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1. Five ways to win your heart -Smile. I've grown to like people who smile at me, whether it's a polite or whether it means anything else.
-Nag me. Suitably.
-Remember little things I say that even I don't remember them.
-Don't lie. Be honest.
-Make sure I know that you will always be there for me.

2. Something you feel strongly about 
How people treat each other. After 18 years, I've come to realise that the world will turn out to be a much better place if people are nice. It's just that simple. With a simple smile, you get a smile in return. And I don't know why this just brightens my whole day. It's nice to know that sometimes a smile means nothing, no exploiting, no lies, no hidden meanings.

3. A book you love 
Wuthering Heights. I cannot describe the feeling I had when I first finished this book.

4. Bullet your whole day
-Slept at 3.30am this morning.
-Mum woke me up at 8am.
-Went to work and got RM50 for just 2 hours.
-Came home and then went out to Richi for indian food.
-Watched the ending of Secret Garden.
-Woke up and went to Daorae for dinner.
-Bought a snack from Kim's Mart.
-Watched Criminal Minds.
-Came online.

5. Things you want to say to an ex 
I have nothing to say.

6. Your views on mainstream music 
Overplayed. Over-rated. Mostly nonsense rapping, shouting and banging. Seldom I hear songs that inspire me what more songs that make any sense.

7. Five pet peeves 
- I hate it when people spit in public places. Seriously, I cannot stand it.
-When people look through my phone.
-People interrupting when someone else is talking. Be a listener.
-People doing that tongue-clicking thing to get someone else's attention.
-Not listen when I say things for the first time and then need me to repeat for several more times.

8. What you ate today 
-Blueberry bread
-Indian food
-Korean food

9. How important you think education is 
Very. First of all, the lack of knowledge and the ability to think rationally will definitely get in the way in your life later on. Second of all, people with absolutely no education is far off worse than those who at least studied for some skills to get going with life.

10. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs 
-Maybe-Enrique Inglesias
-Like Only A Woman Can-Brian Mcfadden
-That Man-Hyun Bin
-Tonight-Big Bang
-Little Turtle-Nicholas Teo
-All The Way North-Jay Chou
-Hurt-Christina Aguilera
-Grandmother-Jay Chou

11. Your family 
Many people admire the bonds that exist between our family members. Yes, my dad can be annoying in a funny way sometimes but isn't that what brings us together? He makes prime decisions and makes money. He often says and does funny things and he gets annoyed when we are forever laughing at him. Mummy is blur most of the time. Yet she's the one keeping our finance in check. One thing we always laugh about is what she said. Bro: /talking to mum/.. Mum: Don't talk when I'm thinking! That is one example. People always say that my relationship with my mum is more like a relationship between sisters. We joke around and talk nonsense. However, I think I'm the closest with my sister because we're only a year apart and I don't know but we stick to each other all the time. I know this is weird not because I feel so, it's when people start saying things like 'why are you so excited to see your sister?' 'why do you prefer being with your sister than your friends?'. With my brother, I thin k he exists just to annoy the hell of us. He has phases. Now, he is into making amazing paper planes and spinning pens. Yes, I know. Odd. However, he is the most caring brother, the best son and an awesome friend.

12. Five guys whom you find attractive 

-Generally guys who do music. JAY CHOU.
-Guys who are handsome in a unique way. HIM. I'm kinda bored with typically handsome guys.
-Guys who smile, occasionally. HIM. I don't really like it when guys flash smiles like a commodity.
-Guys who have nice eyes. I'm an eye kind of girl.
-Guys who ain't lala.

13. Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it 
I am fat. Period.

14. What you wore today 
T-shirt and shorts.

15. Your zodiac and if you think it suits your personality 

Aries. Apparently Aries girls are..brave. In a way, I am. No, I'm not talking about heights and crowd. I think I am brave in the sense that I don't mind new environment, I adapt quick. I am brave in some ways some people would never witness.

16. Something you always think "what if..." about '
'What if I'm born a korean' If I'm a korean, I'll only know how to speak practically one language only. If I'm a korean, I have to constantly fear the possibility of having wars. If I'm a korean, I can always see korean celebrities around. If I'm a korean, I probably will not know about Malaysia either. 

17. Something that you're proud of
I've gone to NS and returned alive. Also the fact that I managed to get out of NS for 2 days for Jay Chou's concert.

18. A problem that you have had 
I am too honest, sometimes. I hurt people's feelings on purpose because some of them deserve it and I don't feel guilty about it because others who dislike those people I hurt applaud me for standing up for them. Another problem is I am too secretive when it comes to how I feel. I hide. I don't like rejection.

19. Five items you lust after 
-The Guess bag.
-Jodi Picoult's Sing Me Home
-you ;)
20. Your fears 
Of heights and crowds. Rejection and suspicion. I fear to be happy because I don't want to wake up and find that it is only a dream.

21. How you hope your future will be 

I want to be studying something I want. I want to be working and doing something I like. I want to be just average, financially. I want to have an Asian husband. I love kids but I don't think I'll ever deliver any so I might just adopt or whatever.

22. Your academics 
I am happy with my academics but my family aren't. I'm never a person to work extremely hard because I'm just not born to be this way. I like to be average.

23. Something that you miss 
I miss my young self, who is so much slimmer. I miss NS. I miss Timmy(my missing Golden Retriever). I miss my maternal grandmother. 

24. Five words/phrases that make you laugh(for today)
-你ge今朝係我ge零晨四點lor傻婆~~ call me - Xander
-Wait.. How do I upload pictures using the computer? -Kevin
-I have patients -Dad
-Changmin looks like Ah Xian. -Brother
-Right now my mum is getting me a pail. -PeiQi

25. Something you're currently worrying about
My future.

26. Things you like and dislike about yourself 
I like that I can remain calm in oddly exciting or devastatingly sad situations. I like that I receive occasional compliments that I know are true. I like that I'm not perfect so I will know who will and will not accept my flawed self. I like that I've been to NS. I dislike that I'm not honest enough to myself. I dislike that I often get disappointed by how some of my friends act. I dislike that I am not good enough for my parents.

27. A quote you try to live by 
The higher the expectation, the harder you fall.

28. Somewhere you'd like to move or visit 
I want to move to South Korea. I want to visit Italy and Japan.

29. Five weird things that you like 
- The smell of petrol.
- Life at NS.
- Jay Chou, as a man himself. Not just his songs.
- Expensive things so I can just go all gaga over it and during that period of time, I'd spend less money because I'll just go shopping less because I'm obsessed over that those expensive things.
-The smell of books.
30. One thing you're excited for 
F6 and probably UTAR.


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