Dream come true.
Friday, June 4, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Exams are over. I need to register this fact and be happy about it. Actually I'm not really excited about the fact is because I got another source of happiness. And yes, them.

Sandra, Jing and me went and ate at Johnny's and saw sooo many people including Pn Soraya, our class teacher. I bought some mags and korean dictionaries. Yes I'm super happy now. I still need my mum to buy me this week's Galaxie with Ronaldo on the cover and Jay Chou's new album. NOW!

Kyu, get well soon. SuJu needs you. We need you. You can't let poor Donghae cover all your moves. Because we want to see you at it. And you cannot miss another win. Your third win. Yes I know SuJu is going to win again. So, get well.

All out SuJu talks came true. Yea they appeared on Dream Team. I can't wait. 

Music Bank has started. I'm out. Happily. :)

PS: Probably everyone expected my after-exam blogpost to be happier but I can't be happy until my Kyu recovers and until I see my babies on stage, SS501 and SuJu.

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