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Starwalk is shit if you ask me
Don't laugh because it's not funny
We walked and walked at constant velocity
Until we ran out of breath and started cheating
We took the shortcut and overtook every human being
We felt bad of course but that's the best choice we're making
Everyone's legs are aching
But ours less probably and that's relieving
I sweated but I thank my fan
Which as Weiching said, it works overtime
I don't mind the Sun but not the heat
It glooms over me and threaten my beat
I complain of the crowd and also their shouts
Some didn't bother to finish the walk
They just wanted to be vain and look like pork(Lol)
I stared at them and wondered whether their socks
Are made of lipsticks wtf
Now my ankles hurt oh my god
I think I should sleep to the core
I will wake up before dinner time
Till then, their songs will be blasting to mock
I hope they will be back soon as one.

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