2 Different Tears
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Super hilarious. I was laughing like mad. I thought I was going to die. HAHA.

Today is a boring day. Did mani pedi but didn't paint any colours. I know, weird. Then we went to Kopitiam for breakfast, brunch, lunch, whatever. I helped my sis to do some of her history. I am one awesome unnie. I know. Then I napped. And napped. And woke up and watched Dream Team. OHMYMINHO! And oh my god Taemin went and rooted for Minho!! NEOMU GWIYEOPDA! When Minho successfully challenged certain height, Taemin ran with the speed of lightning with a happy grin on his pretty pretty face and his hair flying all over, he freaking ran up to Minho and hugged him and ohmygod jumped on Minho!! I thought only girls do that. Even I will never do that. God! So cute so cute so cute!! And I love Junho's expressions. HAHA. The host kept on scolding Junho's firm butt. That was hilarious. Even Junho was scolding his own butt. Okay nevermind. HAHA.

As I said, today is a boring day. Hopefully tomorrow will be as interesting as.. AJUSSHI! :D

Nights. Gonna finish Moral.

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