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De Gea- didn’t exactly do anything wrong, didn’t stand a chance with any of the goals really.
Evra - hasn’t been on top form this season. Made a few mistakes, didn’t stick on his players well at all.
Ferdinand - awful, just awful. Would not be in my first choice Utd or England team. He’s past it, far too slow, doesn’t react quick enough, always on his back foot.
Evans - i want to kill him. Seriously. This is all his fault, he didn’t need to pull him back, he wasn’t 100% going to score. I hope he’s sold soon, he has never impressed me, he’s just a fucking donkey, how could he start over Jones. I hope he doesn’t play in the Premiership for us again this season. I really really don’t like him.
Smalling - not too bad, one of the better performers.
Young - probably our best player. Lacked a little in delivery compared to normal, put a shift in. 
Anderson - looked completely out of place, couldn’t put a pass together. Sloppy.
Fletcher - scored a nice goal, did alright in comparison to Anderson.
Nani - Dropped off in the second half. Hid away as soon as it got nasty.
Rooney - his worst performance in a long while, looked uninspiring. Gave the ball away a lot.
Welbeck - average, at least he tried.
Chicharito - should have started IMO. Didn’t see much of the ball when he came on.
Jones - again should have started. 


Totally agree with the last two points: Hernandez and Jones shouldn't have benched in the first place. And wtf is wrong with the strikers and the defenders. Everyfreakingone is too slow for Man City big buff bastards.

What the duck. Poor Hernandez cried and his expressions for the last 3 goals were painful. I was hurting too. It's just that I didn't have time to react to the last 3 goals. FML.

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