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Yesterday, we went to campus by foot. Yep, by foot. 25 freaking minutes. No kidding. I was sweating like crap but thank god for my Jay Chou mini fan and my bought-in-China fans. :D I was the only one using fan yesterday but today, so many people brought their own fans. == Anyway, we had campus tour. Just a tour around this PJ PD block and PE block. PD is where I'm gonna study at. PE is where people who're taking FIA gonna be. Then, we had lunch at the canteen. The food is surprisingly not bad. Quite cheap for food in KL. Then we took bus home at 2 something. I dunno wth we did in the afternoon. I didn't dare to nap anymore because insomnia would visit me at night. And it's pretty annoying. I seriously hate it! I came online and stuff.

Then the landlady fetched us to some vegetarian restaurant. I ordered black pepper udon, it's pretty amazing really except for the fact that I totally forgot there won't be any meat. I munched on something that looked like chicken but it turned out to be tofu or something WTF seriously gross. Anyway it's seriously nice but quite expensive. Then we went home and came online again and chatted. Then we had meeting for the gathering at our place. It's like a tradition. I'm supposed to play the piano/keyboard. And wth they now call me 才女. Me? A talented person? Like, seriously, is this a joke? Same feeling when I knew I'm the only one who can speak both English and mandarin fluently in NS. Lol.

We slept later than usual. At about 1am. And yay I'm so happy! No insomnia! I slept through the whole night and woke up at 10.30am. Hahaha, today is JUST listening to talks and briefings. So we all planned to go only after lunchtime. Awesome. They made carbonara noodles and it's quite nice actually. We lazed around and then got ready to take the bus. Mana tau that damned bus never follow schedule and came earlier and left earlier. RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES. Can you imagine that devastated feeling? But thank god there's a lot of taxis going by this area. So we took the taxi. Whatever. Only 1 buck each. So we reached and went and sat in the hall. Lol. After three days, we finally sat in the main hall. KL roommate went back to her Cheras home. We sat and sat and listened and listened till 5.45pm. Can you imagine those who went at 9am? Almost ten hours! It's important that we all wear our UTAR shirts because we had mass call. It's the event where the president and VIPs come and give speeches. The speeches are ok but the president talked for 1 hour plus! How is that even possible? I wouldn't even be able to present a ten minutes speech.

Anyway, got home by bus. I was the first one! Proud! Then got home and bathed. Then went to the eating place behind our flat. Both girls ate wan ton mee. 不合群 went and bought fried rice AND roti bom or something. He tapao and came and ate with us. He's a real big eater btw. Then went to the mini market to buy our respective things. I bought GALAXIE! Came home and talked to mum on the phone while roommate is busy trying to open our room door. Hahaha seriously hilarious.

Also, I can't believe that roommate says this short hairstyle suits me. So happy now. Hahaha. And they think that the Me with bob hairstyle doesn't look like me. Oh well. Different perspectives. Lol.

Finally blogged! As I promised. Nah, Ang Ru Jing!

Also, I'll try to post some most recent photos of me later using bloggeroid.


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