succeeded.

Then Ah Niu's performance!! He appeared at the VIP section. He sang 3 songs. 浪花一朵朵,something I forgot the title and 对面的女孩看过来. So awesome. It's like a huge sing-along. ;D Those songs are my childhood songs. Ah Niu is so cute. He tried speaking in BM but he ended up saying things like: Saya Lembu. /crowd roaring with laughter/ Umm saya.. 最近,怎样讲啊? GOSH WE ALL LAUGHED AND LAUGHED TILL NO BREATH. Then when he wanna exit the stage, he still 搞笑 and asked, eh 哪里下啊?Lol.

Then it's a cute malay guy. He sang 4 songs. I only like 2 songs. But he sounded nice and the live band is a plus point.

Lastly, it's Jess Lee Jia Wei who won the One Million Star taiwan singing competition. She's a Malaysian. Malaysia Boleh! She sang a chinese song I forgot the title, I Will Always Love You and GEMILANG. Omg all these songs she sang in the competition before. The last 2 songs are insane! Her voice sounded so damned good, live! The Gemilang is perfect. Ok, seriously perfect. ;D

Then we left the hall and his friend kept forcing us to take pictures and we will end up outside the picture frame and then he will go, 你们两个啊!Lol. We did take a few pictures lah. Later we started to come back to PJ and came home and roommate heat up the dinner she made and cooked me my potato plus jagung dish. NAIS. :D Bathed and here I am. Yay. I wanna sleep soon already. @@

I didnt take any pictures today because I forgot to charge my phone battery last night and it died halfway in the hall. I will steal his friend's pictures from fb once he uploads and tags me. Ok? Night. I got nothing to do tomorrow. HAPPY. I shall spend tomorrow with my books.

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I planned to go for this Bran New Kiss showcase since the U-Kiss fanmeet that was supposed to be held last year after SPM was cancelled. Then I thought I sure cannot make it since I thought I'd be too busy to go for this and that I didn't even manage to get hold of the ticket. MIRACLE: They decided to make it free for the rest of us. :D

So, the girl staying opposite my place is kinda a KPOP fan so she said she wanna come along. Then my kind roommate said she wanna accompany us but my mum was worried about us three girls. So I managed to ask tall housemate to come with us. He is so nice! I don't get it. How can someone be so nice? It's like he does everything we ask him to, he eats whatever there is that we offer, he isn't picky when it comes to food, he answers all questions we ask, he even agreed to accompany us to attend this showcase even though he knows how tiring this will be. Ok nevermind. Lol.

A very kind and dramatic girlfriend offered to send us to Times Square. Quite far leh, she's so kind! Anyway, we got the housemate to ask directions and stuff hahaha sry. Then we reached Pavilion at about 5 something and met up with the sister and her friends. See see we stood at the side of the stage and got shoo-ed so the 4 of us didnt have dinner and we went to the food court to have dinner before going back to continue waiting.

Walao eh, so many tall people blocking my view. And wtf tall housemate said, I have very good view. SURE LAH HE SO TALL. And he's not even half as interested as I am in U-Kiss. But actually since he listens to KPOP songs and knows quite a lot about KPOP, I forgive him. :) Waited for 2 hours. The 2 Malaysian performers at the start was ok, but 2 songs each a bit too much lor. The crowd was like boo-ing when the host introduced the performers. Zhadou.

At about 8.10pm, U-KISS FREAKIN APPEARED! Omg so hot! Based on hotness, Eli-Kevin-Kiseop-Soohyun-AJ-Dongho-Hoon. Seriously!! Kevin and Eli and AJ were like speaking English the whole time. Awesome. At first they had games with lucky fans blah blah blah what the freakin hell. The girl Eli picked was a mess! She wore and she kept jumping up and down and kept hugging Eli and she kept holding his hand. Siao ah! Your boyfriend meh! Another fat girl worse, she lost the dancing competition and still had the courage to go hug all 7 boys one by one until need security guards to shoo them away. Omg seriously pissed off.

I had to like stand on my toes the whole time. So tiring. So hot.

Then they sang birthday songs and cut the cake and all. U-Kiss went and changed into brown suits for their performances.

Intro dance. :DDDDD

0330. OMG THIS SONG SOUNDS SO AMAZING LIVE! Omg the first part where Soohyun and Kiseop play the imaginary piano omg. ;~; So touching. The rap part! Can you imagine that I actually heard the  r²π live! TWICE! The first time the lucky fan requested AJ to rap for her. I know lah she very lucky I admit I very jealous ok. Super love the dance!

Bingeul Bingeul. OMG EPIC SONG. Kiseop's dancing is insanely amazing. Omg. I love the dance! No other words.

Shut Up. Got a little sad because those parts were supposed to be Xander and Kibum's. Gah nevermind. That song was awesome too. Reminded me of their abs. Lol. I boast about their abs to my friends like those abs are mine. HAHA.

Man Man Ha Ni. SONG THAT MADE THEM FAMOUS AND POPULAR. Walao I still remember last time the sister and I are super obsessed with Dongho's naughty look. Still love Kiseop's dance. I love something else more. The fact that Eli freakin got all hot and sweaty and so he decided to take off his suit top! Left a white singlet omgggggg. I cannot take this. So damned sexy. Somemore he got that angmoh look. ;~;


So sad. We couldnt wait till the signing session end already because we gotta walk back to Times Square to sit the taxi by 10.30pm. See see we got lost in Sg Wang and at 10pm(ONLY!!!) the taxi counter closed. Go home and trip and fall ok, lady-at-counter? So we decided to take the monorail to KL central. Damn tired walao. Got to KL central then changed to KJ Line to go to Asia Jaya. Reached there and waited awhile for the bus, in the bus. IKR. The bus driver wasnt there but air cond engine all on so why not? We seriously all like very old like that, they all backpain leg pain eyes tired. Lol. We bought TouchNGo card, for our own convenience. I like the bus at night, so quiet. Reached about 15 minutes later I think. Got so tired that I gave up and took the lift with them instead of walking 4 floors of stairs. Lol. Wise.

Bathed then came online to listen to 0330. :DDDD I wanna dream of U-Kiss. To be honest, I didnt even swoon much after the showcase because we were like busy finding ways to go home. Hahaha.

Gotta wake up early tomorrow because I'm going to see Lee Jia Wei or something at somewhere around SS2. She's the Malaysian who won the recent One Million Star ( a taiwanese singing competition ). Yay.

Goodnight. Oh. And. I'll post some pics right up after this post.

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Only cute guy in class has a girlfriend. FML.


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Start of something new
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A short update.

I started classes this past Monday. It is all fine. The bus is my vehicle to go to campus and back to my flat. Only lectures and practical. No tutorial. Yay so tomorrow my bio practical is at 12pm. It's till 2pm. Awesome. 

It's quite troublesome not having a printer because lots of lectures notes and tutorial questions to print online form the UTAR web. So I have to save everything into my pendrive and bring it downstairs to the indian printing shop. They also have photostating, binding and laminating. Surprisingly, the price is amazing. I printed like 60 plus pages and photstated some other notes from friends and it summed up to a grand total of 8 bucks only. Amazing or what. Somemore got colour. Not kidding. The stingy housemate has a printer and he said I can use it if I beg. So nope, indian guy downstairs is nicer to me. :D

Anyway, I made lots of new friends. And a few friends doing MBBS too. Awesome. I can hardly remember anyone's names. Lol. Sorry.

Today, class at 10am to 12pm. Lunch then we studied in the library. Then 2-4pm. After that, came home and studied again. Got super sleepy so I napped for an hour before going downstairs for the UM 伙食团 for dinner and a talk using the 百孝经.The lady talked till she cried when she mentioned her mum. I think the talk is very good. You know, things like we should appreciate our parents and do things to show that we love them before we can't in the future. Then photo session. Came back and all 5 of us staying in this house(as in still UTARians) had a talk. Then two of my roommates went to bed and I continued chatting with the two guys. Got quite a lot of info from them actually. The 21-year-old guy doing his degree has quite some amazing experiences. Ok I also dunno what the hell we talked about. We talked for about 4 hours. Walao eh. Sorethroat now. What a joke. I had a good laugh too. 


Gonna pack my stuff and sleep soon. What the hell lah, I thought tornado happened at my table.