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Aimlessly walking around Parade with Weiching and Peiqi and then decided we cannot freakin hear each other over the noise(I dont even know why was it so noisy). We wanted to sit in Starbucks but it was fully occupied so we randomly went into Sushi King. Lol! Then Mabel joined us. We just talked. We talked about old crap and memories in secondary school. We laughed so much. We go home and forgot what exactly we talked about. That's the fun, according to Weiching :)

Still a bimbo :) Never changed a single bit. Me+Weiching=headache for Peiqi :D

Bored and sleepy Mabel. Still so short heheh.

Transtion HAHAHA.

Finally a selca of both of us after all these years :D Ignore my huge pimple please.

2 of them. Quarter of me. Hahaha. This one is a rushed one cuz my mum was calling to fetch Peiqi and I already. No time to retake aih. But good also, this picture excluded my pimple heheh.

Today at Sheraton Hotel for lunch haha so many lions!

I look like I'm being bullied. Hahaha.

Time to be charged up for sem 3. MBBS. #challengeaccepted.jpg


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