Love Song
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

I had piano lesson in the morning. Then watched NCIS CSI and stuff while teaching my bro Science and I failed. ;~; Then sometime before lunch, I started watching Secret Garden and omg hooked! Hyunbin is love! He is so totally extra handsome in this show!

Speaking of this show right, I only finished six episodes yet I feel super pissed bout smtg issues. Its about a damned rich guy who's the president of some mall suddenly liking a poor stuntwoman who's super rough and all. He is the one liking her and yet he can't stop critizing her and her lifestyle. About the way she talks, about her clothes, about her rented house, about her bag. He is the one liking her! If so, he can just disappear right? Since he's the one who's pestering her nonstop. I feel damned beh song for the main girl character! Wtf, it's like you barge into my life and demand me to be rich and elegant, thank you very much, if I'm poor and I'm happy with it then I am. I don't even know why sometimes she doesn't get mad and still acknowledge him. I mean, if someone who claims that he likes you can't accept you for who you are, there is no point. And btw the funny part is now. His soul went into her body and vice versa, funny lah, hilarious!

Anyway, no IELTS class tmrw so I'm going to work. Blah sien, I wanna stay home and rot while watching Secret Garden. Rofl, then I guess that can't be called as rotting alr, can it? Maybe I shall sleep soon.

Addicted to Twitter ohmygod (._.)

#nowplaying 一路向北﹣周杰伦 on repeat mode. Why are his songs all so simple yet so damned nice? If you play his songs on the piano or guitar, his chords are normally very very simple and idk whether it's the way he sings it or the lyrics or the mere tune, makes a song really presented in his own Jay Chou way. I'm often touched. Sometimes for some heartbreaking love songs, the tune is not even sad, it may sometimes be upbeat even, but somehow it's jus very sad. I can't explain, sighs.

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