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Indicates the end of the world! Or zombie apocalypse. Whichever comes first. Ok sorry for the negativity.


I'm kind of not even registering the fact that it is 2012 at all. I think that there is nothing significant about moving on to a new year to make me feel a tad bit of excitement and considering I finished my sem 2 finals on 31st of December 2011 itself. I'm still kind of feeling in a daze. My life is so sad. 

DONE WITH FINALS OHYEAHH. Like finally. I screwed my maths paper though. I cannot stand thinking about it anymore. Depressing. I don't wanna know my results anytime soon. And when can I have my sem 3 timetable? Stupid UTAR.

So after my paper, Vivian and I zoomed around in Tropicana City Mall, trying to eat, buy clothes and get other random stuff. Oh gosh. It was even more stressful than finals itself wth. Then I gotta rush back to my flat to pack because my parents were there to fetch me already. Another stressful time. Oh gosh I was so damn dizzy. 

Anyways, stayed for JW Marriott hotel and shopped mostly at Pavilion. We counted down in front of Pavilion. We wanted to countdown at the concert in front of Sg Wang but the people there are too uncivilized we gave up ._.
Pro: We can see real life fireworks instead of camping in front of the tv as usual watching countdowns lol.

From pictures at 12am 01012012. Then the bears are some thing to promote 'Respect ALL life' campaign. Each country will have to paint a bear and these bears are gonna be placed in different countries :) Special stuff right there.

Below are pictures from 1919 restaurant. :D

 Super awesome food! Super awesome lighting. Super awesome price. I love that place!! My brother and I took a lot more on his DSLR. I will upload some more pictures if I have the time.

Brother so tall T.T And he purposely stood as straight as possible to make it even more obvious.

Me and le sister. Le sister wearing my shirt.

At Madam Kwan's. Same style. Haha.

Purple christmas trees at Pavilion.

Christmas tree at Pavilion.

Air mata kucing at Petaling Street.

Happy new year once again! Have a blessed year. I don't really have a new year resolution. Highly irrelevant.

I only pray to have a good sem 3 timetable, good sem 3 lecturers and to get really satisfying results.

That's all.

PS: I'm trying to find for a new blog layout. Still trying to.

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