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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

I hate to say this. But.. What is U-Kiss w/o Xander and Kibum?

阿米,生日快乐~ 想你哦~♥

HAHA I'm so 寂寞 that I kept pestering my mum to go watch Hop with me just because I'm too lazy to ask my friends whether they're free or not and blah blah blah. Lol.

And I've been going for IELTS for 2 days already and tbh it's quite good afterall. I mean, listening reading writing speaking all included. :D And I'm the youngest there. The rest are 20 and 21 years old. They're either form 6 leaver or done their pre-u already. Boo.

No class tmrw so I'm working I guess? :) Btw, I miss studying and this class makes me feel more productive, if you get what I mean.

& as usual, I got it all worked out and we're still friends. ☺

Gonna try writing random stories. Or maybe fics. ♥

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