Of murder and love.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 // 0 comment(s)


Okay so I've been watching lots of Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI, House and blahblahblah. Srsly loved one particular episode of Bones because it's of murder, Egyptian history and forensic. I freaking love it! And right one I'm watching Criminal Minds and wtf srsly super awesome, serial killer killing ONLY cops, 짱~

I've been going for IELTS classes and we've done all 4 modules: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Done full tests for listening and reading. We've finished all the parts of practice for speaking today. Whees. For the second part, I talked about guess who?? JAY CHOU! HAHAHAHAHAH ok I mean the title is Describe A Famous Person Whom You Admire. The only person who was on my mind at that time was Jay Chou, can't blame me. HAHAHAHA.

So now I'm kinda bored with myself, just English classes and piano and books and internet and tv and Milo and exercise. Ok do I sound like a bored introvert? Damn. Damn.

Right now, I'm gonna go practice some piano and at 9.55 I think, there's Castle. Mofu love Castle and his daughter, Alexis. \o/


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