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Saturday, October 22, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Studied till I had a migraine last night for a maths test today. Fml. All those function graphs screwed my brain over and over. I hope I did okay for the test, if not, I'm not gonna forgive myself. After the test, we had to go for replacement bio lecture. What a killjoy.

Right after, we went to Midvalley to celebrate Zhong Chao's birthday. We had lunch at Sushi Zanmai. I ordered eel rice plus egg. Yums. We also had some crabmeat sushi stuff. Charlene recommended. It's really tasty! Especially because it is covered with fish roe. :D So amazingly filling. Then we presented Chao his expensive birthday cake. Umm I had no idea these guys are so damn vain. They kept snapping pictures with all sorts of different poses while we girls just sat there looking at them like..


Anyway, we planned to watch Real Steel BUT the guys said the queue reached Carl's Jr. which is quite far from the counter. FOL. Nvm. We girls shopped around. The guys went and walked on their own. Idk what they did. Vivian and I went around crazily hunting for slippers, sandals, ballet flats and heels. Omg. We seriously were excited shit. I found a slipper at Vincci. I also bought an earring I'm never going to wear but I will if I can ever figure out how to take off my current earrings. Sigh fail. Also a cutesy necklace :D Then we went into useless shops with ugly shoes and finally CARLO RINO. Omg discounts :DDD I bought a lacey ballet flats and Vivian bought a pair of sandals. I CANNOT FIND NICE SANDALS ANYWHERE. Y U NO DESIGN NICE SANDALS?

Now, I'm either gonna have my sad dinner or not have it at all. Oops.

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