1st day of school
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

In the morning, we went to Midvalley for breakfast. I had Subway!! Amazing thing. Then we walked around the mall and MPH for awhile. Midvalley reminds me of Super Show 2, Melanie and SuJu. :( Then aunt did her credit card stuff. After that around 12pm, they sent me back to my flat and I hurried to pack my stuff for lecture. On our way downstairs, we got freakin trapped in the lift! Omg Im claustrophobic but I didnt dare to panic. Can you imagine that helpless feeling when you look around you, there's only 4 walls and NO FREAKIN ONE CAN HELP YOU? There's no emergency numbers in the lift, the alarm is stupid, it rings like a freakin puppy and luckily I had my Jay Chou mini fan. It helps reduce my fear. I was thinking the lift is so lauya, so it should be realy bad, I kinda just pushed open the lift. YAY FOR ME. I straightaway rushed out and finally breathed omg. I didnt realise I was holding my breath the whole time.

Then they sent me to UTAR. Wtf panicked again because they almost couldnt find the place and I was scared that I'd be late. FML. Anyway, reached there an hour earlier. Walked around with roommate to find my classrooms and yeah. I didnt actually had any mood to chat with anyone because I think I was still traumatized. Lol. Wtf. Had Physcial Chem lecture. Freezing cold. Damn the diagnostic test. Got 3 wrongs out of 10! Urgh. Right after was Physical Chem pratical. To be honest, Im not sure I even went into the right lab.  HAHAHAHAH. Nvm lah. Srsly zhadou. Teacher only briefed us and let us out 40 minutes earlier. Yay. Got onto the 6.10pm bus and was really tired. Came home and saw new housemate for the first time. Then, I unpacked my stuff and changed the cover for the sofa set and changed the curtains. Lol parents cant stand those old ones so they actually willingly bought new ones. Was sweaty like mad. Finally bathed and ate and practised Friend on the organ. After that, roommate made everyone practise the song we're gonna sing tomorrow. OMG EVERYONE FUNNY LIKE HELL I DUNNO WHY 不合群 became so damned hilarious. And I never knew the new housemate is so easygoing and sporting. :D Yay. Had real laugh and it was fun singing lots of random songs.

I have one big problem now. All lecturers expect us to print out lecture notes but I cant even download them because APPARENTLY MY ADOBE READER IS OUTDATED FML NEW ONE AH. So annoyed. Imma do this tomorrow. Screw it lah.

Roommates are all asleep. Im also quite sleepy. Im gonna reduce my updates. No time. Bye.


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