A better day than yesterday.
Thursday, June 10, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

1. When I switched on the tv in the morning, 8tv, and there it was, Super Girl's mv! Normally I only can rewind to whenever I switched on the tv but I don't know why just now when I rewinded, it went waaaaay back. So tada, I got to watch the whole mv. I was so happy I think I rewatched it for about 6 times. Blah. Maybe I just miss Kyu and Hankyung.

2. I had lunch at Secret Recipe. :)

3. I napped with Jay Chou singing. I love his song. It is sooooo sad.

4. I went and trimmed my hair. It's ugly but who cares. At least it's thinner.

5. WE ATE TUTTI FRUTTI! TF FROYO. Lol. Then I realised I was even hungrier after eating TF so we went to Papparich. Haha. I like. Then only I went for tuition.

6. Stardate. SuJu. :D

Oh shit I forgot why Im happy today already. Shit why why why. Shit.

Anyway, I always dream of them these days. Most recent one was Yesung. HAHA. Sexy glare. ;)

Oh and World Cup. NOW! ♥

I don't know what to blog about anymore. I'm kind of distracted right now. Haha. Sexy backs. :D


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