CNY 2012,
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I am happy I actually made effort at the last minute to buy some new clothes and I actually didn't buy anything that I regret like how I did for the past phailed CNY :)

First day:

Me and the sister

Us three. Lol at my brother's face. He did it on purpose and didn't actually allow me to post it up but I don't care! Haha.



Father and brother looking alike


In ze toilet

Me and the mummy :D

Aunts, grandma, sis, dad, me

4th yusang we had for this CNY at Koh Samui. Lol. But didn't take any pic of us lousang-ing before this.

CNY deco at old town in Ipoh

Super huge disturbing pimple. First ever in my life omg why am I so unlucky! During CNY of all times.


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