Beautiful beautiful boys.
Sunday, April 25, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

#happy23jaypark. Come home soon. ♥


Happy advanced birthday, you beautiful thing.


School tomorrow. Im out. Again.

I need food. And them.

When it's meant to be, 
It'll come,
When it isn't, 
It won't come,
No matter how hard you try,
For that matter,
No matter how hard I try.

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I've been saying, today is a saturday. It seemed like I was in a daze and suddenly I would remember, today is a saturday. What the hell am I doing in school? Seemed like such a waste of time. Actually no. The talks were fine. BUT. They could have been more considerate. It wasn't fun sitting on the floor for 3 straight hours. TWICE. I was so tired. So I was bored and I wrote short stories. Yay me.


Chapter 1
There was once a girl who likes her neighbour. Her neighbour is Anna.

Chapter 2
Anna proposes to the girl.

Chapter 3
The girl dies.

Insert Serene's ugly handwriting: WHUTTT. =.= Does the girl have a name?

Chapter 4
Oh by the way the girl's name is Serene.

Insert Serene's ugly handwriting: OH MI GADDD, I know her. Hahaha.

Chapter 5
Anna decides that she likes Sandra because Serene's handwriting is too ugly.

Chapter 6
Serene cries.

Chapter 1
There was once a girl who was bored.

Chapter 2
Her name is WaiLynn.

Chapter 3
So she looked at Anna, Sandra, Serene, Nyit Yi, Mabel and Rujing.

Chapter 4
She died.

Chapter 1
Sandra loves Serene.

Chapter 2
Serene loves Anna.

Chapter 3
Anna loves WaiLynn.

Chapter 4
Anna dies, we all cry.

Chapter 1
There was once a fish.

Chapter 2
The fish is Kim.

Chapter 3
We all hate her.

The End.

Chapter 1
There was once a Rujing.

Chapter 2
She died.

Chapter 1
There was once two really hungry girls.

Chapter 2
They ate Anna.

Chapter 3
There was no more Anna.

Chapter 4
They died.


After recess, another talk. Bugger. With dirtier floor. It stained my pinafore. You know what? FML. The speaker was out of topic for the first half. So we used the time wisely and wrote a love story between Changmin from DBSK and Anna, the girl in red dress and red wedding gown. No, Im not gonna post it here. Its too full of bullshit and too long. Find me if you wanna read it. HAHA. I just like the last line.

So we were out by 12.45. Shh. We all ignored the teacher's orders. She said go back to our own respective classes. But we. HAHA. We just walked reeeeeaaallllllyyyy slowly towards the main gate while avoiding teachers from seeing us. Which is quite hard because Anna couldnt stop singing nonsense, Weiching kept talking really loudly and shouted HI PEIQI wtf and Mabel told everyone that we werent supposed to go home just yet but we were trying to do the opposite. Okay FOL. And we all stopped abruptly when we reached the main gate to avoid the CCTV. But Jing kept walking to and fro under the surveillance of the CCTV. Genius. After a crowd of people, only then we walked out. Lol. And there was really a lot of people and a lot of cars I was dizzy. And the gang of them kept doing embarrassing things I wished I wasnt there. Goodness. And they came and fetched us 1 hour later. What an awesome Saturday. Im amused.

Then had a really annoying piano lesson. I couldnt help but sulk. Whatever. I was so sleepy and tired and I couldnt do the aural test. I couldnt sing because I was sleepy and I couldnt hear myself. FML. So I sulked. Good for me. Then I slept. Woke up in time to eat. They ate soooo many pizzas my mum made. But I managed to snag the last 4. Thank god for me. And I drank a lot of cups of Sarsi and Zapple.

One question, why am I in the mood to babble? Idk.

Oh and Im officially a Petal. I LOVE MY FLOWER CINDERELLA.

He's so adorable. He's so random and random and self-obsessed. He doesnt care about the world and he's sso outdated about everything. He doesnt have an iPhone and brags about it. He doesnt care when people hates his hair and nags him to cut it. He doesnt care when people say he's a sissy and that he's too pretty for his own good. He loves his hair and he loves his cats, Baengshin and Heebum. He wears girl's clothes and feel good about it. He is obsessed with the flower thing he brings everywhere. He is obsessed with the fake hair he brings to his radio show. He is obsessed with his cloak he wore for SS2. He loves flashing the peace sign for every camera. He answers questionaires and acts like he doesnt even want to answer it. He likes younger women. He thinks he looks like a doll. He tweets in Korean and refuses to tweet a lotin English because he knows his English sucks. When he finally tweets something sounding serious, he is actually just joking.

Because of all that, I love him.

Guess who he is?

He is Kim Heechul.

And I love him. :)

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School tomorrow. Im out.

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15 forever.
Monday, April 19, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

I quote Khershin, Today felt exactly like a Sunday.


I woke up early just to have breakfast at kopitiam. Again. I like breakfasts, I just don't like it too early in the morning and the waking-up part. Hah.

Then we tagged along with our parents to the clinic to do some stuff. We were desperate to get outta house but mummy said no at first wtf. We were saying, TEENAGERS our age normally sit in their dark rooms listening to stupid emo songs wearing all black BUT US, we wanna tag along with our parents BUT they don't even allow that. HAHA.


I watched some tv napped and went to pologround. AGAIN. It's a once in a blue moon thing. Anyway, we walked 2 rounds only. Yeah more than enough la sheesh.

I watched somemore tv while daddy ransacked the cupboard and looked through those old pictures and later bro mum and I joined him. HAHA. The pictures are so funny. Omo. I should upload some here next time. HAHA.

School tomorrow. Boohooooooo.


Happy birthday Zhoumi. 15 forever.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

6.30am- Woke up, bathed and got dressed.
7.00am- Ate peanut butter chocolate bread.
7.30am- Mr Thomas came and fetched me to LSA.
9.00am- Shafiai guy started the talk. He's funny but I was too damn lazy to laugh. Ha Ha.
12.00pm- Talk ended.
12.10pm- Ate lunch which is 2 sardine(I think) sandwiches and 100 plus.
12.15pm- Mr Thomas started teaching bout the gears clutch accelerator brake steering and all.
Sometime after- I drove and it was not easy. It was scary omg.
3.15pm- END.
After that- Bathed and slept and couldnt wake up for dinner.

Im still tired wtf. Thank you Sultan for the birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :D




I think we all love his smile. :D



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Awfully confusing day.
Saturday, April 17, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

I was so confused all the time today. I am still confused now. o.0

I woke up and went to Kopitiam for breakfast. I love the rendang chicken. ♥

Went for tuition. Goodness. It was so hot and stuffy that I had some breathing difficulty. HAHA. Peiqi was so concerned. :DDDD

Went Pizza Hut for dinner. And missed the first half of the match. Actually I only watched the last twenty minutes. But its okay. I recorded. I can watch the first half tomorrow. And you know what? The most happening part of the whole match was the last minute. HAHA. Awesome. Scholes scored. At the last second. It was sooooo happyfying. I couldnt stop screaming silently well I couldnt scream loudly cos dad was furious about losing the camera charger and he was finding for it frantically so I couldnt just be so mean so I acted all sad but I squealed a lot. HEH. Yay the match ended with a 0-1 for man city man utd. :D HAPPY HAPPY!



Im going for the driving thing tomorrow so gotta sleep earlier. Blah. Im not excited. Everytime I beria-ria wanna drive my mum sure go and potong stim saying that I cannot learn to drive. So now I finally lost the mood to learn she kept bugging me to learn wtf. Whatever lah. I should learn to like to learn driving. ANNYEONGHIJUMUSEYO.

SuJuFever ♥

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Its not forbidden.
Friday, April 16, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

That ache of reliving your pain.

He watched her leave. He remembered his eyes were filled with tears he didn't want her to see. He loved her so much. She just simply took her coat, turned her back and walked out the door. She walked out of his life, bringing a string of the remainder pieces of his heart. She just didn't care. He even thought he saw the faint flash of joy in her eyes when he broke the news to her. He knew it wasn't his fault but he didn't bother to explain. All because she didn't care.

"Earth to Heechul!" Sungmin waved his hand in front of him. Looking at Sungmin, Heechul decided he would forget about that woman, that woman so broke his heart.

The confusing twists and turns of the maze. The anticipation of each junction. The love that made the maze, has trapped him within itself.

He was startled. His heartbeat was pacing fast. So fast he felt dizzy. He watched his life flashed past before his eyes. It was as if he was watching a movie on his life. That felt weird. But this movie was different. It was over within seconds. His mother, his dog, his first love. Then it all went black.

He heard Sungmin. He slowly opened his eyes and saw patches of black on his cornea. Then he saw Sungmin's familiar flushed smile, he was watching him, looking concerned. He felt better already. Sungmin gently touched his cheek, pushing his hair off his face.

It's not forbidden, is it?

Now only he realised that he was still at home. On the red couch. He wanted so much for Sungmin to hold him in his arms. But he didn't know what it would do to their friendship and what other members will think of them. He felt that pang of disappointment he always felt when Sungmin walked away. Sungmin went and brought him a cup of warm water. His hands touched Sungmin's and immediately he felt that electricity but Sungmin didn't seem to feel anything.

Is it wrong to feel?

Sungmin lied down next to him on the couch. Gently touching him. Heechul hugged himself, feeling cold. Sungmin sensed that and hugged him. Not as tightly as a lover would but not as casual as a friendly hug. Heechul didn't know what to think.

What about communication?

"Hyung, how are you now?" Sungmin turned to face him. They were a breath away from each other and Heechul felt breathless and that familiar pacing up of his heart was happening again. He felt trapped in a maze carved of Sungmin's soothing smile, caring sweet words and Sungmin himself. He liked that maze. He didn't bother answering Sungmin, instead he gave himself that satisfaction of being able to do anything he wanted when he was sick.

Free from that maze and fall right into another.

They used to kiss each other all the time. For fun. But it was nothing like this. Intense, full of anticipation of what was going to happen next and what was going to happen after. Sungmin was taken aback at first but soon he opened up and let Heechul bring him anywhere he wanted and somewhere he never would have believed he would be. They fell back breathless with smirks on their faces. Heechul no longer felt trapped in that maze of the forbidden love but now trapped in Sungmin and his arms. Much better, Heechul thought and brought his lips back on Sungmin's and they were on a ride. Together.

Barrier? What's that?

It is no more forbidden.

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Pesta Ria 2010.
Sunday, April 11, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

1. It's hot.
2. Business was too good.
3. People keep disappearing from duties and I had to do so many duties I wanna faint.
4. Manicure for other people is hard.
5. Screaming and laughing in the maze was fun.
6. I forgot to eat fml.
7. I was so sad the whole day cos of the Super Show 2 in Manila.
8. I got a pink pillow from a game.
9. I was so friendly the whole day omg Im amazed.

Eeteuk, get well. ♥


Hardcore ELF. From now on.

Now I know what it's like to be in love.♥


Best dancer ever.
Sunday, April 4, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

So powerful.
Yet so beautiful.

Happy birthday hyukjae. I love you. ♥



Went back Seremban for qing ming. Didnt know about it till last night wtf. Listened to music the whole journey. And yea gotta skip BM tuition. I didnt even know bout it till Peiqi texted me and Joevy called. =.=

And it was violent movie day yesterday. We watched April Fool's Day Sorority Row Disturbia blablabla. Wanna puke already wtf so gross okay. Blah.


Super Junior K.R.Y gonna be in Japan. Okay they're probably always in Japan since its so near to Korea wtf but I need to stalk them. PLUS Sungmin and Donghae gonna be the special guests. AAAH CHOGOSIPO!

Then I seriously wanna skip Pesta Ria and fly to Manila. Im serious. But nobody's taking me seriously. And I have got no money left. Blah. HOW?

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Thursday, April 1, 2010 // 0 comment(s)


Thanks for all the wishes from everybody. I love the presents my parents gave me. I appreciate the cash my aunt and grandaunt gave me. And thank you Stephen for the present. HAHA.

My schoolmates even wished me in the toilet FML. Lol.

Happy birthday to Gurdashan too.

Heechul oppa.
He's so beautiful he took my breath away when he danced.

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