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Sea of knowledge that I drowned in
Made of all the junk I hate
Facebook twitter saved my fate
Or else I'll be as dead as clay
Everyday Chem Bio and Physics
History Add Maths and all the shit
You'd think I will jump from KLIA to the street
But I can't because I need Beijing
I listened to radio and watched TV
Rubbed my eyes because I was always drowsy
I napped and rested all the time
I regretted when I was blank
No point telling tales of me
I'm sure I'm as boring as Key
It is holidays and I will flee
To Beijing as fast as I plea
I have a driving test coming up
But I think I will anger the cops
I don't think I'm as reckless as my mum
How would I know 50 is fast
I'm doing Chemistry now
Watching videos that makes me go wow
No one is on Facebook and twitter
How am I going to mutter
All my annoyance and anger
Gossip group is out of here
Therefore, I will disappear.


May I ask why are they always sleeping
When King of Prank is out wandering
Looking for victims everywhere
He will prank regardless of their shouts of dismay
He makes fans go crazy
And give ideas and dishonesty
He's old so he is safe
Others get the seed of revenge
All because of his pranks
I shed sympathy
But I cannot deny that I love this King.


Shit I am in the poetry mode
Get me out of here
I can write nice and bad things
But if you know me
I normally bitch
I know that's bad
But I always get annoyed
Should I slap or just write
Pick one and I'll do that
I am not inspired but whatever
I love to write about her
I used to write about another her
Because she was actually popular
But now she's just a dump
I can't be bothered to write anymore
Because she's such a bore
The one that really inspires me
No one but my enemy.


She annoys me very much
From her gestures of a whole bunch
Her singing and her dancing
Her screaming and her hugging
Like fallen leaves from trees
That tickles my neck
Like the whirling snow
That makes one shiver
Sometimes when you need peace
You hear the laugh of a banshee's
You can't help yourself
But to want to dedicate a poem to her
She inspires me
Everyday all the time
You ask why don't we all like her
Because we're all such mean bitches.

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