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 我的生日! ;D

Today has been a wonderful day, not like I had Jay Chou to sing at my non-existant birthday party or anything. Just that it has been amazing in a way I cannot possibly describe.

1. Yesterday, Eunice(my NS friend from Taiping) came down to Ipoh by bus, alone, for me. :) She stayed overnight and we did a lot of shopping and talking. I mean, what else do girls do? She gave me a birthday present(an authentic-looking necklace) in a very weird way. She was right in front of me but she texted me happy birthday and asked me to get the blue gift from her big bag because she was too lazy to get up. Oh well. An extremely special way. :D

2. The clinic staff gave me a bangle and a necklace in a very very nice brown box. ♥

3. Parents and aunt gave me cash. Enough for all those shopping I did today. Yay.

4. I received a lot of birthday wishes on facebook and twitter and SMSes. Thanks a lot everyone. :)

5. I consider the phone and 1k my biggest birthday present and reward for results ever. Yay.

6. I received cards from parents and siblings. Lots of ♥♥♥!

TBH, I love today. What's missing are my usual friends and school(I miss having people sing my birthday songs in school and people wishing me randomly in toilets and the canteen). Sigh. Life is about moving on.

I was waiting for you..


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