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My parents sent me to PJ and we went straight to UTAR to pay fees and stuff. Then, we went to the house I was supposed to stay. But got the shock of our lives. The house seriously looks rundown from the outside but worse is, she doesn't allow her tenants to walk in the house at all. We were supposed to walk at the side of the house and go in the house through a side door and wtf, with only two steps through the corridor the width of me and a half, I reached the door. On the left, she opened the door and hell omg, I don't think I can stay there for one year! It's the width of a double-decker bed and there IS a double-decker bed. The length is the length of two double-decker beds. Point is, theres like two pathetic looking tables I WOULD NEVER HAVE IN MY HOUSE and a broken plastic chair for me. I was like, HUH. Where am I supposed to put all my luggages?? So anyway, I didn't express much until I got into the car because we wanted to have lunch. And bang, suddenly we three exploded with comments. Overwhelming omg.

But no we didn't have lunch, we turned back to UTAR to get the list of people with rooms for rent. Even my aunt was helping us to find and calling around. But thanks to my dad's awesome luck, we called is Mr Wong and he has a flat with already 5 people staying. And the master bedroom can use one more girl. Yay and that's me! We went there and looked around. It's not nice in the classy way obviously. Kinda rundown from the outside but cozy inside. So now, me and two other girls staying in this master bedroom and it has an attached bathroom. An Ipoh guy who's also taking science is staying next door. And two ex UTARIans, a male and female(landlady) also staying here. They're young btw. So now, us three girls and that guy goes to college together and come home together too.

My parents actually bought me a new mattress from somewhere having sales. So yesterday I unpacked most of my stuff and cleaned the place a bit. These people are so kind, I get the bed I want, I get to put my things wherever I want. Awesome. Thing is, we can use the fridge and kitchen and living hall. Unlike that previous house I'm supposed to stay at. Hahaha.

Today is the first day of orientation. The ex UTARian staying here sent us to college. We reached and had to sit in a room. I guess about 800plus people doing foundation. Or maybe plus those doing degree too. Boring like WTF and all those speakers CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL. It's like, they say, I cannot say English one. My English is very worse. == Obviously , no need to state the obvious. Dammit man, I got so tired from mentally correcting all of their grammatical errors. WTF. Registered and had to continue listening to talks until 1 something. We passed up our health report and helped my roommate promote the gathering at our place to random people. Fun! We made some new friends but all doing Arts. So, practically, I only have one friend, the ipoh guy. Lol. Then we couldn't get up the UTAR so we three plus guy plus new pretty angmohlookalike tall girl walked to the bus stop and sat taxi to go back. See see traffic jam like wth and by the time we reached the place the new friend is living, it's already 17 bucks and the rest of us walked home. Sad. Lol.

Came back, mopped and swept our room, one roommate went out to buy vege for dinner. I bathed and napped. Woke up and find two of them cooking. I helped by cutting and slicing stuff. Then we three ate dinner. But nice enough to ask Ipoh guy to come along. Then another ex UTARian came by and ate with us also. We ate vegetarian food and although it's messed up here and there, it's surprisingly tasty! Not joking. Even sulky Ipoh guy said so. Anyway, we sat and ate and talked for so long. Then we washed up. And Ipoh guy, who has never done a single chore in his life, was made to wash half the plates. I wiped them dry and washed the rest lah. Pity him. Haha.

We call him 不合群先生 because he seriously likes to walk off alone even though we're all in this together. WTF high school musical. Lol. Then. He always expressionless. He is short. Shorter than me. But buff like anything. His muscles 不是开玩笑的 big. But sometimes, he'd be laughing along with us so I also dunno what's wrong with him. But most of the time, it's US laughing AT him.

Alright. Tomorrow it's campus tour and we planned to walk to campus because it's no point wasting money on the bus. Apparently the Ipoh guy sounds quite convincing when he told us about the route if we go on foot. So yeah we're going out earlier tomorrow. Just in case we'd never reach. Touchwood.

So tonight is going to be worse. I napped just now. Tonight confirmed no need to sleep already wtf dies. Imam post some pics later using bloggeroid cos I is lazy to connect and upload here,

This actually feels the same as NS. Something I might never ever register as something that is happening to me even though it has and had eventually. It feels surreal. Everything is as long as I'm staying other places other than my home. It doesn't sink in that I'm staying with two other girls literally, and another sweet landlady and two guys. It doesn't feel weird at all that I'm walking with these people I barely know everywhere and joking and cooking and cleaning and chatting in the middle of the night at 3am. Even though I just knew them yesterday but they made me feel so welcome that I forgot that I didn't really know them for years. It's like NS, when people are being so friendly that they make me forget that I'm not really at home ebenthough it sure does feel so. That I'm washing clothes, bathing and looking in the mirror in a bathroom thats not mine and not exactly spotlessly clean either.

Now, I'm not here to survive a holiday like NS, I'm here to study, to become a doctor in the future, something everyone here admires a lot bout me. Everyone expects a lot but not too much from me. I can live with that. I can.

So toodles.

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