Up To Fate
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Eventhough you think at this very moment he cannot possibly be thinking of you, he probably is.

There wasn't even half a second that you dared to imagine what would happen if he could possibly return your love. Until then, there wasn't even one person that could give you whatever you needed from a man. Sure, you had a few relationships and none worked out.

"I'm sorry, there's someone else."
"It's not you, it's me."
"You can find someone better than me."
"You're not my type."
"I need some time off relationships."

Piles and piles of excuses you couldn't be bothered to try to accept anymore. You shut your heart and although you were single, you weren't available anymore. Not to anyone. That was until half a year ago.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" A hot random guy who accidentally bumped into you quickly said, with the most handsome apologetic look ever. You remained stunned for 5 whole seconds before you recovered yourself and muttered,"Yeah yeah I'm fine, no harm done, I'm fine.." He looked at you and stared with concern. After he was satisfied you were fine, he grabbed your hand and wrote his phone number on your palm. "Please please call me if you're in any way injured, okay?" After a nod from you, then he finally walked away.

A perfect person doesn't exist, a person who can make you perfect does exist.

Just that, you realised you were once again struck by Love, like BAM! right in your face. You longed to see him again but it would be too cheap to fake an injury. Instead, you found his address and his name using the Yellow Pages. You would walk by everyday just hoping to have a glance of him. One fine day, however, he creeped up behind you and jokingly tried to startle you. Immediately though he apologised for doing that because shock spluttered across your face and all.

I wish I was a mind reader, so I could find out how you truly feel about me.

Suddenly he was hugging you and you didn't even know why so you remained stiff and secretly happy inside. "You know, I can't stop thinking about you ever since the accident the other day. I was hoping that you'd want me to pay for something, maybe some mental injury or something I don't know but I was hoping you'd call. But you didn't. I don't know what to feel, happy that you're fine or sad because you didn't call." You pulled back a little to have a look at his expression, you realised he was sincere and it was all it took for you to say,"Me too. I can't stop thinking about you either."

This was when you realised you didn't need your man to pick stars and buy expensive bags for you. You didn't need your man to be tall, tanned and handsome. You didn't need your man to hold your bag and wash your clothes. You just needed him to hold you when you need him, to whisper quiet words when you needed them, to just look at you because he felt like it, to make you feel needed and wanted. You just needed your man to be the stars in the sky, so that he would shine on you during your darkest moments. You needed him to guide you when you're wrong, to praise you when you did something right. You needed him as your equal, not someone to control you, not someone as your mere possesion. You realised all these when you found him.

Tired of waiting for the right one to come by? Don't lose hope. They'll show up. Eventually.

Now that you had him, you realised you may not had Love last time but eventually True Love would come walking right up to you and sometimes you may not even realise it. Sometimes it'd be your best friend, sometimes a stranger. Somehow, you would just know it, that you found him, your True Love.

You can close your eyes to the things you do not wanna see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not wanna feel.


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