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Ok I didnt buy this obviously.

It looks quite empty.


Ok I tried to search online because nobody had any idea who the hell are these people. Sad.

This is the hottest guy in the group :D

Sodagreen 苏打绿!青峰! Damn cute lah his pants.

He sang a total of 7 songs. First few songs are new songs. Then I recognise the next few songs. Nice!

A DJ to prep the atmosphere before the appearance of Landy Wen 温岚.

She sang a few new songs and old songs including 傻瓜&祝我生日快乐. A total of 6 or 7 songs.

With a pianist who looks a tad like JJ Lin and his hair looks like Jay Chou when he was young. :)

Cindy Yen 袁咏琳.She sang her new song 尘埃. She sang like 3 songs only wtf biased!

She's damned tall!

Omg the moment I couldnt sit still in my seat. I was jumping up and down , SITTING. IKR.

本早纲目omg omg omg hot!!! We were like screaming and squealing and amost tearing!

He played piano! Sexy omg nobody beats this man playing piano with his signature gloves on.

He sang 说好的幸福呢.Touching~ T.T Amazing voice. Heard this song live twice already :D

免费教学录影带. /screams/ heard this song live twice as well omg we were screaming like mad.

When he went backstage to prepare, 小麦came out first to play 彩虹 on his guitar while the whole stadium sang the lyrics acapella. Omg sounds so amazingggg. Then.. Jay Chou appeared and sang 最后的战役. Ok I forgot sequence already.

He was like, 我出道十年,你们支持我十年了对不对?We said, 对! He smiled and said, 你们还会不会继续支持我?We were like, DUH 会!! So cute lah. He can sweet talk. Love his smile!

He sang 青花瓷 too!

屋顶with Landy Wen. :) This song is loveeee. They held hands at the end bugger. Then he went offstage.

Fail pic. The screen behind was supposed to have the words LOUD FESTIVAL. FML. 算鸟. JAY CHOU SHIRT. Seee?

This car outside the stadium. I wonder which diehard fan did this. Omgggg. Damn nice ok.

Thanks to Jue, Chao and Jun Jie who either became my driver or accompanied me. AWESOME NIGHT.
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Just a dream
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It's like walking with one whole group of friends yet it's still possible to feel such loneliness. That deserted feeling, that isolated feeling. The fact that nobody cares. Nobody cares enough. Never enough. Standing in the middle of a crowd, however, no one sees you. No one sees you. Like, you're invisible. Never important enough to anybody. No one to like you for who you are. Everybody expects you to not feel anything, not be hurt. The impression you purposely give so that nobody knows when you're crying and dying inside. The poker face that shields you from everything and everyone.


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Heavenly omg. The chicken curry, fish curry and vegetable curry. Omg. T.T I wanna go back and eat again.

Shit. Chem test result should be back tomorrow shit. I screwed it lah damn.

Spent 0 cent on food 2 days consecutively. :) I'm addicted to not spending money. This is scaring me. Big time. Lol.

My classmates are awesome. Uh except like 2 or 3 of them. HAHA. Ok Im mean.

Bye bye. Major loving Jason Chen and Sam Tsui nowadays. <3


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Maths test was umm ummm.. Okay. I guess. Sigh.

After that we went to Midvalley to shop for formal clothes. That was boring. It's all black and white and occasionally, with stripes. Gah. And those damned slacks are all too long for my legs. T.T I bought a set finally. I thought of buying a pair of shoes for the clothes but gahh, to save money, I decided not to. :D

I spent only on food and formal clothes. Sister was like, That's so not youuuu. Lol. I know right. My friends here actually say that I'm thrifty. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Yeah, neither can I. Lol.

Umm we had Domino's for lunch. 4 of us shared a regular BBQ pizza. And a refillable chicken soup. Refilled like 4 times. Lol. We didnt dare to eat more because we were afraid that we wouldn't be able to fit into any clothes later. HAHA.

While looking around Jusco for my compact stapler, we suddenly smelled asam laksa omg. We were like, Gosh I cant stand this gosh lets quickly walk past this place or else we'd end up eating it. We DID end up eating it. Fail, I tell you. When we couldnt find the stapler, we were like, Let's sniff and find that laksa place again. Lol. 3 of us shared a bowl of laksa 3 hours after lunch. Yummm. Not disappointing at all. The Japanese chocolate cream puff was disappointing. Chihh.

Another 2 friends wanted to have dinner at 4.30pm. == So whatever, we sat down at Food Junction and they ate. Later we took bus back to Jaya One. 


It was drizzling so we took taxi back.

Reached my place. Mopped and swept the whole place. Bathed. Watching Wax and Wane. Hohoho. Had sushi and orange juice for dinner. :D

Im home alone. I miss my mummy. I will call her later.

She is so funny. She wanted to go for the Bersih rally in Ipoh. I was like, NO! Dont go. Lol. She needs her daughter to talk her out of something like this. Lol. Funny. She was like, Im going to go wearing your brother's Perak yellow shirt. ==

She actually called me up yesterday to tell me she's watching the match between Malaysia and Chelsea. Wtf. She KNOWS that I dont have a tv here and now that Im having test today I couldnt go out to mamak to watch also. Urghhh. Meanie. 

I WANNA GO HOME. Everybody went home. Sighhhhh.

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Germaine's 20th birthday. We went to Pit Stop and had our dinner and played board games omg deja vu. Lol. Pictures next post. Wait for it.


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And Harry Potter has finally come to an end. SIGH.


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Life has been okay.

Sigh. I screwed my Bio and Chem tests. Im so gonna die. Seriously. My physics test mark is worse. Gah I cant believe so much effort can turn into nothing. 

Anyway, I just got back to PJ. Went back to Ipoh after Chem test yesterday. I realised that my appetite has become smaller! :D Had fun with family. My toilet is heaven. And my teddy looks so damned tiny compared to the one I just bought. Lol.

Need to get back into study mode. Tutorials to be done! Maths test result tomorrow. Dang.

Still keeping up with Wax and Wane. Starting The Other Truth or smtg like that idk lah.

Might be going out tomorrow because class is from 8am-12pm ONLY. Normally it's 8am-6pm FOL.

Next post will be pictures.


Beer tower :)
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Physics test was shitty. I cannot even do any of the questions. I'd be happy to get 25/50 only. Gah and some Physics God had the guts to say, HAH? Very hard meh? SPM level only what. ==

Anyways, had dinner with classmates and only had it after 2 hours. I was hungry at 7pm. Full at 8pm. Hungry at 9pm. Full at 10pm when we had our dinner at Millenium Square. :D

Saturday. Which is yesterday. I was doing my Chem report when roommate suddenly said, Where got people study on saturday one? Ok then I just spent my whole day watching Wax and Wane and reading Sing You Home. :D Had tau sa peah for lunch and went out for dinner with them UTARians.

Today, Imma be productive uhh after my lunch(bread again). It's expiring today yeah sooooo. :(

Hectic week ahead omg. Chem report, bio report, tonnes of tutorials, 2CT assignment essays, 2 test next weekend. FML.

As consolation, I think mummy is gonna let me attend Gary Chaw's concert!! Omg. :DDDD. I didnt buy the VIP seats even though it's only 300 bucks. Sigh. I only plan to buy the 200 one. Sighhh. I know how cheap this prices are for concerts but my parents dont really get it so yeahh. Haha. Last time when I bought 700 bucks ticket for Jay Chou's, my parents said they thought that those people in rock pitt dont have to pay a cent because have to stand for so long. LOLOLOL. Nvm, I just NEED to listen to Gary live.

Last but not least..


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1. No more good food. Every meal has to be below 5 bucks.

2. No more shopping.

3. Only studying is allowed.

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Outing after depressing maths test

Maths test at 9-10am. Omg everyone so damned unsure the answers. Apparently I needa spend Vivian a meal if I get full marks. That is never gonna happen. :(

Six of us crammed into Jue's car and went to Times Square. Super nice things at super cheap prices! Guys had fun shopping at Low Yat. == Chih must they look so bored when we're doing our awesome shopping?

I bought a super super huge teddy bear for only 110 bucks! It would've cost 300+ at Ipoh Parade. Seriously. Jia Ling helped me carry it most of the time. So many people commented and wowed at it. Lol.

I also bought 2 necklaces, a pair of flats, a Jay Chou mini fan and revision books. Haha Had Subway for lunch by the way. Had the footlong one omg so damned longgggg. I almost died. Thank god Jin Lun helped me finish half of it. :D

Then went Ampang Point and back to Jue's apartment.

McD for dinner. o.O :)

Pictures next post from Bloggeroid.