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Saturday, October 1, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Week 2 ended. I've been busy doing tutorials, reading lecture notes over and over again and trying to finish watching all my dramas(Protect The Boss, Men With No Shadows and Dream High).

Love Wooyoung in Dream High so damned much!
And loving Jaejoong in PTB, cute bugger :D

We planned to go hiking this morning but plan for 5 of us is cancelled because housemate/classmate who's supposed to drive us there got sick and we don't mind not going so yeah, which explains why I'm still here. And the reason I'm up by 7.45am is because we're supposed to go for MUET class at 9pm.

 However, I think housemate/classmate must be really sick to not respond to texts, phone calls and few thousand knocks on the door. I give up. 

Last night when we went to fetch housemate/classmate's girlfriend, I already started coughing in the car. Now the cough is becoming worse. It feels like dry cough. And my stupid sensitive lips might be swelling up again because yesterday in the car, I felt my upper lip burning and it's painful! After applying lip balm as my mum told me to, I woke up and found that my lips are not as bad as yesterday! Yay! It's no longer burning. And it didn't swell. Yet. :D

When you see GIFs in a blog, you know the owner is addicted to Tumblr.

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