Weekend of week 10
Sunday, March 25, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

This week is so kind of hectic. 2 tests: Inorganic Chem test 2 and Programming. Kinda screwed Programming up. Sigh why oh why does this always happen? ;_;

Then before my aunt came to fetch me to her place in Cheras/Sg Long area, I removed my nail polish because my nails are getting long. Now it's just plain with glitters. I need them to be healthy before I start putting on nail polish again. I lack calcium I think, my nails always chip when it's too long. This doesn't happen to Melanie D;

My aunt kept stuffing me with food, constantly asking me whether I want this or that, sometimes she doesn't listen to me and gives me anyway hahaha. She said, 'Later next time you don't wanna come already.' Lmao of course not, I should be thanking her for her hospitality. Saturday night, we went to Nando's at The Mines for dinner. I bought a pair of sandals even though initially I was looking for a pair of flats. My forever fail shopping.

In the car, my aunt,' Eh the Arsenal at 3rd place already.' Uncle(a spurs fan): /silence/..You don't have to rub it in. HAHA SO FUNNY.

After reaching her place, she immediately gave me some dragon fruit and some water while I watch the Chelsea-Spurs match. Both teams lack luck although I think Chelsea played much much better. Spurs kind of lack the oomph. I see Torres at it last night. Not bad. #obamaface.jpg And Liverpool lost to Wigan. Uh oh.


This morning, she bought me nasi lemak and ham chim paeng. :D Since I was still full from breakfast, I at loh mai kai at Pak Hailam Kopitiam. Yea the name is weird. Then I napped for awhile. My aunt gave me some soup to drink before we left for PJ ;_; She made me fried noodles for dinner :D

 Just finished this book this morning by Giddens. Every book of his is such a page-turner. My housemate/cousemate lent it to me.

 At aunt's place.

And now I'm craving for snowflakes from UFO ;____;


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