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Thursday, May 12, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

I started Chemistry tuition last week. I was sitting alone until an unknown semi-cute guy came and asked to sit next to me. Of course I don't refuse. Ok that is wrong. Bianca and Sean and Henry were at the last row because they came in late.

On the 9th, I went to ACS for form 6. Just the orientation part though because it's confirmed that I'm accepted into UTAR and I'm supposed to do foundation in science in UTAR PJ campus on the 23rd. So I just wanted to see how's F6 like and because since I already bought the school uniform and new canvas school shoes.

On the first day, I arrived at the primary school gate. The swimming pool is right there. After asking directions from the guard, I walked. Then, suddenly a teacher came up to me and just told me where to go. I didnt look thaaat lost, did I? :/ Btw I wasnt lost at all. ok fine I just planned to ask someone for directions on the way. Then another indian secondary kid came and told me where to go too. How kind. :D

Then, I registered and suddenly saw Bianca and May Yian. We went to the auditorium and sat for the whole damned day. From 9am to 1.05pm. There was recess though. We had 30 minutes break and I dont even know why because it's supposed to be only 20 minutes. The weather is so shitty I wanna kill it! I was sweating like a freakin cow. And btw when we were trying to go out for recess, I saw Brother. :)

We went to the canteen and talked to Jia Xin and Suhaili. We stood directly under a fan or else we'd die. Anyway, we went back early and then tried to find the office for Bianca's transfer procedure. We failed. Anyway went back to the auditorium and listened to more rubbish. Couldnt wait for 1.05pm to come. My butt was aching already. That chair is shit.

Oh yeah, on the first day, when some of them arrived, they were already shooed home because of dyed hair and all. What the hell. =.=

Second day. I went to school, very early and when I was on my way to the main building, Bianca caught up with me. :D There was assembly. Humid like anything omg I was sweating already. The national anthem was sung hirribly. We couldnt hold in our laughters. Deep low voice and out of tune. Anyway, later we went to the auditorium and listened crap for the whole day omg. My butt hurts like hell. They talked about each subject. Pointless.

They kept pressuring everyone to pay and register already which is why I didn't go to school on the 3rd. I couldn't. I dont wanna go through all the useless procedures to leave the school later. Just now at 7-10pm, I went for Chemistry tuition. Oh my god. That class is freakin packed! About 100+ people in a classroom! We could barely sit, what more comfortably. Sean was practically hanging off the bench and Bianca was fidgeting the whole time because it was so damned uncomfortable and our butts ached. We couldnt even breathe. I couldnt even write properly. =.= I had to write under the desk. What the hell right? And when I arrived, I saw a bunch of new students, trapped outside because there seriously no place for them at all! So they were sent back alas and told to attend the Friday class.

Had half a bowl of Unagi Don for early dinner and was hungry like a dog after tuition so mummy heat up tomyam spaghetti for me. :D I watched Bones and mopped the floor. Watched White Collar too. At 0000KSt, Youngsaeng's Let It Go MV is released! I love the song! But cant dl online yet sighs. Youngsaeng's smile in the MV is angelic omg. Hyuna's rap is amazing I like! #501YSLetItGo

I was busy saving @KiSSeop91 and @alexander_0729's twitpics on Twitter. I saved about 75+ of Kiseop's and only about 35+ of Xander's. WHY XANDER DONT TAKE MORE SELCAS SINCE HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL? At least Kiseop knows he's beautiful. Sigh.

Tired and exhausted. Seriously. Thirsty because of shitty weather. I need to sleep already. I will post some pics tomorrow. Toodles. \o/

Songs on repeat:
-Arms - Christina Perri
-Candles - Glee cast
-Loser Like Me -Glee cast
-Get It Right - Glee cast
-Misery - Glee cast
-Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

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