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Eunice came down on Friday morning so that we can spend some time together while shopping for CNY clothes. We went to have brunch at the dimsum shop in Ipoh Garden South and then we walked around the area to hunt for decent clothes that are of our styles respectively but I only bought a pair of jeans at Treats and Eunice only bought a top from a random shop. Lol. Fail. Then we retreated to Singberry for the chocolate chip ice cream and it was nice :D

Then we decided to catch a movie. So I drove us to JJ (Where else?). We went and bought tickets for Jack & Jill (something like that). We continued searching for clothes but in vain omg. Wth. I dunno why but all the shorts and shirts in Padini have weird cutting and no I'm not gonna buy for the sake of buying it. What a waste of money. I rather buy a top every time I go to Tropicana City Mall in PJ. I don't really need a lot of CNY clothes because I only have 2 days of holidays. Yeah thanks to UTAR. Y U no give longer holidays? Since most students and staff are chinese!!

Anyway, we randomly walked around and bought tiny stuff. I bought earrings from Vincci even though I have a problem taking off my current earrings. ;~; Then we decided to buy 23:59 tickets. HAHA. Awesome. Jack & Jill is super hilarious. I love him. And his version of her. Hahaha. I laughed nonstop although some scenes were unnecessarily gross. (Hint: the farting part) Then we continued watching 23:59 which is a singaporean ghost movie. It was scary at some parts but at the end of it, I felt that it wasn't scary anymore because of the storyline. But nice because of the campsite. It's exactly like our NS camp! The dorm is so similar to ours so it's kinda relatable to us. Haha Eunice was like, Luckily we finished NS when we watch this movie. If not we are gonna freak if we have to return to camp after watching this creepy movie. Lol. And this ghost movie is actually funny because of Mark Lee 李国煌 Lol.

Then we walked over to have dinner at Daorae. Super nice! Expensive though. After that we had Tutti Frutti. Omg the Death By Chocolate flavour was so horrible omg so weird! It's like they forgot to make it into yogurt and just gave me the chocolate syrup. Omg so horrible! And Eunice's Red Velvet something was even more horrible. It tastes like dirty sock. Not like I know how a dirty sock tastes like. Hahaha. It's just horrible. Then I drove home in a hurry because my mum kept calling and rushing me to go home. .__.

We talked and talked and talked like how we used to in the camp. Haha. Then the next morning, we went and had breakfast then sent her to the bus station. Thanks for the biscuits :D

By the way, I very zhadou because we didn't even take a picture!! How is that possible. Urgh. Nevermind, next time next time.


The day before, I went for Laughing Gor Returns (or something like that) with the Liang Kai Qi. We had dinner at Johnny's and then suffered through the movie. It is nice overall but you have to watch the drama to understand this movie. I thought I got smarter because I actually understood the confusing movie but then it managed to confuse me again at the very last second. FML.



2 weeks is too short! Oh no. I'm not ready to face sem 3 yet. :( I have nothing to look forward to there except for UNIFI and the fact that I always lose weight when I go back there. Sigh. Zhapfan everyday and the sad sad room. Nothing. Nothing I like there to be honest. Whatever. Gotta go back anyhow. Sigh. But anyway gonna come back after 5 days for CNY break! Yesh. Only for 2 days actually but 4 days when I count the weekend. Yay. I don't really have new clothes because I am too lazy to buy omg.

Say goodbye.

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