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Sunday, May 29, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Uh in the midst of packing and got really tired so I'm gonna blog a little.

So I arrived back home in the afternoon on Friday. Then we had our lunch at Ola Ola. Yummm. After that mum and I went home to get brother's Geo folio and went to Sam Tet to pass to him. Some bullying going on wtf. Later we went and fetched sister and went home to keep the clothes and went to Sam Tet again. We hung around for like 2 hours before it was my brother's turn to emcee and perform his song 'My Heart Will Go On'. Before that, mum sat at the bench near the guard house. Sis and I sat around outside the hall. For more information, visit my sister's blog. Anyway, his singing was amazing! It's amazing how he managed to hit those high notes even my sister said she wouldn't be able to! Can you believe we actually stayed around long enough until it was 6.40pm. ==

Later, we went home and bathed and went for dinner at JJ. Black Canyon. Walked around Popular and Friendly Records. I didnt buy anything. That's weird!

Stayed up for The match. Full time score Barca-Man Utd 3-1. Wtf lah damned gan cheong and deja vu for Man Utd! Always losing to Barca at this point.

Anyway, Im following aunt back to Sg Long and she's only sending me back to my flat tomorrow morning as I dont have class in the morning. :D

Bye, gotta continue packing. And mum cut me some fruits!


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