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Friday, May 20, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

I've been wearing the Nightingale shirt a lot lately, seriously. MGS spirit on. :D

So. I'm leaving to PJ on Sunday. I found a place with a whole family living upstairs. I'm sharing a room with a Year One girl and she's doing architecture. The other room is occupied by a guy my age. Foundation at UTAR too. So if it's really uncomfortable there, I'm gonna search for a new place. Or else, that's that. Since I'm gonna be in PJ for only a year and Sg Long for the next 5 years and I already have an apartment in Sg Long and it's just a block away from UTAR Sg Long. Awesome.

 I guess I wont be watching much football anymore.

Less K-Pop too. This is depressing.

These few days, I've been doing nothing much. Watching tv and coming online most of the time. Probably because I won't be very free for the next one year. I hope not though. Been doing some medical check-ups for college. Packed a little. Gonna pack some clothes later and water bottles and stuff. Ahh this is horrible.

Yay Bones and My Eternal Flower drama. :D

This just might be my last post before college. Sigh.

Life just might be good, if I put in a little faith.

Also, I need to leave behind my past.

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